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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I haven't had to deal with this yet but then again I only have one story.
  2. I'm studying music production and Film editing/production. My goal to make music videos for bands one day. Also maybe help them produce albums. It also be nice to work on a TV show or something like that.
  3. Happy New Year Everyone! I hope everyone is well. I'm so ready to let go of 2020. Sorry, I haven't been active. In the middle of the hell that was 2020 I moved to a new college. It was hard but ended up being a awesome choice. I'm so glad I did it. I'm studying music and Film. My new classes start soon I can't wait. I also wrote a new chapter that I'm very proud of. Does anyone have any new goals they like to share? One of mine is to be more active on this site.
  4. Like I said, I already begged. He won't listen. Thanks for the advice. I feel a little better after venting.
  5. Thanks guys, The problem is there are people in my who do not take it seriously and who are very anti-mask. (they see this thing like a cold) I also not have access to a useful mask all the time. (A friend said I could use a scarf which I may start doing.) It's very hard to social distance with 4 other people in your family but I am trying my best. I'm just really worried about catching it from them and have begged them to take this seriously but they will not listen .
  6. Hey, does anyone have any tips for Coronovirus anxiety? I live in the US and cases range from range super mild to super not mild for young people and I'm really worried.
  7. I just updated my fan-fiction today. I can't describe I how happy I am. The last two years of my life have kind of been hell. Now, I'm starting to heal and updating my fan-fiction is just icing on the cake. I so happy right now.
  8. Thanks, I've been sick the past few days and have to get back into the habit of writing. I will definitely try to message you!
  9. Hello Everyone, I just finished chapter 11 of my Fan-fiction Secrets. I am in need of Beta-Readers that can give feedback and maybe help me with editing (I need help fixing the ending). Thank you in advance for looking at my work. Here is a link to the rest of the Fan-fiction https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12075286/1/Secrets
  10. I just finished The Witcher on Netflix. I"m very new to the Wicher world hope to read the books at some point. Everything about the editing and music is perfect. Every fight scene is perfect. I would highly recommend it. The plot is a little hard to follow with the time skips though.
  11. Wow, you guys are a lot like me Here's some things I do. 1. Watch anime or Youtube 2.Listen to music (can do this for hours) 3. Play a video game 4. Write or work on other self-project 5. Read (Do this a lot too)
  12. I'm bored... Yea, that what I'm thinking right now.
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