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  1. I'm in, though I have no clue what to write about this time. I think I've been too dour with my last two though... Nah, never mind. I can get darker than that. :)
  2. Honestly, when I realized I was trans it was less of a switch and more of a realization that I'd been feeling these feelings for a while, but hadn't been able to put a name to them or figure out what they were. Things got complex with my friends and family after that, but for me I didn't really have a 'switch' flipped, I just kind of gradually realized it.
  3. Gods among men. I mean, animals. Living beings. Mortals. Whatever you want to call the collective group of lifeforms on our planet.
  4. Gather round, children, and rejoice! I am here to tell you all of the glories of my master plan! Disclaimer: This is, in fact, a horrible plan and should probably never see the light of day. Mr. Hippo 1: -Samantha's girlfriend, Myra, dies a brutal death at the hands of Mr. Hippo. She commits suicide after finding out that he is coming for her as well. -Mr. Hippo is revealed to have had a younger sister who was murdered by a future version of Samantha. His initial killing of her sister and Myra was an act of revenge, to be ended with killing her. -Samantha is trapped i
  5. Mr. Robot Series Finales 1 & 2 (I cried)
  6. Pokemon Eldritch (Taurus Versant): https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12984902/1/Eldritch Made me cry a lot.
  7. Stuff I'm planning: -FNaF/Worm Crossover: Remnants This would be set in the Wormverse, and be primarily from Taylor's perspective (with Interludes because it's a Worm fic) but include concepts from the FNaF universe such as Remnant, as well as elements from FNaF Fangames, primarily CASE: Animatronics, a FNaF Fangame which claims to be a separate things, but still has a bear animatronic and literally started on Gamejolt in the #fnaf channel. Early canon-divergence, likely will be extremely disturbing. FNaF characters will be included, but the list will likely only include humans.
  8. (Pokemon) Free Creatures: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13158313/1/Free-Creatures (Worm) Hello World: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13296360/1/Hello-World
  9. You would. I did that like last night while I was supposed to be doing homework lol but I was looking at madness not bones.
  10. It depends on how the change typically occurs - through physical means or mentally. A demon is really just a corrupted angel - that's why they're called the fallen. If an angel turns their back on their race, they're a demon. End of story. At least, if you want to take the purely 'biblical' route. Otherwise I can't really suggest much except to make t extremely gradual.
  11. Arr, matey. Welcome! You will surely encounter weirdness of impossible levels here, but do not be afraid. We're only human. Well, most of us.
  12. I second you on the porn. I really don't understand why so many lemons exist when they contribute nothing to the plot. Hell, why do they exist?
  13. Profanity is something I use not to express anger, but to develop a character and their personality. A character who is extremely profane may be super annoying, but their behaviour implies something else about them.
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