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  1. So I did more research on Remnant. There's supposed to be some way to the final area in that area we were last in. I guess we might've missed something?

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    2. AquilaTempestas


      So I'm on holidays from this Thursday to the 8th of April. Do you wanna try and finish off Remnant at some point?

    3. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      Aye, let’s go for it. How many more sessions do ya think it’ll take?

    4. AquilaTempestas


      Not too sure. I think there's only one more area to explore with a few bosses. It's just finding that area that's the hard part!

  2. Guilty Crown OP My Dearest (Cover by Akane Sasu Sora):
  3. An excellent English cover of Sword Art Online Alicization's second OP Resister, from Studio Yuraki, and performed by Kelly Mahoney:
  4. "Very well." Xu Ba responds, acknowledging He Bo's advice. Reaching to his waist, Xu Ba unbuckles his daggers sheave that he kept attached to his robes belt. It was only natural to keep a defensive weapon on his person, a noble of his status always had enemies. However, during those dull meetings with other nobles it was common place to be asked to leave all weapons behind. "Now what? Do I stroll in through the front door?"
  5. Will be on tomorrow for Remant. We're also trying to do CAH my time Saturday night

  6. This is a good mix decade worth of anime squeezed into a 15 minute video:
  7. Yes, another Genshin video and this time, the Crab Rave is back!
  8. @AquilaTempestas For Smile (Survival RP).
  9. Take Carnival Phantasm's opening and replace it with Genshin Impact characters and ya get this: Well, this is cute, hahaha.
  10. JoyDreamer's English cover of Nonsense Speaker:
  11. Yeah, I remember reading up on the future plans for Ice Age after Continental Drift was released. Back then they said they may release another 2 movies. They released Collusion Course 4 years after Continental Drift and now we are 5 years on from its release. Honestly, after seeing the ending to Collusion Course, I'm not opposed to letting the series go or another movie with the Ice Age gang. Though, I do think they've left it on a good note currently. They've had Manny's character come full circle, after accepting Peaches plans to get with move away with Julian, Sid and Diego have been p
  12. Throne by Bring Me The Horizon:
  13. That's a another good one from AMARANTHE, yay. This one's a song from the game Persona 5:
  14. Looking around the room, it wasn't much, but it was home sweet home for Florence. Wondering over to the bed, he flopped down on top of it, face planting without a care in the world. Give him a few minutes alone and he'd soon be asleep, even if the bed felt like he was laying on the floor with a bit of padding on it. That's when he heard the voice calling his name. It sounded like one of the fellow prisoners he'd been transported with. At first he ignored them, content to just lie there and wait for them to bugger off. However, they didn't, and began whispering something about a deal on th
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