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  1. Are you taking part in the Christmas writing challenge?

  2. Never ever heard of Silver Hawks before. Maybe they didn't bring it over to Germany oô My favourite cartoon has got to be Danny Phantom. I don't count Anime into the Cartoon category. I would love to add the new Voltron show to the list but if Lance gets together with the princess, it will ruin everything for me. Everything.
  3. I own a Nintendo 64, Game Cube and the new and improved Wii where you can't play Game Cube games on. That's progress! I also own a Nintendo 2DS because why would I need 3D when all I want is to play Pokémon? (Kid Icarus is a bit trickier without 3D but I managed) In addition to that, I also have a DS lite with a misbehaving touchpad---which is why I never use it. I used to own a Game Boy Colour. I wonder where it went. Also, of course I have a PC for Steam but I don't actually play anything casual on it. Pokémon Y is my casual game of choice. Wish they'd still support that game
  4. I write my Digimon Frontier story because these characters had potential and none of the show writers realized that. Everyone talks about the lore of the series if they have to mention something positive, but I think, the characters could have carried the show as well.
  5. I quite like the idea of a "sensitivity" reader to check for culturally insensitive things in case you're writing about people from a completely different culture. I do think experience helps with not stepping on any toes, not writing something widely inappropriate by accident, and not coming across as an ignorant fool. But as has been said here before: the internet exists. But I would never say that having experience in a subject is a bad thing. It just means you need a beta reader with no experience in the subject to tell you were you're too technical for the layman.
  6. My mains: N64 --- Ness Melee --- Peach Brawl --- Lucas (with Ultra Smash. My friends hate me :3); Ike (without Ultra Smash) Wii U --- ZS Samus I loved Subspace Emissary too. That's why I dislike that there are too many characters for a good story in these games :< It's just impossible to give each their proper due. (Incidentally, my head canon is still that they took Lucas before he finished his adventure in Mother 3 and nobody will convince me otherwise.)
  7. It's 17:16, beautiful day, fluffy clouds, blue sky, sun shining with wonderful 24°C out there. I love it <3
  8. To come back to the original topic. One massive plus for ffnet is that you can filter out genres and characters! I don't like romance! I don't like reading romance or writing romance, it ruins stories for me and I especially don't want to read a story where romance is the selling point! So I am eternally thankful for ffnet's option to filter that genre out. I'm left with stories where the author might write a romance, but considers it secondary to other, more important genres. I still haven't figured out how to filter out tags on ao3. That said, you can search more specifically for s
  9. Nothing yet, Christmas is still so far away. What's the next person's opinion on genetic engineering?
  10. @Hikari I agree! I like Lockwood & Co too. It's five books but I don't like the ending of the series. I have a friend who's just thrilled about these books from start to finish, so it's probably just me.
  11. Hmm my favourite book series of all-time is Bartimaeus by Jonathan Stroud. Set in an alternate version of London, magicians are the ruling class and summon "demons" to do their bidding. An exceptionally talented 12-years-old mage-in-training is slighted by a powerful magician and he summons a demon way out of his skill level to get his revenge. That demon is the snarky, unapologetic Bartimaeus. I really like the dynamic the two main characters have, the way inequality is addressed and the wonderful humour in the books
  12. I actually don't like the additional stories in Sky, but I really like Red/Blue Rescue Team and Explorers of Time/Darkness. Never played Gates to Infinity after a friend told me its story would be lackluster. From what I heard, especially the end of the main game, is much, much better handled than even Explorer's. Explorer's main game ending is just a massive cop-out which I feel like Gates to Infinity handled better. Again, didn't play the thing, so this is just hearsay. Anyway, Super Mystery Dungeon. Well, I hate it. Gameplay is fun and I love recruiting pokémon, so they did rea
  13. Studying to become a translator/interpreter. Worked as an IT-assistant before. Loved the people and the work was okay, but languages are my true calling. Incidentally, if you, for whatever reason, need some real German in your fanfictions/original fiction, I'm ready to translate. If I read one more "Fraulein" in fanfictions, I'm going to cry.
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