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  1. Here's a video about weirds ones
  2. Clams and oysters. They're unflattering. What foods do you hate?
  3. Manly Sea Eagles can't advance.

    1. AquilaTempestas


      I don't even follow league and I don't like the Manly Sea Eagles either lol

  4. How do you think the Eels will go against the Storm? @Lightningblade49 Hoping Sea Eagles don't make it. Can't stand that team.
  5. @Lightningblade49 What do you think of this year's season?
  6. NSW! NSW! NSW! We won the series against those Queenslanders. Can we get a clean sweep of the series?
  7. I got invited by RedFang and Waffles. I met up with them in real life at a party. We had a few beers and became friends.
  8. As I've gotten older, the less value I see in V-Day. As a teenager, I used to get anxious over what to get for the girl that I liked. What if she didn't like it? Awkward rejection. I think there's more pressure on guys on V-Day than there is for girls. No one really expects the girl to do anything extravagant, but there's pressure on the guy to pamper his partner. I feel it's a bit one-sided. Back at high school, the guys were the ones buying roses, teddy beds and other cute things and the girls were supposed to act surprised. When you get past the teenage phase, it's more about how much money
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