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  1. Another anime rec from yours truly because that’s all I ever seem to do with my free time these days Nichijou is a hilarious slice-of-life comedy with the slightest twist of reality. There are a lot of characters, and many different kinds of connected shorts throughout the whole show, but they’re all really easy to love! There is tons of humor and laughter, but there’s also pure and random moments between the characters too. Nichijou is also called My Ordinary Life (or is it attached at the end of the name?). Either way, it almost does just feel like these characters are going through the
  2. Been playing some Star Wars: Battlefront, as well as some Pokémon Black. Battlefront, been playing with and against my bro in survival and battles, while in Black, I’ve actually been trying out a nuzlocke for the first time! Well, I guess second. I lost early on in my first attempt haha
  3. How I’m still a community leader, I’ll never know. I haven’t been here in months

    And yet here I am. Lol

    Sorry again everyone 

    PS I like the purple color!

    1. AquilaTempestas


      Yay welcome back! I know you've been busy, but good to see you again

  4. Man, when was the last time I did one of these lol. Anyway, let’s catch up a bit Due to COVID, the rest of my high school senior year had to switch to online from the end of March (around Spring Break) until the end of the school year in May. It was kinda tough for me though, since it was very easy for me to get distracted and unmotivated to do any of my work (or join any of the Zoom meetings for that matter), but somehow, I was able to barely pass and still graduate. So yeah, stuff like prom and grad night was canceled. Prom wasn’t a big deal for me, but I would’ve like grad night (
  5. I haven't watched it in a good while, but I would definitely recommend the anime Angel Beats. It's near the top of my list for favorite anime (although I'd have to watch it again to be sure), and it's for several reasons. There's just a whole lot to love about it! One of the things about it that stands out to me is the good balance between serious and humorous. Sometimes it's using a funny plot device to help move the plot forward, or it's simply the character interactions. And boy, there sure are a lot of characters; however, I assure you, they all get their spotlight. Eventually :D
  6. It sounded kinda familiar but I just figured that was because I like Duran Duran as a band and have listened to quite a few of their songs. But the it got to the chorus and uh... I DIDNT KNOW THEY DID THAT SONG it makes me really nostalgic and gosh I love 80’s songs a lot
  7. This song refuses to leave my brain. It’s been over a week. AT LEAST. But it’s a good and catchy song so I’ll let it slide lol
  8. I realize that the first time I’ve done this, I’ve gotten Ravenclaw. However, since then, whenever I’ve taken any kind of Sorting Quiz, I’ve actually gotten Hufflepuff. The same is true now. I’m a Hufflepuff, and I admit, that actually makes more sense than me being a Ravenclaw, I think
  9. Wow you guys I can’t believe I’m in COLLEGE right now. HOW?? I’m a mess lol

  10. As for me, I’m still reeling over the fact that they decided to release footage of the game this early on. At the very least, it seems that the combat is going to be more enjoyable than FFXV’s, and I think that that’s a good sign. I enjoyed XV to an extent (then again, I haven’t even beaten it yet, haven’t had the time or motivation). I personally don’t mind a game set in the “high fantasy” medieval-ish kind of genre. Then again, I haven’t watched Game of Thrones or even experienced games such as the Witcher so I guess I might be relatively unaffected by the high fantasy burnout. On
  11. I watched the livestream for this and I’m honestly pretty hyped! I’m surprised they started off the stream with Final Fantasy XVI! It looked pretty cool, and the fact that there was actually gameplay is a good sign (I hope). The guy who directs this game is the same guy who currently directs XIV, which has a lot of critical acclaim, and I’ve also heard that the guy who is doing the combat is the guy who did the combat for the Devil May Cry series. Not sure how true this is though. So I’m excited for this! I’m also hyped for Spider-Man: Miles Morales because I really enjoyed the last
  12. Me: I’m gonna make a greater effort to be on here! 

    Also me: goes on here for only about two seconds 


    So in other words IM SORRY lol

    1. AquilaTempestas


      It's fine, stuff happens! Just try to be on when you can haha

  13. I want the new Lego Star Wars game so baaaad I loved the old Complete Saga and the new one looks so funny! Also, that LBP (kinda) game on PS5, nostalgia and fun all wrapped in one
  14. Ok ok Wirtland IS kinda cool I’ll give you that But LIZBECKISTAN tho
  15. Lizbeckistan is now my new obsession. No one can convince me otherwise It has become new culture
  16. Join the great e-country of Lizbeckistan. We have cookies! :D


    ...so yeah CAH was fun XD

  17. I’ve heard discussions from those who compare Digimon and Pokémon, saying the the Digimon anime is better while the Pokémon games are better. I haven’t played a lot of Digimon games myself, but there was one I played that I remembered I had a lot of fun in! From what I know though, Digimon tends to have games that are actually pretty different from Pokémon games so I guess it seems weird to me that some people would compare them. Since as mentioned, Digimon just doesn’t seem to have as much of the popularity here. Despite all the times the two are compared, they really do have a ton
  18. I’m pretty excited too! I wonder if we will be able to recognize a Digimon villain at some point, only for them to be cast aside as the real villain emerges... or something. Whatever they decide to do with the show, I can’t wait to see how it plays out! I really need to catch up!
  19. I’ve watched the first two seasons of it, or at least both Digimon 01 and Digimon 02. They were on Netflix, and I think both my brother and I seemed interested in it, so we watched it. Later on, we also watched both Digimon Tamers (03) and Digimon Fusion (06). We did end up finishing Tamers, but I think we were only able to finish the first season of Digimon Fusion. My favorites have to be the both Digimon 01 and 02 though. Or maybe that’s just bias haha. I did really enjoy the other two shows I watched though! My favorite characters might be.... I’ve always really liked both Ka
  20. @AquilaTempestas the Waffle Time mood is now my favorite mood and I think it was a genius idea :P

    1. AquilaTempestas


      I expect to see a lot of waffle time moods in the future

    2. Hikari


      I think it’ll become a forum favorite! :D It’s my favorite already 

  21. Every time I say “I’m back!” I’m really not, huh? haha 

    I’ll try to hang out here a little more though! ^_^

  22. When it comes to the type of language they use, I would still use modern English, at least so that the audience can understand it that much better. I read a book once that used some form of older English and, while at first it was bearable, it kind of got worse and worse. Using a more modern form of English makes it easier to read, since there aren’t many people who study up older versions of the language. As for the dates and times thing, I think that you shouldn’t use specific ones if you’re talking about an an older age of history. I think that doing that gives your story that muc
  23. Funny, I just finished Undertale recently too. I've had it on my computer for ages, but after a lot of nagging from my brother, I finally got myself to play the game. I also went straight for the true ending, and I don't think I really used a guide, although I already did know some of the stuff that happened. I would've loved to stay on the true ending, but more nagging from my brother took me to the bad route (because he wanted to see me fight a certain boss and wouldn't stop nagging until I started the route). Each route took about a day or two for me to do. At times, trying to find all
  24. I hope my teacher answers my email soon...
  25. I have so much school work to make-up in only a week... it was kinda my fault, but then again, trying to do school at home feels nigh impossible.

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