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  1. Same Nirianne, same. Hopefully you can have more million bucks days than crappy days! In other news, I can’t believe I’m planning on starting two new fics when I’m still working on two other ones. Oh well, at least I feel no real obligation to upload ASAP
  2. Haha thanks for the art tips! I know that the drawing I shared was from two years ago, but honestly, anything helps I’ve tried thinner lineart a few times, though I admit it’s not terribly often. As for line weighting, I did find a pen tool that helps me with that, but for real, deliberate line weighting, I’ve yet to do that lol The way you suggested how to do it is actually a pretty good idea!
  3. Thank you so much!!! I’m glad you like them! The gradient coloring has been really fun for me to do, and yes, I do really love that second drawing too XD AND YES OSHAWOTT my favorite starter!!! <333
  4. Been playing Pokémon X recently! Well, I guess I wouldn’t call it “playing,” yet. Since right now, I’ve just been resetting my game constantly to see if I can get a shiny starter Of course, it hasn’t been going well, but hopefully I’ll get one sooner rather than later
  5. Mainly working on two fics right now, with a third on the backburner for when I feel motivated to write it again. Main thing I’m working on: a KH fic that diverges from canon at the end of KH1, with some role reversal, fake death, new worlds, and different opportunities for canon characters to do things in canon they’ve never done before lol. Second thing that I started to work on only very recently: another KH fic that I’m having to take place right after the events of KH Union Cross, following one of the characters, Ephemer, as he wakes up alone, makes new friends (which all have t
  6. Playing games on my iPad while procrastinating on homework lol
  7. I am really really excited for this, actually! I played Diamond a long while ago, and somehow it’s the Pokémon game that I had the most hours in? I was planning on restarting it since I had transferred most of my good Pokémon to Black and White, and the only good Pokémon I had left was Empoleon, my starter lol. And Giratina I guess too, but yeah I even transferred Dialga away It’s been so long since I’ve played Diamond, so this is a perfect opportunity! Plus, it looks amazing, I love that Pokémon following you is coming back for this game, and the graphics have been so improved since the
  8. Ok but I’m totally gonna do this one no matter what because I love Tifa XD
  9. I could’ve sworn I’ve drawn him before…. Yeah, I remember I did at some point. Hm. Maybe I did draw him around this time but I just never sent it? Weird. Anyway, I’m gonna try drawing him again either way, since I don’t have the picture on my phone and it’s probably buried in my computer files, if not already deleted. You can go ahead and request! That’s fine by me!
  10. So I know I have not drawn those drawing requests lol. And they were all from like 3 years ago??? Yikes If you all want me to still do those requests, lemme know. Or if you want something new instead. Just don’t overwhelm me please XD Anyway, just wanted to share a few art things I’ve done since yeah I’ve still been doing art a lot
  11. Very important decisions lol Honestly, both options for both Trainers sound really good. So I don’t blame you for asking XD But I guess if I had to choose… Lance would be maybe a vampire? And Morty a witch Witch Morty just sounds fun XD As for Lance, idk, vampires are cool and Lance is cool and that’s my logic
  12. That’s a good question! On one hand, it could be nice to revisit and continue to expand on the universe/story you’re already comfortable with. You’ll have a lot more to build off of. On the other hand though, it could be really nice to start something a bit new, and you’ll already have a lot of the lore that you would need and it would be a lot more manageable to maintain in a more reasonable-sized story. I’m gonna say to maybe continue the one you have now instead of starting something new? Though I admit that it’s a very difficult decision haha
  13. I went to bed early because I was tired and yet here I am, still awake and talking with people RIP me when I have to wake up tomorrow lol
  14. Here for my bi-yearly update lol

    JK, I’ll see how often I’ll hang around here but I’ll definitely be on Discord a lot

    But anyway, hi again everyone! I promise I’m not dead XD

    1. AquilaTempestas



      We shall have a CAH night!

    2. Hikari


      YES I sorely missed our CAH sessions XD 

      Maybe I got funnier while I was gone but we’ll have to test that out later :P

  15. Another anime rec from yours truly because that’s all I ever seem to do with my free time these days Nichijou is a hilarious slice-of-life comedy with the slightest twist of reality. There are a lot of characters, and many different kinds of connected shorts throughout the whole show, but they’re all really easy to love! There is tons of humor and laughter, but there’s also pure and random moments between the characters too. Nichijou is also called My Ordinary Life (or is it attached at the end of the name?). Either way, it almost does just feel like these characters are going through the
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