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  1. Seems weird they used character models from the Sinnoh games. Couldn’t come up with something new?
  2. Fun idea. I'll think of a short list and send it your way later
  3. Sesame Street the main one. Had this in my head for awhile... They just don't make kids shows like this anymore.
  4. including romance in Beyblade would have been a bad idea for many reasons. Lots of drama and fighting over pairings and people do get very attached. Imagine the out roar if Kai/Hilary was the confirmed canon pairing in the anime.
  5. Hi, and welcome. Do you prefer drawing or writing? Enjoy yourself here
  6. Here is one for the creative folk. If you were the creator of season 4 Beyblade, what would you have happen in your show?
  7. Old show, but I have Disney+ now and can watch it
  8. Season 7+ should be seen as another show with the same characters. Lucifer should've stayed a hallucination. He was interesting tormenting Sam's mind, and I am not even a Sam or Lucifer fan. Sam and Dean should've had a talk about their experiences in Hell. An actual episode about it. But it was just brushed off. Michael and Lucifer's fight in S15 was supposed to scorch the world. It was over in a few seconds. After Eric and Sera left, Supernatural became a 'let's just turn every character into some witty, sassy joker' Alistair, Lilith and Yellow-Eyes were inti
  9. Extra content is good. A DLC that expands the story is fine. But purely cosmetic DLCs are just a cash grab.
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