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  1. I grew up with this song in middle school and it's still one of my favs.
  2. I don’t know why but my body feels incredibly lethargic these past days. The lack of appetite isn’t helping. Everything snowballed from a panic attack… gah. I don’t feel comfortable in my own body.
  3. Stuck on writing this chapter. Gah!
  4. A WIP from my latest Monster Hunter World chapter, Insatiable.
  5. I’d love to visit archaeological sites, regardless of where they are in the world. Places where people don’t know about and study the findings and strata data in peace. But in more realistic terms, I’d love to visit Europe. Anywhere in Europe, really. I want to taste new cuisines and snap architecture!
  6. This line alone made it that much more worth it. Ahaha.
  7. This is so cool to see different writing styles. You guys are amazing storytellers.
  8. I'm a little shy to show this but here's what I've been up to in my newest chapter of Insatiable, a Monster Hunter World story. At the break of dawn, the thick, gray clouds cloaked over the New World, an omen of evil as some would believe it. Hunters clamored around the Council Table with worried and panic-stricken faces, each man and woman expressed fear or uncertainty. The Council stood in front of the sea of eyes staring back at them, eager for answers to this morning’s gruesome discovery. The Huntsman drew in a long, deep breath and pushed off his rickety stool. It creaked.
  9. That's a good point to make, haven't considered about that point of view. I've always associated smut with powerplay and dominance and punishment. Hmmm... now that I think about it, I may have unintentionally written smut fueled by passion because the characters are deeply in love. Carries on for just a page and that's that.
  10. My rule of thumb is if lemon is planned, it has to achieve something, reach an endgoal of that chapter or arc. I always make sure it relates to character development or resolving issues, when needed. When I write lemon, I love using euphemisms, alliterations (yes, I'm a sucker for it), adjectives, and verbs that are "flowery" and being overall mindful, respectful. And yes, even if it's in a fictional context. Respect means a lot to me therefore, it's expressed in my words. Lemon to me is baring one's soul and taking pleasure in participating in the act; it's choreographed, in my mind. I try no
  11. Website mock-ups done. Phew. One less thing to think about this week.
  12. Great! I don’t know anything about the later sets so that’ll be something. Vertigo, here I come.
  13. I think I might. Wanna try playing a guy character. I think the community is still active, I regularly see posts on IG.
  14. It seems that cross play won’t be available. That’s quite a shame… was definitely looking forward to hunting with you guys.
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