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  1. "I'll go see what the house has to offer then" she takes her plate and leaves.
  2. "People like them played me one time too many" she says. "Well, surprise me, you know the place better than me anyways"
  3. "I'll keep it, but it doesn't mean I fully trust whoever made it, or who gave it to me" she says. "I had experiences with people that looked too innocent and ignorant, and then ended up being complete psychopaths"
  4. "Or a third one" she smirks. "I didn't trust this to not be something made up specifically to keep me under control, I had it before"
  5. "I'll be fine, he's different from the others, he's special, Naoko wants him but he doesn't wish to go back, she'd torture him, and I have to make sure she won't" she says. "He's a good person, maybe annoying but he's helped me out so far, I'd worry more about other necromancers, those are the bigger issue, and I do not trust the woman that gave me the ring to not be involved with Sabrina or someone else"
  6. "I have a necromancer friend, but I doubt its his doing, since he can bring me back anyways, and has already done it too" she says, taking the ring. "What if it was Agatha or Sabrina and this was a trap?"
  7. "The woman that found it says it was buried in the dirt, she was planting something and she found it, but I wonder if it was placed there on purpose or not" she says. "I don't trust this particular person, something about looking too innocent doesn't sit right with me"
  8. "I'd be careful, I don't particularly trust the person that gave it to me" she says, yet she still places the ring on the table. "In my experience, usually magical artifacts have this warm feeling to them, and this ring does"
  9. "There would be moonlight rings, but well they won't help if they were ever taken off, you'd feel the pain of all the transitions you didn't go through all at once, I imagine it wouldn't be pretty but some wolves do use them" she says. "Speaking of rings someone claims to have found this in the dirt, though I am skeptical about it" she shows them the rins Jasmine gave her. "Its magical, I know that much"
  10. "That is why I'm here, but again more information for me is always useful" she shrugs.
  11. "Well I find it hard if her family won't care, we can't use her to change things or threaten them" she sighs. "Cyrus doesn't know me or that I'm involved with you, maybe I could be safe, besides I'm not a wolf"
  12. "I doubt she'll listen to us, and if her parents really do not care then we can't even use her as trade off" she sighs.
  13. "Dawn is a brat that needs a lesson in humility" she says. "You shouldn't be allowed to do anything you want without consequences, especially at such a young age"
  14. "She and her rascals came to a place we were staying, and then I had to drive them off because they found my wolf friend and I as he was about to turn" she says. "I had to threaten to attack them because they wouldn't leave"
  15. "In my experience Sabrina has always ever manipulated people in following her blindly, honestly taking the out sounds easier than even trying to convince them" she says. "Only one I maybe think of is Cyrus because I know hiw daughter, Giovanni is pretty much a crime boss, Agatha could have even taught her and is her right hand, and Grimsley, well vampires won't let go of their supremacy"
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