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  1. Honestly feels damn good seeing you here. How have you been doing?

    1. belmakori


      Busy....very, very busy....

  2. I know you won't see this until life returns to a normal state again, but happy birthday. Look forward to your eventual return

  3. Hey man! Hope you're having a blast!

    Happy Birthday!:D

  4. I'm reading The Last Mortal Bond by Brian Staveley. It's the third book of the Unhewn Throne Chronicles. It's a very good read. If you are looking for a good fantasy novel, with plenty of plot twists, this series is definitely worth checking out.
  5. My picks for tomorrow are as follows: Saints over the Rams Chiefs over the Patriots
  6. Just wanted to let you all know that I'm still lurking about...

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    2. OfficerDonNZ


      :pokes: So you're still alive huh? :P 

    3. onewiththewheels


      Good to see you back! :)How are things? 

    4. belmakori


      Things have been very hectic as of late.  The girl we took in, I dropped her off at College last weekend.  She's now 4 hours away.  I really hope she doesn't squander her scholarship.  This is a huge opportunity for her.  My mother-in-law just had surgery, so my wife has been at her house helping her out, and I've been left with the kids for the time being.  Lots of fun, let me tell you.  :P

  7. There's variations on the species. Be sure to inspect/view every type of critter, including dogs (various breeds), cats (again, breeds), horses, etc. I think I've come across 71 so far. I'm currently on a side quest to find a perfect rabbit & squirrel carcass. I've tried the varmint rifle as well as the bow and arrow. I can't get a perfect squirrel carcass for the life of me. I think I've hunted the squirrel into near extinction. LOL. I tend to do better with the rifle than the bow. All of my perfect rabbits have come from being on horseback. Not sure why, but I get my best kills while on the run.
  8. Yeah, me too. I spend hours hunting (critters and bounty hunters). There's just too much to explore in the game. In Uncharted, there are puzzles to solve. Quite a few of them. Also, keep an eye out for "flashy/shiny" objects. You collect them. As you collect them, you open up various side stories and such. Extra conversations with the characters and things. There's a ton in every chapter. We still haven't found them all. Lots of climbing, though. Lots of climbing. Some shooting (reminds me of GTA V style gunfights).
  9. Well, my team was out as of last week. No need for me to follow the games anymore. *sigh*
  10. I took a couple of months off to relax a bit. Now it's time to get back into it. I will be starting my second book, the sequel to Children of the Cluster very soon. Stay tuned for more information!
  11. Thanks all for the birthday wishes!!!  Wife made "homemade" Irish stew and sourdough bread bowls.  It was an awesome dinner!  :)

  12. Expect a ton of fun. Lots of puzzles as well as action. I had a blast with the game, so did my kids. Took me about a week to get through it. Well worth the time and effort. Excellent story, very well written. I may play it again, once I've completed RDR2.
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