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  1. I heard something about the new movie with zarude involving Ash's dad.
  2. clearly they could cut alot of corners to be able to afford the significant upgrades in the graphics, looks stunning.
  3. im the only 1 XD, my dont really mind they all look good Ps: Im a basic pleb, looks similar enough to the past for me to remember where stuff is lol
  4. apparantly still alpha male, my ego has been stroked lol.
  5. i just re read all this, this stuff is fire, now i kind of want to see some of the dumb shit said in "Chat comments that stick to the mind" thread.
  6. Things are ok my end glad to see you back!
  7. Hey man! Happy birthday! Here's hoping you have a good one today :D

  8. Heyy!! You're a Berserk fan too? Didn't know it! *_* 

    Because of the suggestion of @MasKaiHilFantic , I started watching it. God, it was blood-chilling, adventurous, full of turmoils! Loved every bit of it! Glad to have another Berserk fan! :D

    1. Lightningblade49


      its dark but the story telling is one of the best i have read.

  9. The most underrated feature of this site i just noticed, the fact it tells u how quick you upload a page on this site......never new how quick/slow this pc was lmfao :P


    1. AquilaTempestas


      What number do you have?

    2. Lightningblade49


      when i am on one of my better search engine 0.4 to 0.5 sec......scared to check my shittier engine i used before probably  more then 4 seconds


    3. AquilaTempestas
  10. Stress is one of the worst things to feel, makes all other problems 10 times worse then they should be.
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