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  1. Oh yeah, I think I said i earlier that combat gonna be a curbstomp, the only difference is which side is getting it, either you spam enemies to death and they can do little about it or you get stunlocked to oblivion lol I can’t compare it to other JRPGs, I think the closest comparison I have is hyperdeminsion Neptune’s which literally had turn based combat lol, but I think at the very least it looks nice and feels food, as in, there’s impact in those animations. The game clearly wasn’t built with combat in mind and yet it holds up pretty decently for me despite that anyway.
  2. I already did a pretty big post about this in the other thread lol, but sure I’ll go into a bit more detail Tbh, I don’t really have much of experience with JRPG’s so it’s kinda hard to compare in regards to the genre, so I’m mostly talking about what I’m experiencing from somebody new to the genre. Firstly as I said before the graphics are pretty incredible. Maybe not every dungeon is a hit (subway’s are, y’know, subways, kinda hard to make them interesting) but at least 80% of the environments I’ve been through look absolutely gorgeous. It is very much so like pure c
  3. Scarlet Nexus. Hooh boy, i don’t feel like a couple words will do this justice, so this might be a bit… more than the thread usually gets. Oh well, probably one of the few posts I’ll do this year, may as well go all out. Interesting so far, starts off seemingly slow before shit hits the fan all at once and takes you on a bit of a rollercoaster ride. It’s a JRPG, so you’d expect the primary focus to be on the story and characters - which it is, but while the combat starts off pretty janky, once you start unlocking extras to chain your attacks the gameplay starts to fee
  4. I’ve seen things saying it’s expected some time around 2024/25, so that sucks. However, I’m not gonna complain because quite frankly I wanted them to pull out all the stops on it, and I’ve heard that the reason it’s taking so long is because they’re giving their engine major overhauls.
  5. Exelior


    2019's halloween, I was told I wasn't allowed to play a special DnD event despite having booked it cause I was needed in store due to expected busy traffic. Manager was a no show and we got like 10 orders the entire night.
  6. The sad part is that even though Rey is technically an OC, she should really have been a lot easier to introduce than Ashoka, since she didn't interact with previously established story elements and change them. She really had no reason to turn out so bad. This all comes back to what I said about a plan - I think she wasn't THAT bad in The Force Awakens, because I thought she had more hidden backstory that would explain most of this stuff, like former training given how Kylo Ren seemed to have some sort of connection to her... Buuuut the biggest problem with her, like
  7. Zadien covered basically everything tbh. I'd only add - and this is important for any character, but doubly so when starting from scratch, make sure you have a plan for what you want to do with them, and then commit to it, because they're gonna need to be a solid character from the moment they walk on to when they leave the story if you want to leave a good impression in people's mouth. And you can be smart about this, I mean, take for example one of the best OCs in fiction... Ashoka Tano. That's basically what she is - an entirely original character from Dave Filoni that was inser
  8. Oh no... You can't do this! You can't hit me with the nostalgia like this! It's not fair!
  9. Hollow Knight - played through most of it a couple of years ago but stopped playing after a while, not cause I didn't like it but because I just got distracted, finally decided I'd restart and finish it and lemme just say... It's even better the second time. My god is this game good.
  10. Typically they come off to me as really gimmicky and the vast majority of people seem to not really engage with them anyway, instead finding some sort of way to cheat the system. (think shaking a wii remote to beat Wii Sports instead of actually doing the activity) There's one instance where I've found them practically viable more than any other time though, and that's when paired with VR consoles, where they're instantly more compelling for to the interactivity you have the with environment. I'm lucky enough to own an oculus rift and let me tell you that it's the fir
  11. The guy that got a job in a different town when the actor left a while ago, but occasionally shows up for a cameo appearance in newspapers and stuff while the rest of the cast fondly reminisces about him. ... ... Right? Guys? XD
  12. That'd all be great. ... *IF ONLY I HAD MONEY.*
  13. See, I HOPE they're smart enough to do that, but they haven't exactly jumped to reassure people. I believe their last message was "we'll be looking at future franchise exclusivity of a case to case basis." It doesn't do much to reassure me, and I worry that means bad news for at least one or more of those franchises, any of which I think would let down a LOT of people on Playstation...
  14. So... Anyway, Microsoft got Bethesda. Worrying times for any fans of TeS, Fallout, Room, Wolfenstein, or anyone who was hyped for StarFields.
  15. Ah I saw a bunch of decent ones. Not many returning titles for sure but I'm not one to put down a new title, and the more out there and whacky they are the better, means they're gonna be unique. I don't really have the time nor money to be buying too many games, but I've definitely got my eye on Horizon, Demon Souls, Valhalla, and of course Cyberpunk 2077. (Not to mention TeS6 which hasn't been shown yet but I've got my fingers crossed that Bethesda's pulled their shit together for that one) Overall we've had MUCH worse release titles lol, this line up is far better t
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