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  1. "And since she's your teacher you can tell us how to get close to her, don't you?" she asks, not feeling like being rude to the wolves she actually sits next to them.
  2. "Then you better behave, both of you, because I will do that" she shrugs.
  3. "That is actually not a bad idea" she shrugs. "But I'm hungry, and tired, so I'll take care of myself first, since you kind of need me in good shape"
  4. "So do they, besides you can take energy the vampire way" she shrugs. "The one who needs rest here should be me, I've been saving everyone with little sleep or food, you owe me"
  5. "Morty... what did I say just before?" she rolls her eyes. "We'll eat all together okay?"
  6. New news about the combat, apparently it'll be turn based. I like the UI, and also all the strawhats look playable, which eases my primary worry it would be just a Luffy only thing. IGN article. https://www.ign.com/articles/one-piece-odyssey-jrpg-turn-based-combat-new-characters?utm_source=facebook,twitter
  7. "Why do you think we went to buy food then?" she asks. "We do not have that much time to waste, but I can allow him to eat and rest for a few hours"
  8. "Made any progresses?" she asks. "At least tell me you're friendly enough"
  9. "Good" she nodded. "Lance isn't the only one that needs training after all then"
  10. "It is not harassing, we wouldn't be doing this if he worked harder" she says. "I guess your ability to anger him may prove itself useful for something after all, but outside of training I don't want to hear one single bad word, okay?"
  11. "Wasn't that other wolf supposed to aid him? I can only aid in having him turn" she says.
  12. "You could be even more useful if you stopped arguing so much, it is just a waste of time, and I am tired of wasting it" she says. "Prove me you can be useful in that regard too, because power alone won't do"
  13. "I can guess why" she rolls her eyes. "You've been useful when you wanted, because arguing is certainly not of use to me"
  14. "You're also more trouble than you're worth" she growls. "You said you'd help me, well insulting Lance every five seconds is not exactly helping me, when all you do is fighting"
  15. "But it annoys you when I say so, so what gives you the right to do the same to the wolves?" she says. "Take your own damn words and listen to them for once, if your kind ain't all the same then his isn't as well"
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