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  1. Artists, here’s a reminder that we have an art event going on this month! :D link is below!



  2. I should probably follow some of that advice, I tend to be too nice so there has been more than a good handful of guys who have asked me out and I’ve rejected lol
  3. Hollow Knight! Stuck on a boss rn rip
  4. Did anyone ever actually battle with Pokémon cards, or did you all just like to collect them instead? For me, I more just collected them at first, because my dad gave me and my sibling some of his old Pokémon cards. Eventually, we figured out how to battle with them, though unfortunately I’ve never won a game lol.
  5. I used to play so many board games with my family when I was younger. Besides Monopoly (which I would always lose), we’d play The Game of Life, Sorry (both versions, though idk how known the second version is), Scrabble, Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, Clue, and the occasional Jumanji (sadly, we never owned the game).
  6. Artists, here’s a reminder that we have a new challenge this month! Details are in the post linked below! :D 



  7. I just bought Hollow Knight on the Switch since it was discounted. Half-price!
  8. Event name: Character Alternates Description: Draw either your own original character or a canon character as an alternate of themselves. For example, either as genderbent, royalty, or a villain/hero. Even drawing them as being older or younger works, if you haven’t made a design for those just yet! Just as long as it’s something that the character isn’t. If that makes sense. As a bonus, you can also draw the usual/normal version of the character next to the alternate version to show the difference! Time: I plan on having this last the whole month, because I know art can be hard to make, but please let me know if you would all rather have something like two art challenges like these each month, or something daily similar to Inktober! Edit: Multiple entries are allowed!
  9. That last line was absolutely AMAZING, nothing could top it, honestly. Anyways, I’m very interested in the setting of this fic! Zombie apocalypse? Supernatural interference? YES. Also, the realism of people just ignoring that there are zombies is awesome lol —————— Anyways, here’s a clip from a Detective Conan x Kingdom Hearts fic that I’m working on. However, the first chapter of this fic, where this excerpt was taken from, is purely Detective Conan. This is one of the beginning sections: —————— But both he and Haibara knew that there was no way she could improve the formula to help his pain, not if they still wanted the antidote to actually work. So, as always, he powered through it, silently praying that the suffering would stop soon so that he could finally get relief and get on with his life. (As silent as those prayers were, his screams were not. …He was just glad that the walls were thick enough to muffle their voracity, though he could not avoid Haibara’s pained glance at his state afterwards.) With that, you couldn’t really blame him for feeling so miserable after it was all over. The whole way over to the station, Shinichi did his best to get used to his old muscles, moving them around in an attempt to distract from the soreness that refused to leave his bones.
  10. Sometimes I just want to get away from irl people for awhile
  11. Hi there, welcome to the forum! I love your username, and I wish you luck on your mission against General Grievous! I really need to read the Tolkien books one of these days too. I look forward to talking about Star Wars and Marvel stuff with you! Once again, welcome!
  12. I’m going to be going to my great aunt’s and help make tamales! It’s a family tradition for New Years Eve, and the tamales are really good too, so it’s worth it.
  13. The age-old debate. A classic that will go down in history! Personally, I prefer the flavor and texture of waffles, but pancakes have a lot going for them too. Which of the two would you choose? And why?
  14. Do you just constantly keep adding on to your list? Do you ever end up watching the anime on it? Or is your list practically untouched, never to be completed even if you had a million years? Talk about your watchlist woes here! As for me, my list is astronomically long, and I just keep adding onto it. And I haven’t really watched any of them, so it seems that I’ll never be able to ever get through them in my lifetime. It doesn’t help that some of those anime are really long. And I also really like to rewatch anime that I’ve already enjoyed over watching anything new.
  15. Do book covers help you decide whether or not you want to read a book? For example, did the art of a Harry Potter book cover help convince you to read the book? If a book cover’s art looks boring, does it lower your expectations for the novel? I know they say never to judge a book by its cover, but sometimes we just can’t resist. And people get paid to make good book covers so… there’s a reason, right?
  16. As the title says! Do you like to use canon when you write fanfiction, or do you prefer to ignore it? For me, I like to use canon more often than not. Mostly because it makes it a lot easier to write and plan your fic, since most of the stuff would already exist. Thinking up of something so new and different just means that I would have a lot of trouble trying to think up of my world building for said fic, and I would have difficulty trying to think up of how the plot would go. So long story short, using canon as a base just makes things so much easier for me, especially if I know that canon very well. That’s why my Kingdom Hearts fanfics tend to follow at least many of the same story beats or worlds that have already existed in the games. At the very least, canon exists as a base for all of the shenanigans that follow afterwards.
  17. It’s pretty sunny, but it’s honestly still pretty cold outside.
  18. I am officially done with finals for the semester! Woo-hoo! 

  19. Sorry for the inactivity everyone, school is killing me rip

    1. AquilaTempestas


      No worries. Just survive lol

  20. Part of chapter 2 of my KH x TWEWY story. Sora was amazed at the amount of people that walked around him. He’s never seen so many people in one place before! Not even on Olympus when the crowds would watch Hercules fight in the Coliseum. Each one seemed in their own world, talking and walking in their own direction. Around those people were the tallest buildings, almost as tall as Hollow Bastion’s castle except it was everywhere. And in the middle of it all was a building with a large lit-up sign, towering over the street and all of its people. And lit up in blood-red were the words: “YOU HAVE 7 DAYS.” Sora already knew that, but… he supposed that seeing that information solidified helped him remember just where he was. What he had to do. Nothing like an ominous billboard to remind you that you aren’t here to have fun. He frowned. They gave him some sort of pin, right? He rummaged through his pockets; in his right pocket was a bunch of pins, but in his left pocket was one single pin, and he took it out. And there it was, the Player Pin. Sora grasped it tightly, and suddenly, the world around him exploded. He couldn’t explain it. It was like… a million voices were talking to him at once, each one of them vying for his attention in his head. He dropped the pin immediately, and as sudden as the voices started, they stopped. Sora looked at the pin with slight suspicion, but regardless, he gently picked it up. And promptly put it back into his pocket. Yeah, that wasn’t something he wanted to try again any time soon.
  21. I went to the Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestra yesterday and it was super cool! We got pretty good seats, and the concert itself was long and neat. Though I haven’t really played VII or VII Remake, I still knew many of the songs, and the fact that some of the voice actors were their in the audience and they got Yosh to sing the Hollow them was just the top of the iceberg. One-Winged Angel was the last surprise song of the show and man did they do an amazing job of it too!

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      That's so awesome!

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      Oh that's so cool! Pictures?

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      So jealous! That would have been amazing!

  22. Why am I always the one that has to do everything?
  23. Eleanor Rigby is one of my favorite Beatles songs to listen to, and this cover is kinda neat, actually!
  24. AWWW THIS IS REALLY CUTE!!!I love her costume!! And I love the little Pokémon silhouettes in the background, they’re actually really cute too!
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