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  1. I’m just trying to use Pokémon that I have not used before. I don’t remember using Loppuny at all in a run, or at least in one I’ve completed. The leaks are out and According to into them it is extremely fateful. There are a few upgrades and some of them are pretty nice, but pretty much everyone has been saying that if you have platinum or access to it, there’s no reason to upgrade. Unfortunately, I would have to agree. It’s always been mention of these games are remakes of Diamond and Pearl, but I think people were hoping that they were remakes of Platinum. Unfortunately, it seems like they h
  2. Not that I know of. I’ve heard of leaks starting though, so we might hear more soon. As for me, I am actually planning to skip these games. It seems like they’re made for people that I’ve never played the originals, which is fine. Except I’m someone that’s pretty original is literally more times than I can count, so there’s not much there for me. As of earlier this year I’ve decided not to use transferring either, and gave all my stuff away, so there’s no bonus as I can get from that. I am planning on going straight to legends, and using that as a regular Pokémon game until the next relea
  3. Catherine tried not to let her own shock overcome her as she responded. ”I’m not entirely sure. I simply thought about conjuring something to destroy the enemies, and the magic did the rest.” resignation took hold of her. She couldn’t tell if it was for the better or the worse, but she voiced it. ” I guess when in this place anything happened.” her head cleared and logic took over as she faced the boy, still carrying a bit of resignation. “I know nothing about fighting otherwise and there’s probably no time or resources to learn, so at least I can be useful this way. I
  4. Thank you! As for the fan made games being better, it depends on what you’re looking for. The problem for me is that I love this fan games are made by people in the competitive community or at least vested in it. As a result, you often get something at or close to competitive level (with some other annoying features, such as a lot of grinding or opponents having moves that are very powerful way earlier than they should, not to mention taking items away or the ability to switch in between foes). For someone like me that is in the middle of the road terms of skill and barely participates in com
  5. @AquilaTempestas Katherine’s eyes went wide. Just what had she gotten herself into? Still, she couldn’t let the boy die. She was alone otherwise, and having one hour I was good as any. Still, it would be foolish to try and Take on all these monsters by herself, even with her newfound powers. The best she could do it was to save him, hold them off, and take a different path. Catherine didn’t know what she was supposed to do, realizing she didn’t have a spell book or words to chant. so instead she simply thought. something, anything destructive. preferably to destroy all th
  6. So the draft of chapter 7 of Usurping was finished. I'm all set to work on the author's notes, and a new idea was also submitted to Reddit polls to see whether this or my original idea was better. So far the new idea is a little behind, but more people are expressing interest in it. I also posted something to the showcase, but that was such a large amount of work that it was put in spoiler tag to make it easier to read. I might end up doing that for the showcase from now on, because my submissions are very long.
  7. So I started a new job earlier this week that involves teaching and making more lesson plans as well as continuing with my professional writing in communications. I am currently working on running for fun during the weekends, although at some point I’m hoping to get my schedule figured out a bit more so I have the energy to write during the week. Chapter 7 in Usurping is almost finished though, although I do wish I formatted it a bit differently because so much information is repeated from daughter, or shown from a different perspective or with different details added in. It’s necessary to ha
  8. It’s been a while since I posted here, but things have been busy. In addition to Labor Day celebrations, I also started new classes for the fall and I am finishing up the last of my training so I can start my new job on the 16th (hopefully, I still have to get some logistics worked out with transportation, and my boss said I could start the week after if the 16 didn’t work out with them, but it looks like it will). It involves doing a lot of writing or writing preparation for both of those things. I have had some time to write for fun, and unexpectedly one of those days was today. Once I
  9. The notes have been uploaded and the next chapter of Usurping has been started. This also includes an authors note update for that chapter.
  10. So I grabbed the new sets of notes that I’ve collected over the past few days. They have been compiled into one document, including commentary on Reddit polls and my decisions based on that. They are a little shorter than the length of a chapter, and will be uploaded to deviantART section. After that I can continue working on the next chapter of Usurping.
  11. So I did a bit more on a new chapter in usurping. Usurping also got a new sets of notes that will be uploaded probably pretty soon.
  12. @AquilaTempestas I am happy Growlithe got a new form (please see my post on Pokémon shiny pearl and brilliant diamond for that information, it’s from the direct and I wanted to keep it all in one place) but I wish it wasn’t rock type. It makes me very excited, but I also hope that this game will not copy everything from breath of the wild. If there was one thing I hated from breath of the wild, there was just too much to micromanage. It was enough for me to sell the game. My biggest problem there was breaking weapons, since the fights could happen at pretty much any time and they could be pr
  13. Been a while since I updated this but I’ve actually done a lot of writing since. It’s just been different days throughout the week and a half, so I decided to post about it all together. I have been doing some training for the professional teaching and writing job I will start in early September. I had to do an online class that involves a lot of writing assignments, but then also creating a portfolio based on my reactions and knowledge gained on different teaching techniques. This portfolio was started Monday morning and completed Thursday night. I also wrote a few ads to sell a few more of m
  14. Seliph’s eyes went wide. how could Gary say that? Seliph knew what his own answer would be, though, and he also knew that he never would’ve said Gary did. he would’ve lived for his family and his friends, until his body gave out. but given the situation they were in and Gary’s general personality... He was surprised that Gary hadn’t said something like that sooner. that anyone hadn’t said something like that sooner. but still... what Gary said has been horrible, and Jenny had a right to be concerned. and Seliph wasn’t entirely sure what to say witho
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