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  1. Some Crashing Atlas. Good random find
  2. Was it a dream? A song? A movie? Maybe a friend mentioned said something. Where did you get your idea from?
  3. Playlist. Just some tunes I'm liking a lot now. Maybe you'll find something too @Moderator @Community Leader @Veteran Member @Senior Member @Member @New Member
  4. Trailer @Zadien @Nocturna @AquilaTempestas
  5. The strange moment when another horse ends up in your backyard
  6. Fanfiction has a poor reptuation outside fanfiction writers. It's similar to karaoke - can be fun to do when you're just having fun, but it will always be regarded as the inferior product. It's why there are so many errors in fanfiction from a grammar and spelling perspective - because there is no monetary gain.
  7. Can be done, but there would still be a fair bit of work involved in tweaking it so it fits the new fandom.
  8. Canada because it looks beautiful and who wouln't want to see the Rocky Mountains?
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