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  1. As the pair approached to the entrance, Dylan turned to the old woman. "Anything I should know about the big man before we go in?" Seemed like a sensible question to make, considering this was the person that his little operation depended much upon if they were to make a succesfull escape from the island.
  2. Rp post when you get a chance!

  3. Happy birthday Lord of Chaos!

  4. RP update when you can (are you going to update yours as well? Keen)

  5. I have!! Freaking awesome band lmaoo. Didn't expect they release anything Warhammer related tho. Pleasant surprise ngl
  6. new Blind Guardian - the secrets of the American gods

  7. I wonder if a magic class will be worth in this game? I mean I did completed DS3 as a pyromancer and a cleric, but I almost didn't finished the game as a mage lol.
  8. Haven't been posting my totals so far but I've been managing around 300 ish words every day except weekends Mosty have been about my coming novel, but also done some Destiny and Dead by Daylight fanfics Gonna try and post every day what I write over here now
  9. "Oh, sounds like that's a common fate to those poor fellows who venture too much out there, dare I say?" The walk towards meeting with the boss was taking a bit too long for Dylan, who could have swear they had already pass the same tree once before. As the Crow asked about himself though, a brief memory flashed in his mind; the warmth of a woman long gone, the distant echoes of the sweetest laugh Dylan had ever heard... And then the con man turned back to his trademark wit before replying. "I would like to think myself of more like a bitter kinda pea, if you must know."
  10. "Ah well, no more bathroom cleaning? Then, what do I owe the honor I wonder?" Dylan asked as he and The Crow headed towards what he thought was the main man's whereabouts. As the old woman asked about his marital status, the con man felt the urge to walk at a faster pace. "Did you now? And how come you're on your own now on this lovely island? Did he regained his senses or...?" He got the feeling it was gonna be a long walk.
  11. Hell yesss!! This is probably what I need rn now that I'm trying to develop a habit of writing a little every day lol.
  12. Rp update when you have the time

  13. What is this my elven eyes see? For real though, who do I have to blame for "Warrior, my warrior, they're calling out your name" being stuck in my head for the next 2 weeks lmaooo Love the vibe of the song ngl. I was almost tempted to get my battle axe to work lol.
  14. TJMike

    Hello! :D

    Welcome to TAZland! Glad to have another spanish speaker on the forum La verdad es que todos son bastante relajados y nos apoyamos entre todos, asi que no tendras problemas aqui.
  15. Merry (way belated) Christmas y'all. If online friendships were not real I'd only have like 3 friends lolol. I realize we might never see each other irl cause of a bunch of reasons, but as Aqui says, I do consider you my friends as well. Here's to another awesome year full of accomplishments and success for all of you
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