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  1. "Not for now, we found his father and he's away with him for the moment" she says. "I suspect he'll be back soon though"
  2. "I doubt they would, unless they already tried" she shrugs. "To be fair we have more than enough information that we don't need those two as well, but two more spies could be useful"
  3. "A wolf named Drake, he's a good man" she says. "I didn't quite managed to get to know him in my world, Sabrina killed him, she captured him and wanted to make me do it as a test of loyalty, I refused"
  4. "Of course" she nods. "They better not try anything, unlike Steven they have nothing to protect them from divine light"
  5. "I don't think they'd want to cross me, I already warned them that I'd get rid of them should they try something" she says.
  6. "Apparently they got their memories deleted from Grimsley, they said if we helped them remeber they'd help us in return" she explains.
  7. "For now, because we have something to do, if you want to come along then we can take you where the rest are later" she says.
  8. "Haven't seen them since I arrived here, and then never again" she says.
  9. "If you're so determined then come along, I'm just taking whoever wants to, besides wolves and Morty really" she says. "Most of our troubles have been because of him lately so he's staying put in a corner for now"
  10. "Well not like I had intention to bring any wolf in the first place, they'd just be dead" she says. "Steven wants to and so does Wallace, you'll have to see"
  11. "We only truly have four invites apparently, you'd have to talk to the rest first" she says. "Actually make that three because I need to be there"
  12. "We managed to get invites for a ball Grimsley is making, and that guy loves having brides, as he calls them, I am sure he'll jump at the occasion to have add one more don't you think?" she says. "I just don't want to make such a weapon fall in the wrong hands, the anti magic effects it will have will affect any witch, and we have quite a few. Besides if people can't see it they won't know I am armed"
  13. "Pretty much as many as I could find, though not all know I'm part angel yet, and absolutely they do not know I'm not from this world" she says. "Though I did meet some of them before there, which is the main reason why I trust them" she shrugs. "Oh I didn't mention that I did manage to aquire that item needed to stop Sabrina's magic too, that sacred leaf, the wolves claim there's a blacksmith that works on this stuff in Solaceon, so soon you'll need to teach me how to hide my weapon under skin like you do N. I don't want to risk someone else finding it as it could be used on any wit
  14. "A lot, probably too much to explain all now, we sort of have found a new place now though, and a lead to get some of our enemies down, possibly, at least to get close" she says. "I managed to get us some new allies, and we were going to see a couple of them now when we found you"
  15. "I didn't know how I could possibly track you down, as for the others, those hunter wanted me to find them, told me where they were" she says. "And also we had many other problems since then too, I thought you'd find us instead"
  16. "Well, look who we found" she comments. "I thought you were lost somewhere"
  17. "Even if they were up to something else I doubt its our business" she says. "Even vampires can do you know..."
  18. "Yes, but if I don't die then nothing should happen" she assumes. "Let's just stay close, and we should be okay"
  19. "That ring Jasmine found, apparently its supposed to save who wear it against possible death, if I don't die he can't turn me, right?" she asks. "If he likes having bride I assume he may want to add more to his... collection"
  20. "I know, this Clair doesn't know me but in some ways she's still my friend" she says. "And the whole situation disgusts me, that's why I need to know what Grimsley has been up to, and for that, I need to get close"
  21. "Clair is Lance's cousin, and it looks like in this world she's gone missing, in my world she's a good friend of mine." she says. "Though one of those hunters of a while ago at the park mentioned her, and her being a bride, so I assume someone has taken her, and maybe it could very well be Grimsley himself, if things are similar to what happened in my world"
  22. "I didn't know him well, but I can say he was quite the sadistic person, he used to have a place where he'd make shows where he'd make wolves fight each other" she says. "I don't need to say that said place doesn't exist anymore right? Also I have a personal grudge for when he took Clair too."
  23. "Grimsley wasn't this super strong vampire in my world, even if important. My goal is to get close to him, and strike at the right moment, who knows that after the ball he might wish to see me again on my own?" she shrugs. "That profecy has been going around for a while in both worlds, and I pretty much exist to not let that happen"
  24. "I met Karen in the other world, and Wallace too, they don't seem too different here to me." she explains. "As for Nessa I doubt she'd sell Grimsley out this easily, for now we don't have much of a choice in the matter if we want to get close to him"
  25. "I'm not sure, but probably I think I can trust them more than Morty right now" she replies.
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