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  1. Harming An Innocent Chapter 40 LadyEloquence: I feel like I had a Mu Shu moment where he rises up and goes " I Live!" When I saw that this had an update. But just as will all great fanfica that haven't updated in a good while I had to reread the whole fanfic because I had question marks floating around my head. Chapter 40 is definitely a chapter full of surprises well for me at least. It is definitely note worthy when you learn Krampus and Nicholas once had a bond with each other. Not to mention it seems to me that the Easter Bunny more often then not seems to cause hatred and d
  2. This is a snippet from my Digimon story "Meaning of Forgiveness" ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Kouichi shivered, not liking the dangerous tone in his voice. “Who are ‘they’ Yuki?” “The Humans.” A sudden coldness seeped into his body. He was human. Aegiomon glanced over his shoulder. Brown eye gazed into amethyst. “You are nothing like them, Kouichi.” “But…” “You are your father’s son. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, not even the scientist and his ag
  3. I have lots of stories that I enjoy reading. Book wise that would be house of night series. Fanfic wise ajora's digimon fic phantom codewalker has to be favorite. I'm always rereading this one.
  4. my rise of the guardian fic is the story I'm most proud of. I can be super creative with this story in terms of the different mythical creatures, their backstories, and how fit into the story. I was able to make different backstories for the snow queen, Krampus, and even the seasonals and still some make it fit within the boundaries of the story. What I'm really proud of is that fact how involved I can be with my readers, in terms of impropriating their ideas such as powers and events into the story. It really bring the story to life and fun to write.
  5. My favorite digimon season is digimon adventure 02, frontier, and savers.
  6. creating a podcast website. I can't figure find a good template that will along me to put my podcast. Why is this so hard?
  7. I always been a fan of the fae. Fav myth?
  8. No, but my brother has. He got into five fights, I think, and skipped the majority of his classes and still managed to pass with a C. Somehow. Have you ever been forced to watch something you hated?
  9. Don't think so. Has the next person ever watched Glitchtale on YouTube?
  10. Yea when I do the night shift on Fridays for the front Store. Have you ever wished customers would just leave you along, fellow retail workers?
  11. Finally got one of my stories narrated and posted on YouTube and anchor. Yay podfic! Yay!
  12. If half and half lemonade ice tea count then yes. Does the next person under me like piggy (roblox)?
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