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  1.  I shall do an RP post for you over the coming weekend

  2. @AquilaTempestas Catherine paused for a moment. On one hand she couldn’t let her guard down, not even for a child. On the other hand, The worst criminals already knew what she had done, so she figured everyone on the island would. And perhaps that would give her more connections to her past and strange abilities now. she resisted the urge to gulp. those strange dreams the boy had described... they sounded exactly like the ones she had at times, even as a child... she tried going to a therapist later on in life, but nothing had helped... she merely dismissed them as an annoyance, although one that was eerie and startling... but now... To you think they were connected to something supernatural, and possibly evidence that her crime was real... it was inconceivable before, and now she couldn’t think of anything else... So she let the words flow with a confidence that shocked even herself... she told the boy everything, about her family, her desire to protect them, and Ashley... about the dreams and the magic, and the suspicion that she may have actually done what she was accused of when she thought she was innocent before... and the fact that her past was connected to her present, and that unexpectedly and unintentionally led her here... The confidence continue to flow as she looked the boy straight in the eyes when she was done. At the end of her explanation, one thing was clear. whatever crime she did... Real or unreal... accused or innocent... she would face everything head on.
  3. @AquilaTempestas Catherine swore if she could feel the hair stand up on her neck. She tried not to let her voice tremble as she responded. ”What kind of odd dreams do you mean? I have them quite often, but I just assumed they were nightmares or due to stress. My family never mentioned any hidden bloodline or magic, but if that was meant to be a secret, that would make sense.” right now, Catherine’s mind was spinning. One of two things was possible. one was that her family was part of a cursed bloodline she never knew about. and the other was that someone had artificially placed their bloodline within her when her family did not have it. An imperfect clone. Someone that truly was pretending to be something they weren’t, intentionally or not. Catherine tried not to shiver. if the second scenario was true, then it would also mean the identity theft was real. which meant she had every right to be here as everyone else that was flown in as prisoners. with her power, she could certainly act like a criminal instead of someone desperate to survive... and what would she tell the others? She’d probably have to use the power at some point, considering where they were, and there would be questions. perhaps she could just be vague. she could just mention that she found something that would allow her to fight, but since it had startled her and others, she had chosen not to talk about it unless she absolutely had to. That was the truth, after all, and avoided any unfortunate implications. but it didn’t stop her future from being forever changed, and any terrible things that came of it.
  4. @AquilaTempestas I spoiled myself and everything in the game already with the leaks, and I’m going to try and get everything I can. So I will probably start with Oshuwatt and then try to get all three. I preorder the game and it came and release date, but I have not started yet because of a combination of doing job applications, Setting up a new pro controller and computer, saying goodbye to some of my old gaming systems, getting pretty sick, and getting almost completely 100% in brilliant Diamond (which I’m right on the verge of finishing; I said I wouldn’t buy it at first but I saw a pretty fair review of it and I realized that my system I had the older games wasn’t going to last much longer; it ended up being a really good move because my computer finally gave up the ghost a few days ago, and the game has a lot of quality of life features I appreciate). as for this game, I’m cautiously optimistic about it. I typically have not done well with open world action games (or even just open world in general), but this game seems to have toned a lot of that down from I have heard/seen. Not to mention it’s Pokémon and I’m interested in the lore I hoping to go for another nearly 100%, especially since the game encourages that, but it might take me a while and a lot of breaks.
  5. Catherine’s eyes went wide. ” perhaps I’m using some of the ancient magic then. I wouldn’t be surprised considering my... history...” she paused before speaking again. ” I came to this island with a group of people, but they’re nothing like me. I am so different from them that I probably am getting made fun of... as far as I know, none of them know anything about magic.”
  6. Hey, I won't be posting much anymore, if at all. I've been busy with a lot of other things and have mostly moved on to other groups. I have had a lot of really fun times here though, and thanks to everyone here for making that possible! I wish everyone here (and this site in general) good luck in the future!

    1. AquilaTempestas


      Oh that's really unfortunate : ( Your posts were great to read. I hope you still come back though even if it's just once or twice a month or so.

  7. I used to play a lot of games when I was younger, but not so much anymore due to lack of time and patience. Of the games I replayed a lot, Pokémon was one, but fire emblem was another. I don’t count games with separate routes as replaying, unless there some routes that are similar. Mario party is also another one that I replay constantly, but there are rewards if you beat it with different characters. It’s the same thing with the mana series, although I only got into that one recently.
  8. @AquilaTempestas The coolest thing with fanfiction is that anyone can join and anyone can write almost anything they want. The bad thing is that almost anyone can join and anyone can write almost anything they want. There is no bar for quality or subject matter (aside from special events at times), so that becomes a double edge sword. Unfortunately, as someone who is in the professional writing world to an extent, that is become in the case with that as well. This is because of The introduction of things like self publishing, online writing, content mills, and freelance writing as a side hustle. Those things make it so that anyone and everyone can become a writer instead of having a lot of training, time, or money, even though you still need some of that. Writing itself always had that possibility and was heading towards that, but it really got going recently with more remote work being introduced because of Covid. As a result what constitutes professional writing is blurred, and there’s more and more professional writers that are not exactly good either because of lack and tell him to be in the field and only going in it for the money or fame, lacking training, or both (this also includes the other professions, such as editing). So there’s just as many badly written so-called professional writing out there, but it’s called that because the person gets paid. There’s a huge gap in professional writing communities because of that. it’s one of the reasons why I chose not to be a professional writer, instead choosing to on Focus on teaching (which my training is in addition to writing), and hopefully academia (hoping to get a graduate degree and teach college at some point, but that will be a while after I get some experience in the field). Writing is difficult to judge in general, due to being a soft skill, so aside from very obvious problems, it’s hard to know what’s good or not. I think that’s the same thing with FanFiction, on top of the fact that the bar is low. So I think if you’re reading fanfiction, don’t come for the writing. Come for the characters and the settings, because that’s what the FanFiction is written for. It’s all about having different characters and different settings and see how they react, with a lot of times the writing being secondary. So if you can keep that in mind when you’re browsing it, it makes things a lot easier.
  9. For the Pokémon pre-story, there is not just six because the trainer can swap around with all of them via supernatural abilities (like the link PC, but in battle). The two most commonly used Pokémon are Giratina and an unnamed evolution of Nihilego (based on the form scene at the end of sun and moon). It’s later revealed an incident at the end of her journey caused all of her Pokémon to die and become Einherjar aside from Giratina so she doesn’t use them too much in official battles anyway after that (although she still can aside from the unnamed evolution). after the journey, she does become part of a study and go on to form a team of six. However, because of her status and the fact that any Pokémon can be captured in any region, her team is unorthodox and six Pokémon are all she has aside from the Einherjar and Giratina. they are: Zacian Marshadow Heatran Yuveltal Manaphy Zygarde A theme is that legendary Pokémon are just like the other Pokémon despite being worthy of respect and stronger. Furthermore, since the trainer is so strong and my favorite Pokémon are legendary‘s in real life, I figured why not have a have a team of them. It doesn’t matter of the team is over power because since she did so much on your previous journey, she’s not going to be battling much anyway, except to help someone else, just train in general, or learn a new technique.
  10. @AquilaTempestas I have a version of myself in a story called Usurping (and to a lesser extent, its prequel, Holly Rising). I have every Pokémon in existence, have done everything a Trainer can do (including things like being a Ranger and contests), everything I have is extremely powerful, I can take them everywhere I go to due to magic, and I'm considered the greatest player of all time. This is based off of all the Pokémon related accomplishments I've done in real-life, including doing everything possible in the games many times over and being a fan of Pokémon for almost 3 decades. I have a custom Trainer Title, and that Trainer Title is Mold Breaker (based on the real-life expression breaking the mold, which is something that's often used to describe me in real life). However, this does not solve all my problems (the majority of which are problems I have in real life; the others are based on how a player would play the games translated to a more realistic setting, with magical aspects hiding the more negative issues), and through a journey taken before that story begins, I found out I have no professional interest in Pokémon but I'm not sure everyone expected me to go to Pokémon professionally (lesser extent in real life, but that was still there). It's one of the few things are known for being good at in the story, although I do about the talents based on my real-life ones, but since the story is a Pokémon story, those other ones are not as well-known or just ignored (including a professional talent in teaching, which is my profession in real life and something I'm extremely good at). The story basically aims to take a good, long, hard look at "so the player becomes the greatest trainer in the land, but what happens after that?" Even with the trainer being much older than the typical one and having a profession besides Pokémon, the results are not pretty.
  11. @AquilaTempestas (thank you, and sorry for the slight wait) Catherine quickly replied. ”I was thinking the same thing. I’m already suspicious enough as it is. No need to draw more suspicion, unless disclosing it is absolutely necessary.” She sighed. ” i’m not sure I’m too comfortable about it myself, but considering my companions already probably consider me useless because I can’t fight and there’s probably a lot of people out for blood, I’ll take what I can get.” She Paused before speaking again. ” as for how it feels, it’s hard to describe. One moment I thought something, and energy was flowing out of me. I felt a little tired after that, but the knife gave me energy back by absorbing it from my opponents. there’s a chance I’ll find out more as I go on, though.”
  12. I’m just trying to use Pokémon that I have not used before. I don’t remember using Loppuny at all in a run, or at least in one I’ve completed. The leaks are out and According to into them it is extremely fateful. There are a few upgrades and some of them are pretty nice, but pretty much everyone has been saying that if you have platinum or access to it, there’s no reason to upgrade. Unfortunately, I would have to agree. It’s always been mention of these games are remakes of Diamond and Pearl, but I think people were hoping that they were remakes of Platinum. Unfortunately, it seems like they have barely anything carried over from platinum (there is something near the end which just taken from there , but that’s about it and it really doesn’t have any effect on anything) which is a real shame.
  13. Not that I know of. I’ve heard of leaks starting though, so we might hear more soon. As for me, I am actually planning to skip these games. It seems like they’re made for people that I’ve never played the originals, which is fine. Except I’m someone that’s pretty original is literally more times than I can count, so there’s not much there for me. As of earlier this year I’ve decided not to use transferring either, and gave all my stuff away, so there’s no bonus as I can get from that. I am planning on going straight to legends, and using that as a regular Pokémon game until the next release. I do have platinum with me I can modify it I wish via emulation. I might finish up a couple challenge runs (although Sinnoh has terrible replay value) and or complete the Pokédex via randomizer run. I might do a casual run with the final team I would’ve had. my final team would have been: Inferape Manaphy (obviously replaced by some other water type, although I’m not sure what) Rotom (would’ve gone for a lawnmower) Honchkrow Garchomp Loppunny
  14. Catherine tried not to let her own shock overcome her as she responded. ”I’m not entirely sure. I simply thought about conjuring something to destroy the enemies, and the magic did the rest.” resignation took hold of her. She couldn’t tell if it was for the better or the worse, but she voiced it. ” I guess when in this place anything happened.” her head cleared and logic took over as she faced the boy, still carrying a bit of resignation. “I know nothing about fighting otherwise and there’s probably no time or resources to learn, so at least I can be useful this way. I’ll probably need to train if I want to do more, though.” Her voice took on a calming tone. ” rest assured, I won’t hurt you. And it doesn’t look like this magic will either. It could’ve easily hurt us both, but it didn’t, so somehow it knows friend from foe. Perhaps from my thoughts.”
  15. Thank you! As for the fan made games being better, it depends on what you’re looking for. The problem for me is that I love this fan games are made by people in the competitive community or at least vested in it. As a result, you often get something at or close to competitive level (with some other annoying features, such as a lot of grinding or opponents having moves that are very powerful way earlier than they should, not to mention taking items away or the ability to switch in between foes). For someone like me that is in the middle of the road terms of skill and barely participates in competitive despite having mastered the main games, a lot of fan projects are very frustrating to play. The ones I mentioned are a bit better about not catering to competitive, especially Pokémon insurgence with its difficulty levels (normal mode isn’t too bad, and I’ve heard easy mode is similar to Pokémon Colosseum canonically, while hard mode is only for those that want to play a competitive level hack, and a very difficult one at that; I only played through normal and had a good time). Storm silver was one of my favorites because it didn’t go overboard with the difficulty, giving the player plenty of resources to surmount it in different strategies they could use. It also didn’t take away items or implement level caps, so strategies like training a lot or using items were still there for those that wanted it. Not to mention it kept everything the original games it was based off of did right and helped to correct some of the issues they had. The original competitive modes are still available as well, except now you don’t have to import anything and they’re just as hard as they were before. as for how to get these games, unfortunately can be pretty hard to find. A lot of them were on their own official sites or other areas that distributed them, but have since gone down. Since playing a fan game is defined as a form of piracy, official developers are not too keen about keeping them around. It’s been a long time since I played any fan games, so I don’t remember I got most of them. It was an interesting experience, but aside from straight upgrades that aren’t overly difficult like storm silver, I prefer the originals because of accessibility.
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