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  1. Cinematic. I don't even use this word because it's my favorite aspect of my writing style, but it is the most blatant. At least, that's what my reviewers state. I try to use a wide enough vocabulary that the words I use are both varied and specifically descriptive, while keeping healthy pacing. This lends itself to very clear imagery, one can clearly "see" what is happening.
  2. Happy Birthday! :)

    1. FishSlayer


      Oh hey, thanks my dude! It really was. 

  3. Honestly the first thing that comes to mind isn't something I believed, but a trick I was playing on my brother. When we were very smol, my little brother and I were in a Barnes & Noble. He saw some art piece of people kissing and asked me what they were doing. I told him they were eating each other. He was scarred every time my parents would kiss in front of him after that. LOL
  4. (To get this out of the way: Vector, your inclusion of "feminism" among things like racism, terror attacks, and war, is both extremely puzzling and eyebrow raising to me (if I'm making the correct assumption about what that means). But on the main topic, I'm gunna be a bit contrarian. This is something I constantly sway back and forth on as I go through life, because it's impossibly complex and always tinted by my subjective lens as a human. As of this moment, this is the way I see it: Humanity has no or very little intrinsic "nature". The nature of each individual is influenced and
  5. Don't include fights for the sake of some hollywood action movie style quota. Let every event in the plot be born of the characters, including their battles.
  6. 1. DkS 2. BB 3. DkS3 4. Demon's 5. DkS2 And to clarify, the order I put them in isn't to shit on any of them ofc (insert "I love all of my children equally" meme), there are just more factors to my enjoyment than from a pure gameplay perspective.
  7. Oh I have an inflated ego when it comes to writing smut, lmao. Let the smut flag fly, my dude, let the smut flag fly
  8. Oh yes, wanted to add: No matter how much an author slaves over their worldbuilding or characters, there is always more they haven't yet covered or explained. Filling those gaps can be incredibly fulfilling, particularly if you're like me and enjoy attempting to write gap filler that's canon-compliant. Fanfiction has value in and of itself through being transformative fiction. Having people from all sorts of different backgrounds taking the work and creating something from it that becomes partly their own, through their lens, in ways that the original author may never have considere
  9. Lol this is a fun topic! So firstly, in the wake of all of this plagiarism talk, it is interesting to consider fanfiction itself and how it is treated versus how fanart is recieved. The original authors may be uncomfortable or upset with fanfiction and the depictions therein as a general rule, but have no qualms about illustrated depictions (so long as they aren't lewd or obviously offensive in some way). Is it just the difference in the medium? Is fanart percieved as more superficial or less telling about the way the fan thinks of the character(s)? Is it merely that it's more difficult to
  10. What formats are acceptable and where should we submit them?
  11. To go into a bit more depth about it: People can't think that all ideology is equal (unless they're stupid, ignorant, or refuse to actually do any research). The argument that a Nazi's free speech must be protected, in my opinion, is inherently flawed (particularly because the people saying this also tend to be the same people who rail against muslims and advocate for a limit on immigration from "muslim countries") because Facistic ideology and the (completely arbitrary) idea of a white ethnostate are violent in and of themselves because of what they are and what they would require to actua
  12. Another sloth-writer here! I know the pain. Fortunately I don't have this problem quite as much, since I tend to think ahead and try to structure the story accordingly (and agonize over word choice etc.), so most of what I dislike is minor. My solution? Revisit the chapter and edit. It may be the 20th round, but in the end I'd much rather be satisfied with what I write than let it be.
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