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  1. Extra content is good. A DLC that expands the story is fine. But purely cosmetic DLCs are just a cash grab.
  2. SilveryMoonShadow


    When the door locks you out.
  3. There's a big difference for me (around 2007-ish). Slash fiction was popular when I joined. ElementalGypsy was the big one and she wrote a lot of Kai/Miguel. Other well known names included Ladya C Maxine and LaDyFiCtIoN, other infamous slash writers. The fandom was also more hateful around my time. Very anti-OC. Don't see that much anymore.
  4. Name > Bring Me The Horizon (English) Genre > Metalcore Why > Really versatile band covering quite a few different genres Songs to listen to > Teadrops - Sounds like a leftover Linkin Park track. Good introduction to new fans Nihilist Blues - Dance/techno song Shadow Moses - Mid paced song. Not too aggressive.
  5. Solid point. The author might view the feedback as offensive and they get angry with the reviewer. It's a big turn off. If you've had someone bite your head off after you have left them a review, you are more reluctant to review other stories. Time is another one. People live busy lives and are easily distracted. Phones. Work. Kids. Etc.
  6. What sort of linking sites were you thinking of having? Better tutorials would be good. The ones available now are hard to read and look bland.
  7. KaiHil vs TyHil. That's the big on-going debate. But KaiTyson is the real deal. More evidence of a rival bromance than any heterosexual relationship. (I jest).
  8. This game was a big let down following Origins. It was clear it had been rushed. Repetitive environment. Locked character race. Very spam-button heavy.
  9. Buggy, but solid. The bugs have been fixed, and the game is quite enjoyable.
  10. Misha Collins wrote this on his social media: I’m seeing a lot of commentary on the ending of SPN & the recent Spanish dub, and disheartened to see there are a lot of misconceptions that are making many in our family feel unheard & unsupported, so I’m calling a #SPNFamilyMeeting to sort a few things out for the record: There was no conspiracy within the network, staff, or cast of SPN to minimize or erase representation from the narrative & there was no alternate ending to 1518. Dean was always too stunned in the moment to reply. (Apparently a rogue transla
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