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  1. But it didn't stop me from noticing something as she left. Often times, Pokémon Center staff Pokémon were trained to understand human speech, but that didn't mean people understood them. I expected psychic power to order around the Blissey so that the words could be translated, or perhaps there could be some sort of equivalent. But there wasn't any sort of translation, psychic power or otherwise. The nurses probably knew who they were dealing with, even though no one had said who I was. After all, my ability to understand Pokémon spee
  2. I got back from North Carolina late Sunday night and my first full day was Monday. I was able to do some writing for fun, although I also had to look out for some lesson planning. On Tuesday, I did some professional writing talking about a lesson I gave the day. I also found out that all lesson planning will be on hold until August due to my student being out of town. It’s also worth noting that I am in the period between classes and will be for about two weeks starting this past Monday. During this time, almost all professional writing will be put on hold (aside from career coaching classes a
  3. I am just looking for something to scratch the Pokémon itch aside from challenge runs until the next game comes out. I’ve tried various different games that are similar, but they all have issues that prevent it from capturing the magic that Pokémon does. They are not bad games by any means, but you can tell they’re pretty rough.
  4. I am a switch user, so I was mainly focused on switch announcements. I am a bit disappointed that there was no fire emblem, Kirby (although he at least got something hinted at) or other Zelda games aside from breath of the wild (The latter being a game I don’t particularly like or considered part of the series, although I might get a win another try if I can get the game to go into a mostly linear path to the final boss, like you can do with some other RPG’s if you want) Fire emblem particularly hits hard because this is normally the time when we would receive more information add three houses
  5. Yesterday and the day before that I did some reading for fun. I also took a quiz and did some lesson planning. This is my last entry for a week because I am on my way to North Carolina. No writing will be done during that time.
  6. (Pokémon eating human food even if they have their own food is based off of Canon, Pokémon do have their own food like pet food, but they are seen eating human food in certain situations, such as cakes as part of a celebration, or Ash’s Pikachu developing a taste for ketchup and eating that in the anime as well as also developing a taste for soy sauce in the manga slightly based off of it, also eats fruit on many occasions, there is also a farmer that feeds her Pokémon workers apples, which they seem to enjoy and be energized by, in some cases, the Pokémon are only seen eating human food, such
  7. (Discomfort of hospital as is after she notes the medical ward, follows up with the discomfort mentioned in Holly rising as well, and you also might want to mention her discomfort of the league paying for everything because people can and do take advantage of it by training their Pokémon far harder than that should or being reckless, because they know the League will take care of it, she would also mention some places were more strict, making sure that trainers pay for more severe injuries because they're partially at fault in most situations but she hadn't see any do this in a long time, this
  8. Wednesday I didn’t do much writing at all other than some lesson planning. Tuesday I need some writing for fun that will be put in the showcase but I also did my final writing assignment for my class in professional writing. After this, I have one more thing I need to do before the class is done.
  9. On Monday, I took a quiz for my class and edited some professional writing I had done earlier. I also did some writing for fun, although not enough to put in the showcase. The showcase was updated with some writing I had done earlier in the week, though
  10. Alice's information Start here, and expand on this, including Alice's character (this also includes showing Kalmia’s issues that are the same in the other chapters, only she's by herself): Starting at Sable: ü at some point, Kalmia leaves the audience, and Anabel just think she doesn't have the stomach for a lot of combat or something this intense ü she decides not to bring Espeon with her, as Kalmia needed some privacy and the Pokémon was enjoying watching the battle ü she orders Jolteon to aim a Signal Beam, but suddenly the attack is deflecte
  11. On Sunday, I did the last unit and most of the last professional writing for my class. Aside from the minor assignments due next week and lesson planning for tutoring, this will most likely be the last professional writing I ever do until early July. However, I am also taking a vacation for a week in there, and during that vacation no writing of any sort will be done. I’m hoping to at least get a chapter I was in the middle of writing up, if not close to being finished, though.
  12. On Friday, I finished what will most likely be the last set of out of chapter notes for Usurping. This was then posted to deviantART. Some professional writing for my class was also done on Friday/Saturday, with a unit completed on Saturday and a study guide completed on Friday. There were some basic lesson planning, but it was minimal because of the type of lesson to be presented later next week.
  13. These past few days were mostly professional writing. I did a large writing assignment, edited it the next day, and posted it to the dropbox. It was an of a media diary I had kept earlier on in the online course. The day after that consisted mostly of reading and some other documents that would be turned into writing later, but there was also writing lesson plan commentary that was posted in an online portal. I’m planning on doing some non-professional writing Friday and the weekend, with the online course been almost over and there being a week off after that to go to North Carolina.
  14. Did some more professional riding with some lesson planning and some reading that will be translated into writing later.
  15. Did some professional writing in a study guide, completing it and being done for the day with it. I also did some non-professional writing, although I had a bit more trouble with it because of the writing I’d done before. I was able to get the notes done involving a particular character, for the most part, although the notes have not been posted yet and probably won’t be possible for a few days. I also did a poll for one particular character, and I am gathering responses. There’s a chance what happens with this character will go in the notes about the other one.
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