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  1. I like how Arcsys made these old tracks. So glad I'm both and Arcsys fan and a DFO fan.
  2. Already its starting to look interesting. The combat also looks to be inspired by a lot of the more fast-paced action games like the old God of War and Devil May Cry.
  3. New Trailer, courtesy of Summer Game Fest. Starting to look good so far...
  4. Hopefully we get the rest of the Round Table to join the roster
  5. At home? Rambo: Last Blood At the cinema? Fantastic Beasts: The secrets of Dumbledore. (My mom's a Harry Potter fan). I will be watching Sonic 2 later
  6. Trust me, some of us could write a chapter about our own experiences with her. Hell, we could turn into a whole anthology if we wanted to.
  7. I swear, the shift in tone with these tracks is amazing...then again, I'm talking about tracks made by Linked Horizon so...
  8. I was just some new writer on FFN, then Aquila PM'd me...and I reviewed one of my older works..anyway, she invited me into the forum, back when it was called Pokemaniacs, and I was like, "Okay, let's see how this plays out," and now I'm here.
  9. Really? With the graphics, I thought it was made by the same folks behind Dragon Quest. Still, it does look like an interesting RPG game, so I'll keep an eye on it for now.
  10. So, looks like there's going to be a One Piece RPG to celebrate 25 years. Damn, that's a long time. Anyway, the trailer just dropped some time ago. What do you guys think? Is it something to keep an eye on?
  11. So basically, doing something that some of us introverts could not pull off so well.
  12. Currently a proud owner of a One Plus Nord. I got it for free from some promotion where I switched providers...my old one was a prepaid phone, funny enough, but they said, "No worries, as long as you're switching providers," and I bada bing, bada bam.
  13. Welcome to our ragtag band of misfits, lol. Hope you enjoy your time here with us on the forum.
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