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  1. The social media aficionado and/or the LGBTQ+ leader
  2. "just wait until the others hear you got attacked by a monkey" She gave a laugh, almost enjoying it "Perhaps it was telling you that you need to change your style"
  3. I mostly host my art stuff on Discord sadly as I'm not sure how to get desktop streaming with Twitch
  4. Aoki nearly drops the word from the weight but manages to recover and grip it tightly. She came face to face with an angry chinese soldier. Tightening her grip she swung the sword, praying to the gods it would kill the man trying to harm her. Her sword sliced through his armour and stomach. Two more men met the same fate before Aoki found herself cornered against a large tree
  5. Ayla laughed at Dylan "Keep your hair like that! It suits you." She bent over with laughter, holding her rifle for support. "I didn't shoot the monkey though"
  6. Hanako looked after Azure, before sitting down by the table to regain her breath. She rubbed her brow and looked at Dante "The parasite is in my abdomen" she tried to keep her voice level but it faltered
  7. Ayla headed to investigate the loud bang she heard. She found one of her fellow convicts stood by a dead monkey
  8. Hanako leant over the sink as she vomited. Her stomach complained. She washed it away "Must have eaten too quickly" She mentioned to Azure
  9. Ayla frowned and headed off towards her hut
  10. Hanako took the dishes to clean. She looked over her shoulder "I don't want to stay here. I want to go home" she whispered
  11. I can do that no worries! Also, to answer the question you asked me above, Mentor should be purple
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