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  1. This one is more about failure. Captivate Baby Doll Eyes Bulk Up Struggle Frustration Scary Face
  2. Platinum content will probably be released in a future DLC. It worked for Sword and Shield. I actually prefer the remakes. It's less time consuming and the quality of life changes from the newer games have been great. No more HM slaves.
  3. As a reader, the story should be as long as needed. I don't have much time to invest in lengthy novels, so I like something that's short and gets right to the point. Sometimes, these big 'epics' feel way longer than necessary. Know your characters. Know their stories. Don't write a long story for the sake of having a long story because you're not winning awards for the number of words.
  4. Predictability is fine. It's safe, and most people don't want to be shocked. If people are invested in your story and its characters, they won't care if it was predicted. In your example, you wanted a character to be redeemed. If one of your readers is expecting the same thing, then you've done enough character development to make that transition obvious. In other words, you've done what you wanted to do. If we look at Harry Potter, it's clear Harry is going to be the one to bring down Voldemort. Even though that's pretty obvious, the fun part for readers is reading about his journey. It
  5. Kai's totally gay in my canon. If I had to partner him with a woman, Mariam is the right girl. Tyson/Kai is the most believable one, but Kai/Miguel is my OTP. I have to thank ElementalGypsy for starting that one. For another 'out there' pairing I nominate Rick/Mariah.
  6. Lots of birthdays I've missed, Belated' H.B to @MasKaiHilFantic @LionessoftheFire @Lone Wolf Leyirs
  7. I use Spotify on phone and on computer. I don't listen to full albums. I prefer playlists. Music quality? 192 or above. No real difference, but big difference below 192.
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