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  1. To Free the Mind (chapters 1-3) and Carnelian (chapter 1) by @Wizarmonfan. Looks like it's just the two of us participating this time, so I went ahead and reviewed two of yours. Also But it Never Came by Stardust Trail on FFN, for my non-forum member review.
  2. That makes sense. When you have an event like this that's ongoing, it's hard for people to be able to commit to participating every time, so maybe if it's cut down to once a month, we'll be able to get a few more people participating every time. Hopefully we can get something good going next time--I've enjoyed the ones I was able to participate in!
  3. I am ready to jump back in this weekend! Warmth on FFN or AO3 (in-progress multi-chapter fiction): From the first time she met him, she already knew it: there was no way she could keep herself from falling for him. Lyra/Lance. Follows the HGSS game plot from the Team Rocket headquarters through the final battle with the Champion, but with some slight canon divergence. As of writing this, I have 3 chapters posted out of an originally projected 4. A Hue Defiant and Brave on FFN or AO3 (one-shot): One-sided Yellow/Lance written for the Writer's Anonymous Flower Challenge. Summary:
  4. Just a belated heads-up, I don't think I will have time for the review event this weekend, either. Really enjoyed it last time I did, though, so I hope I can get back to participating soon! (Maybe after I finish my taxes, LOL.)
  5. I had some other things to catch up on this weekend and was planning on sitting this one out. I guess I should have posted in advance and made that clear. Sorry about that! Hopefully I'll be able to jump back in next time, or sometime in the future.
  6. @Wizarmonfan@NocturnaThanks so much! Finished off my remaining 2 reviews: Worthy of Love ch. 2 by @Sakura Alexia And "Five times Edge slipped and the one time Rydia did" by Namixart (non-member)
  7. I understand how it is with revising, LOL. Enjoyed it anyways!
  8. Reviewed Tensions. Should be able to get my other 2 in tomorrow. And thanks, @Zadien!
  9. Should be able to participate again this weekend. I'll keep one story and swap one from my previous recommendations. The Abandoned Gym on FFN or AO3 (one-shot gen fic, Pokemon gen 1): A former gym leader reflects on everything that happened since he left his gym. One-shot. Game-centric, with some anime/manga references. If anyone chooses to review this, I could really use some feedback from someone fandom-familiar about whether you can tell what is going on and which character is which. Only the Truth on FFN or AO3 (two related one-shots, Pokemon B2W2): Rosa is frozen in an ice cryst
  10. Done. Origin of Harmony by @Wizarmonfan Worthy of Love ch. 1 by @Sakura Alexia The Magus Hunted by GoblinCatKC (non-member)
  11. Thanks. I was just wondering the other day how to do spoilers.
  12. Cool! It's neat that you're pushing outside your comfort zone by writing in a variety of different genres.
  13. Added my recent one-shot for the WA Antagonist challenge, The Abandoned Gym (Giovanni POV). Also tinkered with the thread title a bit, as recently not all of my fics have been absolute fluff. For anyone interested in more serious fics: A Hue Defiant and Brave - A failed romance / tragedy between Yellow and Lance, following them through their lives as they fail to overcome their troubled past with each other. Only the Truth - Rosa/Colress. It is romance, but a more serious fic, and the second chapter in particular is a deep dive into Colress's mind. The Abandoned Gym - Giova
  14. Hmm. I have lots of romance ideas, but the 1,000 word limit (even if it's not an exact limit) does make it pretty challenging. If I think of something that can fit within that word limit, I'd definitely like to participate. When's the deadline?
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