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  1. CAH against humanity happening tomorrow, come join lads and lasses!

    -9 AM UK time (GMT +1)

    -Other time zones may vary, if unsure there is this amazing invention known as the internet, the thing you are on right now. You should use that.

  2. I could have a shot at writing more Smite shtuff, this could be fun.
  3. Now that is how Loki is suppose to be played Ajax, this was a Glorious Loki back door. The question is, how do I like this video more? XD
  4. "Piss off you old hag!" Florence called out without much thought as her grating voice filled his ears.
  5. So House of Ashes is also online ccop if you are interested. It'd a horror game.

    1. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      Oh it's got the mind man from Until Dawn and the boat one, the name skips my brain. Yeah I'd be interested in playing through it.

  6. I have Don't Starve Together installed. 

    @Sakura Alexia Are you interested? It's like super cheap on the PS store but not sure if you're allowed.

    1. Morgan Le Fay

      Morgan Le Fay

      I would be interested, but probably I can't afford it, I can barely convince my dad to get me plus again.

    2. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      The games cheap, only £11.99 in the PSN store, that should be about 14 Euro I think. Getting PSN plus though is a different matter, sadly.

    3. Morgan Le Fay

      Morgan Le Fay

      I can't ask enough money for both, I can try, but probably won't be able to get both.

  7. Come and play ranked joust lol

  8. Oh so relatable



    1. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      Hahaha, yeah you tower dive that 1HP Vulcan ya greedy Loki main XD

  9. We game, we laugh, we troll. It's always a good time XD
  10. Yay your lastfm works. I see stuff woohoo!

    You can also connect lastfm to our discord.

    I believe it.is simply .fmlogin and your username

    1. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      Ah there we go, now you can look at all the anime songs that appear and think what a fecking weeb, hahaha

    2. King Arthur
  11. Forgot to ask, but do you have the lastfm desktop scrobbler? you can also get one for phone.

  12. Okay, would you be up for it on 1st September your night?
  13. Sadly I’m back at work this weekend (Friday - Monday). And with this 4days on 4days off pattern, I’ll be at work next weekend too. I can do most weekdays, if that works for you?
  14. @AquilaTempestas Happy Birthday Aquila, hope you've enjoyed yourself and had a great day!
  15. CAH happening right now, come join https://picturecards.online/static/index.html?game=RYJF

    Invite code is RYJF

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