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  1. "Oh dear," Dylan began, only imagining what could be asked of him as he approached the old Crow. "And what does Sebastian want from me next? Could it be that my assistance is required for a task more fitting to one with my skill set?"
  2. Rp update whenever you can..are.you updating yours?

  3. Dylan sighed as he heard the Crow call for him. "And that's my cue." He stared at Florence for a moment as he shouted, before cracking a smile. "As for you, partner in crime, let's find out what we can about this place and meet again to... you know, compare notes and all. Oh, and don't forget to inform about our little plan to dear Catherine! We'll need every hand willing to help if we are to succeed." the con man said as he exited the door. "I should go see what the old hag needs doing next. Who knows, since I'm the new janitor the exit gates might need some cleaning if we're lucky.
  4. Need you to do an RP post when you can. We're waiting on you lol

  5. Went through songs of my main bands I never heard. Today's turn was Edguy, and found this one lol. Super catchy af
  6. Oh my, hello there! Welcome to our lovely corner of the internet lol I see you also play Destiny from time to time on the ps4? Glad to have another Guardian over here xD
  7. New album on the way?! Giving me heavy Blade Runner vibes lol
  8. You are totally correct there tho. Jordan was great at world building (maybe over describing sure, but he could transport me to this world he built so that's a plus), but you're totally right in saying his female characters were kinda lacking lol. Here's hoping the showrunners takes some licenses and do their best to adapt that part to best fit our times Also, so grateful Sanderson got involved in the last 2 books lol. Been a fan of him since I read Children of the Nameless YESS, that's how I picture the stories I read in my mind too lol
  9. Bruh! Robert Jordan is an amazing writer, let's start with that lol. Having said that... OMG HE LITERALLY DESCRIBES EVERYTHING. I'm watching this series either way, but I do hope we can get a summary Game of Thrones style were each season is a full book
  10. Uh hello?? When did this came out? And more important, where was I when it was released lmao
  11. Azure wasn't well, and they might even be slowed down by her if things came to that. Dante knew of this when he gently put a hand on Azure's shoulder and looked her in the eye when he said with a pained smile, "I'll admit the thought might have crossed my mind," he joked. It was in his nature to do his very best to try and lighten the mood, even one as grim as this. "But not this time, Azure. We're gonna get the others from wherever the heck they are, and we're going together." he reassured her, holding her in another, more brief embrace as if to make his point clear. Checking over t
  12. YOOOOOO!!

    I know, I know. Totally aware that your birthday was probably yesterday for you, but timezones are still a thing apparently lol. But Happy Birthday!! :D May you have a great year ahead of you, as well as many, many more to come ^_^

  13. Are you going to update your RP? waiting eagerly :D

    1. TJMike


      OMG Yess hahaha.

      Sorry I have't updated that one in a while. Been actually doing a lot of research on self publishing and traditional publishing for my novel :D

      But for sure! Give me a few days and I'll continue with the RP. Got a new ideas as to where to take that plot ^_^

  14. Back with some more of Brandon Sanderson lol. I did read Children of the Nameless, since a) it's free and b) it's a Magic: The Gathering novella set in the plane of Innistrad (a personal favorite lol). So, I checked some of his stuff and bumped into the Mistborn saga. Currently about to finish Book 1 - The Final Empire. Highly recommended! Here is a blurb if anyone is interested: "The story follows Vin, a 16-year-old thief on the streets of Luthadel, the capital city of the Final Empire, as well as her life as she comes into her own as one of the Mistborn, people who can use ingested
  15. "Oh, please," Dylan replied. "Give the lass some credit, Florence. Catherine might not be the best carrying a gun, but as you say, another set of eyes and hands will prove useful for this little madness of a plan we're concocting. eh?" A suddenly tired expression filled the con man's face. "Ugh, great. It just occured to me that, now that they're one inmate short I'm propably getting even more work as a gloryfied janitor around here." He gave once last look at Florence before turning getting to the door. Under normal circumstances, Florence wasn't the kind of company he was used to w
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