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  1. So I found out my brother and his pregnant wife have the corona virus 

    1. onewiththewheels


      That sucks! Hope they feel better soon.

    2. AquilaTempestas


      That's unfortunate

  2. I agree on us focusing a God pool for each role that we can be comfortable with. As for me Jungle: Awilix, Ne Zha, Arachne and Ratatoskr. Support: Ares, Kumbhakarna, Cerberus and Ymir Carry: Medusa, Xbalanque, Artemis and Hou Yi Mid: Zeus, Ra, Poseidon and Baron Solo: (my favorite -_-) Chaac, Achilles, Tyr and Osiris
  3. Played some smite. Three awful games of conquest. 

    1. J8ke4rmSt8Frm


      we lost two conquests last night. was terrible

      1st game had a terrible ne zha jungle building anti heal and just pen and power which he's complete crit. lost the game he died like 13 times

      2nd we had a mid kuku that would Ult the minions

      instead of the enemies it was a disaster


    2. Hera


      As a Kukulkan player...i am thoroughly disgusted and embarassed. 


    3. AquilaTempestas


      Quality of games has been crap in all modes outside assault.

      Damn 13 times? Wow.

  4. Happy birthday Alumina. Hope today is filled with joy

  5. HEre is the new Zeus skin


  6. art doesnt have a right and a wrong art is creativity and visualization of your perspective for others to enjoy
  7. mines is Pho King in Visalia Ca. lol i may have just generalized the area where i live lol, no matter what about you Kage?
  8. So far ive been more comfortable with Jungle or Support. I think its true and have never seen it in this way before but ive noticed other pre-made teams be more aggressive in the early game. Taking camps when there isnt anyone in your lane is more beneficial to us in the early and the long run. Mage/Mid: Zeus, Baron Samedi, Nu wa, Ra, Poseidon Guardian/Support: Ares, Ymir(Jungle as well) Ganesha Kumbahkarna and Cerberus Assasin/Jungle: Awilix, Ne Zha, Arachne, Loki, Thanatos Warrior/Solo: Chacc. Achilles, Cu Culainn, Odin (Big Papa Odin), Sun Wukong Hunt
  9. Cant wait for the T5 Ares skin my goal is to get at least 1 Star before its release :)


  10. Are you coming on Smite? I have an hour penalty because Hi Rez being Hi Rez.

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