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  1. Cynthia nods. "Exactly the names I was thinking about, and they're objective of ours, like Morty said, they work for Sabrina, Agatha is her right hand basically"
  2. "Maybe learn the basics of being a decent human being respectful of others first" she says, crossing her arms. "What were the names of these necromancers you met? Besides him"
  3. "Well I can't quite go against them, this is holy ground so they make the rules" she says. "I met way more than three, there is a lot of them"
  4. "I had a feeling this would happen" she says. "But the boy needs a hard lesson" she smirks.
  5. "Morty... shut. up." she glares. "I do not want to hear a single more word on the topic, ever"
  6. "We live in a free country as long as public decency allows" she shrugs. "I didn't expect it from you Caitlin though, I am quite disappointed"
  7. "It is what you get from being an idiot and not keeping your hadns to yourselves" she glares. "I should really lock you up somewhere..."
  8. Cynthia sighs. "Unfortunately. I start to feel like that I will need to keep them on a leash or something"
  9. "I had a feeling" she sighs. "Let me guess, a guy and a girl, both blonde, the girl has longer hair than myself, blue eyes, and wears pink, while the boy has a long purple scarf, and a dumb face"
  10. "I don't want to be compared to the likes of Sabrina, I'm not an evil witch, I want to help people, not hurt them" she says. "Is it him?"
  11. "N won't cause any trouble, we were here to just pass the day" she says. "Stronger? And where would that be now then? I'm nothing but a mere witch right now..." she growls. "And I hate it"
  12. "Its too much to ask for some respect for other beings?" she snarls. "I couldn't care less about your rules, they make you no different from other supernaturals beings that spend their time kill others" she says. "Being a half witch still means I am not one of you though"
  13. "Well as not a pure angel I do not answer to your ranks" she says. "If he hurts a friend I will protect him, it is how I am, and it is why people believe in me"
  14. Cynthia just frowns. "I was taught to respect everyone, perhaps it is why you and I differ" she says. "I'd rather you not touch my friend, doesn't matter what he is, he's aiding me, that is all you need to know"
  15. "And what about not humans?" she asks. "My group is mostly not human"
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