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  1. I love this sort of stuff, and I love how the lore of Beyblade allows for so many possibilities like this =) I took a similar route, personally was very excited to bring the Saint Shields back... I just think they up the anti... =) Personally - I chose to split my focus by developing two seperate fics within the same continuum. One based in Japan which followed the fall and revivial of the BBA against rival organisations and the seperate tournament fic that revisits Voltaire Hiwatari. I also tried to take a realistic approach to some of the darker events in t
  2. Fortunately for me, I have lots of unfinished pieces that I could easily pick up and work with to dust off the cobwebs. Finishing something would be great. Otherwise I like to watch an old favourite anime that has inspired me in the past.
  3. I'll usually throw something together on my iPad, be it a combination of images from the show or some art that I've done myself. It aint great but its better than nothing. Canva is a good app for creating book covers =)
  4. Turning a New Leaf ch 1, 2, 3, 4, by @Nocturna TIme After Time by @Zadien - this was last months, but I missed it so =) In search of Love by @AquilaTempestas Tri: Intergity Lens chapters 1-6 by HiddenPath
  5. The good thing about Beyblade is that there is the scope to write a lot of tropes - Hilary/Tyson - friends to lovers, Mariah/Ray as the childhood crush, Max/Mariam as enemies to lovers... so much potential. I love the idea of EnriquexJulia. I personally think it works well and its logistically workable, they're both based in Europe. I don't necessarily like TalaxJulia, I just don't think Tala would have time for her drama. What's interesting is the number of potential pairings - it's not a series that leads into any pairings and with such a diverse cast you can really make any sort
  6. I've got a few days off so I'm getting a jump start on the reviews if that's okay but I'd like to nominate the following: No Sacrifice No Victory: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13653885/1/No-Sacrifice-No-Victory A high school beyblade fic, inspired by my love of the Mighty Ducks Straight Lines: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13647535/1/Straight-Lines This is a companion piece to NSNV and an experiment into scene building and relationship development with my OC.
  7. I think the KEY problem there would be for no apparent reason. I'm not saying that you can't turn Ash into a playboy - I mean he could have had a traumatic breakup with Misty IF you write it that way. But again that just comes down to an inability to develop your character. If you character has a trait for NO apparent reason, then he shouldn't have that trait. I mean who knows - Ash's opinion of a relationship isn't exactly alluded to in anything other than the second movie where he gets grossed out by that Melody chick... but again.. he's 10, so who knows how he grows up... GO create that. Bu
  8. Are you using Ash in his own fandom, or taking him elsewhere? Cuz I think that makes a difference. Also, what are you doing with his backstory etc... does he still have Daelia as his mum, still have a close relationship with Prof Oak? I think that you can take a character, and take elements of that character and rewrite their story I suppose. But if you change their core personality... well you might as well just create an OC. @AquilaTempestas you know that I will routinely pull characters from one fandom into another, mostly with my love interests, because I will use the same OC's for m
  9. Kai has pretty much not had any time for any of the girls in the beyblade anime, he basically ignores Mariah and Emily, doesn't really interact with Mariam? Of course, I think over time he develops a respect for Hilary, and her contributions to the team. But I think that if Kai comes across a girl that defeats him in battle he is going to DESPISE her until he can beat her. I think a character that either has nothing to do with beyblade has a potential to be more of a love interest, something that you don't see writers consider enough. (Zadien, please disregard because you do EXACTLY what I'm t
  10. The frustration being I guess - Star Wars, whether it be expanded universe or canon these days - is as you said, fanfiction, because the Lucas is no longer writing it. And don't get me wrong, given what he did with the prequel trilogy that's probably a blessing. While Abrahms didn't necessarily bring anything NEW to the fandom - this was what the fans appreciated about the characters that he brought in - he didn't try to replace original characters, he changed things up enough that he wasn't directly rehashing Lucas - he used the 'core' three - Finn, Poe and Rey, kept things that we loved
  11. I love that Asoka and Mando are being used as prime examples here - but you can also see in the same universe how things can go entirely wrong - ergo Rey Skywalker. Rey had promising origins in E7 but she very quickly developed into a prime example of what not to do with a character - namely; create a character, make her ridiculously OP with no plausible explanation and then have her turn the entire universe on its head. Rey annoyed me because she didn't have to devote any time to her powers, nor were her abilities given any explanation (how the heck can she pilot the millenium falcon wh
  12. As previously discussed, happy to throw my hat in the ring for community leader and get some events, tutorials, o.c discussions going on =) Might be nice re: photography to have two subforums, peoples holiday snaps etc, vs artistic photograohy (i.e prints etc) with a feedback area Happy for Sakura to do the icons as things have gotten hectic in the lead up to christmas but I'm sure I can squeeze it in if needed
  13. Depends on the character I think - and I know I keep pulling on Harry Potter, but its a good example that people know of where the characters have a lot of phrases or definitive ways of speaking - Tonks with her 'wotcha' and Ron using a lot of blimey and Hagrids "Ah, go boil yer heads, both of yeh. Harry—yer a wizard."
  14. Something I learnt well in photography - there are rules, but there are always times when rules are made to be broken =)
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