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  1. I'm really only still on ffn for the audience. Ao3 is honestly easier. Wattpad is uh, gross. It's the lack of change that makes ffn impossible. The only loss for me is the doc manager and there are methods around that.
  2. Every time I think I can start winding down back to less anxiety and stress hell, it all just ramps back up. *sigh* Upside, Tower of God is a very nice fandom.
  3. Physical if it's cheaper, digital if I absolutely have to.
  4. Maybe it's because the quality of reviews tends to be intimidating? I know a lot of people get turned off by concrit and no one defines what is concrit to them. So they're afraid to offend or upset a writer so they just passively observe.
  5. I live. Sorry I got sucked into another fandom rabbit hole and irl happened,like a lot. But we have a cat now!
  6. I was wondering are you going to use the Soul of Amity club? I can give you full ownership of it if you want to use it just for your stories only.

    1. aikotters


      oh whoops you can delete it, sorry I fell out of activity, 2020 was hell on me.

    2. AquilaTempestas


      No worries understandable. Hopefully 2021 will be better

    3. aikotters


      Gosh I hope so, these past couple months have *not*. Same to you though. 

  7. IT IS BACK. I have written for this multiple days in a row so I am back on track. Tldr, Daisuke is suddenly very relevant to the real world parts of the story. I'm getting back into the digital world because Takeru is definitely relevant again, anddddd I'm throwing other characters into starting their character arcs. I may end up having to remerge these two sections because they are very much connected but for now... I am writing again! Not much but i am.
  8. It's been a while. I'm still planning to keep the fic one long story but I have to split the document or I'll just get distracted.. Some of the changes... I really like. I like my plans with the Digimon and for later parts, but this early set up just isn't coming out the way I want it to, in a way it is struggling to be written. I just feel like I delayed something major. I'm just not sure what it is yet. But I think I'm almost out of my funk and can throw myself back in.
  9. What makes one easier than the other? What makes one harder than the other?
  10. I'm sad to announce not much writing has happened for this project. I've been going through and decided to start working on the end of what is either going to be part 2 or 3 depending on length and constraints so I do not have much of a preview. It's been a struggle because work got me behind on other projects. I'm finally mostly caught up, but I'm gonna have to get back into it if I want to get my schedule back in order. That said, a preview!
  11. Favorite part so far: Takeru fighting his brother, if only because it's planting seeds for Takeru to struggle his way towards eight year old disaster independence. Most challenging: starting this second part. I have the ideas and the words I gotta write but this opening scene is just... ugh, it feels out of place. Which probably means i need to go back a few sentences. Just... Daisuke, catch on. THe plot is here, catch on.
  12. Being the lone contradictory option a bc it gives the opportunity for him to fall further because he believes he's hit rock bottom but still has his pride (and therefore, there's still an opportunity for a happy ending on his current path in his mind) but they can be ripped off over time as he's picked apart with weakness and shame and his only shield stolen from him throughout, his inprisonment aka his pride gets battered into pieces and there's no way to continue to consider the path he was on, forcing a new evaluation of the scenario because everything prior to has been casually stripped aw
  13. Hey all! Not much writing done this week. The pandemic means my work stuff is shifting around and with everything uncertain it's been hard to find the ten minutes I usually do. So instead I went back to the drawing board and began working on my rewrite of my notes for part 2 since I've deviated so far from my original notes. I still know the point I want to end at, but I have to get there at a much different speed. So no preview this week unfortunately.
  14. Ittt'''sss back And holy crap ya'll, we've finished part one. At 23k! I'm not updating my site count today it's like 10PM. But yes, it's part one, everything that was vaguely canon is *pretty screwed* and I've got no idea what's going on. Except I do. The original plot still exists.. This isn't arc one, we aren't even close to that. I cannot wait to go through and cut this apart. Anyway, preview time!
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