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  1. Dylan grinned. "See? I knew you were a smart man since the beginning. Indeed, we would need some sort of intel on the island and whatnot before actually blasting our way out of here." While he assessed the other man's reactions, Dylan continued. "And in this hypothetical prison break scenario, we could use another set of eyes, wouldn't you say so? See I was thinking we could let Catherine onto this little plan of ours actually." The con man fixed his sight on Florence's eyes, as if trying to discern what the other man was thinking. "You've seen her in action, right? Would you say she
  2. Hahahahahaha right?! Exact same reaction lol. I'm showing up to From Software main HQ and bang on their doorstep "Shut up and take my money already?" Seriously though, I like the aesthetics and the vibe I'm getting from Elden. Kind of Dark Souls, but idk it feels different. That might be the touch of G.R.R. Martin tbh lol.
  3. Ayye Welcome to the fray, warlock! • I'd sugest just getting the Beyond Light expansion (the story and lore is cool, but I'm not exactly sure if you get the Darkness subclass with New Light tho. You want the Darkness subclass tho) • Next up, the main gist of Destiny 2 these days are the seasonal passes. Every 3-4 months we get a new expansion with new missions, activities and the like. Every year around september/october we get a new Expansion and annual pass, which already comes with all the season of that year. For instance, if you get the Beyond Light Deluxe, you get the current
  4. Yooo happy birthday! Hope you have a great day :D

    1. Apollomon X Stingmon

      Apollomon X Stingmon

      Thank you so much :lol:

  5. Such a good song for my favorite zombies map ever All the nostalgia and the lyrics meaning tho. Good times indeed!
  6. Yoo that was so good! Gonna look for more of them for sure lol
  7. "Maiming kids? What kind of-- Well, duh. We're in a prison after all. Get a hold of your self, Dylan." The con man reminded himself rolling his eyes. Different strokes for different folks and all that. "Right, so we're pretty much surrounded on all sides." That notion wasn't exactly reassuring. Not only the guards were heavily armed, but the thought of everyone in the island being a potential threat was going to be an issue later on. "Well, I don't know about you -and in fact I don't know much about you-," he chuckled, "but I have places to be that are far more interesting and comfor
  8. RP post required

    1. TJMike


      Gotcha! Just replied ^_^

  9. Still discovering several new bands lol. This one looks promising
  10. @AquilaTempestas How did I missed this band?! Even the title of the song should have been an indicator lmao
  11. GF broke up with me today

    Soo there is that :(

    EDIT: Don't mind me lol. Just had to post it somewhere to get it off my system

  12. Heyo! Happy (belated) Birthday!

    Hope you had a blast yesterday :D

  13. Went through my old playlist today for some reason lol. This is what I found
  14. Happy birthday Lord of Chaos!

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      Why thank you, Queen of Darkness! :D

      Glad to be here on TAZ yet another awesome year 

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