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  1. It’s been a while since I posted here, but things have been busy. In addition to Labor Day celebrations, I also started new classes for the fall and I am finishing up the last of my training so I can start my new job on the 16th (hopefully, I still have to get some logistics worked out with transportation, and my boss said I could start the week after if the 16 didn’t work out with them, but it looks like it will). It involves doing a lot of writing or writing preparation for both of those things. I have had some time to write for fun, and unexpectedly one of those days was today. Once I
  2. The notes have been uploaded and the next chapter of Usurping has been started. This also includes an authors note update for that chapter.
  3. So I grabbed the new sets of notes that I’ve collected over the past few days. They have been compiled into one document, including commentary on Reddit polls and my decisions based on that. They are a little shorter than the length of a chapter, and will be uploaded to deviantART section. After that I can continue working on the next chapter of Usurping.
  4. So I did a bit more on a new chapter in usurping. Usurping also got a new sets of notes that will be uploaded probably pretty soon.
  5. @AquilaTempestas I am happy Growlithe got a new form (please see my post on Pokémon shiny pearl and brilliant diamond for that information, it’s from the direct and I wanted to keep it all in one place) but I wish it wasn’t rock type. It makes me very excited, but I also hope that this game will not copy everything from breath of the wild. If there was one thing I hated from breath of the wild, there was just too much to micromanage. It was enough for me to sell the game. My biggest problem there was breaking weapons, since the fights could happen at pretty much any time and they could be pr
  6. Been a while since I updated this but I’ve actually done a lot of writing since. It’s just been different days throughout the week and a half, so I decided to post about it all together. I have been doing some training for the professional teaching and writing job I will start in early September. I had to do an online class that involves a lot of writing assignments, but then also creating a portfolio based on my reactions and knowledge gained on different teaching techniques. This portfolio was started Monday morning and completed Thursday night. I also wrote a few ads to sell a few more of m
  7. Seliph’s eyes went wide. how could Gary say that? Seliph knew what his own answer would be, though, and he also knew that he never would’ve said Gary did. he would’ve lived for his family and his friends, until his body gave out. but given the situation they were in and Gary’s general personality... He was surprised that Gary hadn’t said something like that sooner. that anyone hadn’t said something like that sooner. but still... what Gary said has been horrible, and Jenny had a right to be concerned. and Seliph wasn’t entirely sure what to say witho
  8. (Title is the name of a song from Valkyrie profile two, title is from a song that plays when a character unexpectedly gains information, something eerie happens, or reveals a skill they didn't know they had, particularly with thinking of the scene when the goddess Freya is talking to her husband and co-ruler of Asgard, Odin, Freya relates that she was participating in a battle in the mortal world, Migard, she doesn't win, but manages to capture a major enemy, Brahms, and retreat without any injuries, the problem is the battle doesn't go as planned, and the person she was looking for, a former
  9. @AquilaTempestas@Nocturna@Sakura Alexia well, the Pokémon direct happened yesterday and there were some new information. There is some information on legend of Arceus as well. There’s trailers for both, but I don’t have the links here. And my thoughts... For legends of Arceus, because this thread is more active and then people don’t have to go running around looking for info:
  10. @AquilaTempestas Catherine cursed herself. She hadn’t thought about weaponry, and there was only so many times a torch could be waved around. She remembered the group talking about guns and the hunt. She only wish she could use one now. Even she had one, she had no training. She would be worse than useless with it. but then something else caught her eye. or rather, two things. One a long knife, The other, something that looked like a ball of energy glowing. Both were near enough to where she could safely pick them up and head back to where she was. faster than she ever th
  11. Usurping was updated and everything I did from the past days was posted to the showcase. I didn’t do anything on Tuesday other than some professional writing for my volunteer tutoring.
  12. The argument was so heated there was almost nothing but yelling and screaming. I thought it would be enough to burst my eardrums. But within all the yelling and screaming and verbal beatdowns, there was a discussion… One about several vital topics… Topics like the right to go on Trainer’s journey when one was long past the minimum age… What it means to be an adult and to have opportunities to prove it… Being alone before, and facing dire consequences… Comparison to the legendary Trainers Red and Blue, and an un
  13. Aside from the notes I already mentioned, I didn’t do too much on Saturday so I thought I would post Saturday and Monday’s work together when I was done. What I did do on Sunday was a lot of packing and the last few ads and communications to wrap up the video game sales I was doing previously. I also did some more housekeeping with one of my systems that can’t be sold, and I may store it soon but I think I might have it out for at least A few more weeks.
  14. So the notes from yesterday were compiled, some more were added this morning, The notes were posted to deviantART, and progress on the next chapter of Usurping from before alongside the notes from before were put into the showcase.
  15. 6. From Diffusion to Induction I may not have been in the cave anymore, but my senses were on high alert. If I could, I would have shivered, even though it wasn't cold. What was my vision going to show me now, and why was I having one so soon after the previous ones? It could only be something ominous, and perhaps there is nothing good in my future. At least I wasn't in darkness and silence this time. Instead, I was in what looked like the kitchen of someone's house. There were two people standing across from each other, a
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