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  1. Already did! I'm sorry for the late responses though. Tbh, I'm quite proud of Against All Darkness, a fanfic I made based on Darkest Dungeon. I never got around continuing it, but I feel it's the best I have on FFN.
  2. "I was indeed sent here by Isis," Nephren conceded. "though whether if 'here' is where my doom lies or not remains to be seen." Maybe the cat goddess knew something useful for the quest before him. Judging by Bastet's words, he wasn't the first to search for the Eye in the desert. And the unsettling demeanor of Isis.... Sobek mentioned fear as the catalyst of despair. Bastet might know more if the Queen goddess had been acting strange. "Goddess, I was wondering if..." Nephren began, but there was no way to know the mood of a deity, much less the voluble cat goddess.
  3. With his hands up and an easy smile on his face, Dylan made his way inside Florence's cottage. He made a show of closing the door behind him, but leaving it slightly ajar. It simply wouldn't do to completely close the only way out in case his fellow inmate wasn't as open-minded as he thought. "Don't worry, I come in peace." Dylan assured, slowly lowering his hands in front of Florence. "I just wanted to, you know, the usual stuff when two individuals in the same boat do." the con man offered. "Things like exchange pleasantries, chat about the weather... know how many armed guards you
  4. Ok so I just discovered Demons & Wizards, the side project/collaboration between Hansi from Blind Guardian and Jon Schaffer from Iced Earth...

    ... And I also discover they've just ended the project lmao :lol:


    Literally went from "Hey!" to "Aww" in less than an hour lol

    1. AquilaTempestas


      Took you long enough lol

    2. TJMike


      Shut up lmao :lol:

      I'm slowly expanding my musical selection lol

      Their song Crimson King is awesome btw 

  5. Okay, finally gave Omega a listen. I'm starting by saying it's bee a while since I listened to Symphonic metal, so feels nice the change of pace from power metal lol. Anyways, my thoughts on Omega? Well, as @AquilaTempestasmentioned, Omega is a fun album and pretty much standard Epica. All the, well 'epicness' we've came to expect from them is there so that's definitively a plus. I still have to give it a few more listens but currently my top 3 of the album are Abyss of Time, Code of Life, and Freedom. Is it worth it? Well it's Epica, of course it is lol. But I agree in that Mar
  6. First time I come up with a full plot for a story in less than a day!

    Feeling good with my writing today after this ngl :D

  7. Ok, so I just had a huge epiphany yesterday. I was finishing my writing for yesterday (still doing some good progress btw), and then it just occurred to me; I'm pretty sure my project for 2021 could very well be a second Volume to the Testament series. I just wrote up the skeleton of an outline for this "Volume I", or prequel, and so far it makes sense in my head lmao. I'll still work on this project, of course, but I think I'll also dedicate some time to polish Volume I and modify small bits of this project to keep the continuity going. Exciting news for the Testament!
  8. hahahahaha

    Soulsborne black metal

    At 2:50 PRAISE THE SUN


    1. TJMike


      Lmao! Praise the sun indeed hahaha

  9. Locations of Interest The focal plot of the Testament is set on the fictional city of Crimson Peak, a place set somewhere in the USA. I say 'somewhere' because the exact location doesn't really matter to the plot since the action won't be leaving the city for this Volume. Within Crimson Peak, however, there will be several key locations on display as the story progresses. Of particular note, however, is the fact that no one (outside supernatural races and mages) knows anything about magic. Crimson Peak Academy - One of the main higher education institutions in the city. The Academy
  10. As someone whose first language isn't English, I totally agree with @RykerDavis here. The best way to learn a new language (at least what it worked for me lol) was switching my reading habits and getting my books in English. Also listening music and reading the lyrics is a good idea (this last one also had the unexpected side effect of me becoming a metalhead in the process but that's for another day ) Not gonna lie, I'm still struggling with like particular phrases and regionalisms when doing my writing but I usually google the meaning of those.
  11. Not an update per se since the word count remains kind of the same (Around 7300~. However I did mess a bit with the chapter order and I feel better about the new arrangement. Now I have a clear schedule for Act I, with both Inciting Event and the 1st Plot Point covering 3 chapters each. Still unsure if I should name chapters, so I'll stick with good ol' numbers for now lol. Chapters 1 - 3 (Mysteries) Rick's roommate, Stuart, behaves even stranger than usual, claiming someone has been following him all around campus. After a few days, Stuart goes missing... Karen receives
  12. I really haven't posted anything new on FFN since 2019 tbh. But I would like to nominate a friend's story. Become Legend Volume I: The Age of Triumph - By ShadowKitty252 (Destiny) You can pick whatever chapter you like to review. It's basically a retelling of the first Destiny game, but you don't really need any previous knowledge of the lore since the protagonist is experimenting her new life as Guardian.
  13. Oh? Is there a time limit on these?
  14. I've become a shinny TJ! :D

    1. AquilaTempestas


      Oh no. The shiny hunters will be after you!

    2. TJMike


      I take it back then :lol: How do I 'unpost' here?!

      Seriously though, about time I went gold eh? Really took me a while lol

    3. AquilaTempestas


      YOU CAN'T Mhwahhahahahaha. But I can :D

      Yeah, you finally got to the gold hehe

  15. Been a fat minute since I listened to Epica lol. Abyss of Time was a good track to draw my attention to this band once more
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