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  1. Recommend songs (yay or nay)

    You too @MasKaiHilFantic @Lightningblade49


    1. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      Only took a week, but I finally got around to listening to this!

      All in all, I'd say this is a pretty solid playlist, a third of the songs I already like and listen to on occasion and I know most of the bands/singers in some capacity. The two new ones to find their way onto my Spotify favourites were Through Glass (Stone Sour) and Golden Pariahs (Beyond The Black)

    2. AquilaTempestas


      Ah good! Phew!

      What ones were you not a fan of? (totally not thinking about another playlist…)

    3. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      Hmm, I wouldn't say that I dislike any of them, but if I were to pick two that didn't resonate with me as much, I'd go with California Soil (London Grammar) and Daddy Issues (Toehider).

      California Soil because I feel it doesn't have the right emotion, build up or kick that I like in my music. Daddy Issues has a good beat, kick and Toehider has a great singing voice, but the only lyrics I'd memorise is the chorus and he gets stuck in a loop there at the end

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