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  1. Heir to Chaos from Final Fantasy XIII-2. It’s the only story I managed to complete after a long hiatus.
  2. Ah I forgot to update this thread with my latest work. My writing style is quite different than it was years ago but I'm proud I managed to make something out of nothing, I guess. Insatiable [MHW - Field Team Leader] It only took one tragic moment to turn his world upside down. Experience a tale of transformation that will shake the foundation of friends and camaraderie in Astera. But one thing's clear; the hunter will become the hunted. Who will rise to stop them from painting the New World red? Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13851192/1/Insatiable
  3. I found my genre! GRIMDARK FANTASY

    Grimdark fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy that revolves around stories that are thematically both grim (in terms of setting and worldbuilding) and dark (in terms of style and characterisation). There tends to be an emphasis on realism in the grimdark genre; even when set in a fantastical world. Life in these narratives is often cruel and unforgiving, the world is harsh and unfair, and plots rarely unfold without tragedy, bloodshed or disaster.

  4. When you spend a lot of time worrying about what others think, it bogs you down, I think. I feel that worrying about disappointing your readers is misplaced; when you write, you write for you, isn't it? Write for the thrill. Write for the self-satisfaction. Unless your goal is to write for monetary gain then mayhaps you should be worried about disappointing the fans and as consequence, your source if income is decreased. Disappointment comes with the territory when sharing it. Everyone reacts differently and there's no way to please the masses. Just because someone doesn't like what I've
  5. Holy moly. I managed to type out a new story with very little premise. I thought I’ve lost all my writing skills. Groundbreaking revelation.
  6. Thanks for that. I'll keep an eye out for sales. They come quite often anyways.
  7. I do want to play but I can't afford the subscription right now.
  8. Oh, believe me. I'm more technical than you'd think.

  9. Some turdball on the internet. But I did a bit more digging and it's a type of scam. It's a scam where they say they they know your password and mentions it in the email. It's usually retrieved from data breaches. The one I got said that he knows I browse adult sites and he said he "hacks" my "webcam" to remote control my "device". If I don't send him Bitcoin, he will send my "videos" to 16 friends on FB, Messenger, IG. I told a friend about and I'm like, well, if those "videos" do leak out, they will never get those precious seconds back, hahaha. Joke's on him. I fortified ALL of my acc
  10. You wanna blackmail me and hack me? That's fine. I have ways to find you too, you know.
  11. Submitted my website draft design to the client for approval yesterday! Most exciting stuff!

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