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  1. "I already faced her in my world, and I can tell that she's terribly scary, other than your kind hating mine and viceversa" she says. "She'll probably never help me"
  2. Cynthia sighs. "Fine... we then either find this witch or... we might have to ask Naoko about it..." she doesn't seem too happy about that.
  3. "Does it have to be witches specifically?" she asks. "Because if that's the case, I also am one, can't you take back your power from me? I'll have to die anyways"
  4. "Maybe they will know someone" she says. "I'd rather not have to kill them or someone innocent"
  5. "We don't exactly know other witches though, well not in this world" she sighs. "Anyone that comes to mind? Preferably not an innocent person"
  6. "Naoko wouldn't do that for me, you necromancers hate angels, she gave us so much trouble in my world" she says. "Honestly she still terrifies me"
  7. "I don't trust anyone else with my life, but I need to get in there" she points at the wall. "If you don't have the power I'll wait until you do, but I won't allow another necromancer to get their hands on me"
  8. "I know how its supposed to be done, the other you brought back my best friend for me" she sighs. "Well, I need you to do just that, for me, or rather, the person you'll have to revive will be me"
  9. "Well you'll need to get practicing then, because I am really going to need you for this" she says. "Do you know at least how to revive people?"
  10. Cynthia nods. "Thank you for your help" she tells the spirit. "Well, we know what to do now, but you may not like it"
  11. "Of course, once you'll release him, but yes, I have to do it, if not me who else?" she frowns.
  12. Cynthia just grins. "I'm full of bad ideas, but if that's our chance I'll do it, Sabrina would kill me anyways if I didn't have anything to kill her" she shrugs. "Like I said she can jump bodies and if we don't stop her doing that with her magic, then we'll never going to be able to kill her"
  13. "I don't trust Phoebe, in my world she's Sabrina's ally, I'm not letting her get her hands on me" she says. "I appreciate the concern, but sooner or later it has be done, and if anyone should do it I'd rather have it be Morty. If I manage to get my hands on that thing, people will follow us more easily knowing I have a weapon to take down Sabrina, and we are going to need allies if we intend to march in the city"
  14. "He hasn't had occasion to, but it doesn't mean he doesn't have the power to, he is special, just like all of us" she says. "If that's the only thing that can stop Sabrina and save our worlds then I'll take the risk. She's hurt way too many people, and I'm tired to see her destroying the lives of the people I care about, because she's too much of a coward to come and get me herself"
  15. "Which means only me" she says. "Sabrina has to die, in this world and my own too, she's a plague we can't allow to run free anymore" she claims. "When Morty will come back to his own self we'll prepare to, if the other Morty could do it then this one could, besides, I have come close to death before, always to Sabrina's hand, and I have intention to show her that she should have killed me when she had the occasion to. As far as I know, she's not aware of my angelic side, whatever it takes, I will do it"
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