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    Very noice critties, it’s over 1000 XD, sweet music too. It’s weird though, didn’t get notified even with the tag you put down.
  1. Florence sat and watched Dylan's actions cautiously, as far as he could tell his guest had done as he'd instructed. At first he maintained an emotionless expression as the other rambled on, but then the corner of his mouth raised into a toothy grin when the topic of prison guards cropped up. "I prefer to exchange pleasantries when I'm maiming someone, preferably a young child, but with my current options, I'm not picky." Pausing briefly, he eyed Dylan up and down before continuing. "As for the guard count, this might not be the most heavily manned prison, but they're all armed w
  2. Guilty Crown OP My Dearest (Cover by Akane Sasu Sora):
  3. An excellent English cover of Sword Art Online Alicization's second OP Resister, from Studio Yuraki, and performed by Kelly Mahoney:
  4. "Very well." Xu Ba responds, acknowledging He Bo's advice. Reaching to his waist, Xu Ba unbuckles his daggers sheave that he kept attached to his robes belt. It was only natural to keep a defensive weapon on his person, a noble of his status always had enemies. However, during those dull meetings with other nobles it was common place to be asked to leave all weapons behind. "Now what? Do I stroll in through the front door?"
  5. This is a good mix decade worth of anime squeezed into a 15 minute video:
  6. Yes, another Genshin video and this time, the Crab Rave is back!
  7. @AquilaTempestas For Smile (Survival RP).
  8. Take Carnival Phantasm's opening and replace it with Genshin Impact characters and ya get this: Well, this is cute, hahaha.
  9. JoyDreamer's English cover of Nonsense Speaker:
  10. Yeah, I remember reading up on the future plans for Ice Age after Continental Drift was released. Back then they said they may release another 2 movies. They released Collusion Course 4 years after Continental Drift and now we are 5 years on from its release. Honestly, after seeing the ending to Collusion Course, I'm not opposed to letting the series go or another movie with the Ice Age gang. Though, I do think they've left it on a good note currently. They've had Manny's character come full circle, after accepting Peaches plans to get with move away with Julian, Sid and Diego have been p
  11. Throne by Bring Me The Horizon:
  12. That's a another good one from AMARANTHE, yay. This one's a song from the game Persona 5:
  13. Looking around the room, it wasn't much, but it was home sweet home for Florence. Wondering over to the bed, he flopped down on top of it, face planting without a care in the world. Give him a few minutes alone and he'd soon be asleep, even if the bed felt like he was laying on the floor with a bit of padding on it. That's when he heard the voice calling his name. It sounded like one of the fellow prisoners he'd been transported with. At first he ignored them, content to just lie there and wait for them to bugger off. However, they didn't, and began whispering something about a deal on th
  14. @onewiththewheels & @AquilaTempestas Seliph- Respond to Gary? Or are you zone out? Gary- Wait for Seliph's post then act accordingly @TJMike Minutes pass as you hold each other, the only noise being Azure's muffled sobs. Eventually she loosens her grip enough for you to pull away. Wiping away the last of her tears and puffy red eyes with her hand, Azure sits down on the edge of the bed. "Why is this happening? ......What did we do to deserve this?" How do you respond to Azure?
  15. Yeah, those are pretty much the top banned gods currently. The other two being Tsukuyomi and Cthulhu, which is understandable. Nu Wa is a pain, Janus is too currently, but I don't think you'd be able to fit them into the bans without letting a top tier god through. Looking on ranked.casualsmite.com Chang'e, Aphrodite, Set, Guan Yu, Chronos and Apollo have the highest win rates (all above 50%). Although, down in bronze and silver they don't always ban out the top tier gods. King Arthur is still their main threat and is banned, or asked to be banned, in most games XD
  16. Personally, I think this is miles better than any of the songs he sang in Slipknot, yay. Fleurie and Jung Youth's cinematic cover In The End:
  17. @onewiththewheels & @AquilaTempestas Gareth nodded in acknowledgement as Gary mentioned he could do with a break. It wasn't the response he had been hoping for, but if a few minutes of respite here meant you could make it across the compound without stopping, it was for the best. "Oh, no. I'm sure you'll keep your leg. We'll come up with something." Gareth warmly responded to Gary to reassure him. Although, you aren't sure you are convinced. The way he talked, it was like a parent trying to sooth a panicked child. He meant well, but you could tell Gareth wasn't sure either
  18. "Hmph, well I think that old geezer is still hiding something." Glancing towards Rose and seeing her staring at William made Sora even more sceptical. Even if the bloodsuckers were telling the truth right now, it felt like they didn't plan to tell them everything they knew. Secrets and ulterior motives, the vampires speciality. "Hey, what's up with you?" Sora begrudgingly asked Rose as she approached her.
  19. Raising an eyebrow and rubbing his chin in fake contemplation, Xu Ba then responds. "An expendable thief would be much more fitting for this task... But, with my life on the line, I will prove to be much more capable than those pawns."
  20. Police brutality indeed hahaha:
  21. Weird, it's still there on my end. What about this lyric video of it instead?
  22. Yay, it's pretty sweet this one. The title may bring up some interesting conversations when people ask what you're listening to though XD How about this one, Goodbye by SR-71:
  23. Even the standard battle music in Persona 5 is pretty sweet:
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