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  1. So I found out my brother and his pregnant wife have the corona virus 

    1. onewiththewheels


      That sucks! Hope they feel better soon.

    2. AquilaTempestas


      That's unfortunate

  2. I agree on us focusing a God pool for each role that we can be comfortable with. As for me Jungle: Awilix, Ne Zha, Arachne and Ratatoskr. Support: Ares, Kumbhakarna, Cerberus and Ymir Carry: Medusa, Xbalanque, Artemis and Hou Yi Mid: Zeus, Ra, Poseidon and Baron Solo: (my favorite -_-) Chaac, Achilles, Tyr and Osiris
  3. Happy birthday Alumina. Hope today is filled with joy

  4. art doesnt have a right and a wrong art is creativity and visualization of your perspective for others to enjoy
  5. mines is Pho King in Visalia Ca. lol i may have just generalized the area where i live lol, no matter what about you Kage?
  6. So far ive been more comfortable with Jungle or Support. I think its true and have never seen it in this way before but ive noticed other pre-made teams be more aggressive in the early game. Taking camps when there isnt anyone in your lane is more beneficial to us in the early and the long run. Mage/Mid: Zeus, Baron Samedi, Nu wa, Ra, Poseidon Guardian/Support: Ares, Ymir(Jungle as well) Ganesha Kumbahkarna and Cerberus Assasin/Jungle: Awilix, Ne Zha, Arachne, Loki, Thanatos Warrior/Solo: Chacc. Achilles, Cu Culainn, Odin (Big Papa Odin), Sun Wukong Hunt
  7. Cant wait for the T5 Ares skin my goal is to get at least 1 Star before its release :)


  8. I wish they had a replay system where you can replay your last 5 matches and be able to see it from a different POV like on FORTNITE
  9. Cu chulainn and aracne hahaha xD
  10. It’s awesome. You should do some more
  11. Lmao! omg this is AWESOME! “HHHMMMM” CLASSIC! And yes lol booties are hard hahaha. Very creative and I just had to get online to see this.
  12. dang that really sucks. i never thought he would do something like that.
  13. Lol I guess it is a long family reunion haha. Mans @onewiththewheels sound pretty exotic to me haha
  14. Unfortunately it happens that way after some years. But there are still restaurants around that you go and they take you back in time when you first tried that place and it’s a wonderful experience. I love all kinds of food. I worked in restaurants when I was in high school. There was a Japanese restaurant in Downtown Oakland that I worked for about a year as a prep cook and my last year as the chef. The way they did their teriyaki sauce would take a whole week to make. But I tell you it was the tastiest, not salty or sweet but just right and we’ll balanced. We had a simple menu. But each plat
  15. Just here waiting on the rest of the Conquest team to get online...ill do some ranked while i wait 

  16. Hi Just Curious Who Here Is A foodie and what have or what would you like to try? for example i would like to try REAL Italian Food. Ive seriously been planning to take a trip out there Just for that reason. well, not just the food but the Culture and the way of living. My wife and i always like to try new things and food and restaurants are some of those things.
  17. iSupport
  18. Nice Song. he kinda looks like David Bowie if you ask me
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