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  1. I heard about this ages ago but guess it's being proper advertised now as 'definitely happening'. I've seen a lot of SPN fans nervous about this because it might conflict with established lore, so I'm a little wary too.
  2. If I go by popularity/reception, my best stories are my Pokemon Truth or Dare story with the villains (scrapped and on FFN with 14 chapters) and my Supernatural oneshot 'The Novak-Milligan-Winchester Christmas' (on FFN and Archive). I had so much fun writing the latter and consider it my best fanfiction because it actually succeeded in being crack that genuinely made people laugh. If I go based on what I enjoy writing and put the most effort into, my WIP stories Shattered and BCOTS haven't been put up to get the same reception, but I genuinely love the characters I made and am generally proud of these stories.
  3. More art! I spent about 5-6 hours on this one, most of it was because I couldn't draw the guy's hair. I eventually changed the style so it didn't take me 3 more hours to move on to the next bit. I drew and posted Arturo here before but wasn't happy with it and I only had a headshot (posted here too) for Amara so I decided to draw them both in one pic The first pic is their faerie and vampire forms, the second is their human forms. These two have an interesting dynamic
  4. I don't have much shame, but I get slightly embarrassed about writing certain character types in original fiction when I hope to eventually get it published and my family might read it. I'm going to have to go through every scene with an incubus/succubus or otherwise flirtatious character and make sure it comes off as is intended (more suggestive/playful than straight up lewd/perverted)
  5. Oh god, it'd be easier to say who I was interested in but did say. Aka my ex girlfriend (and I misinterpreted her 'I like you too' as rejection), and my first crush on my best friend where I had the choice taken off me because some girl heard 'promise not to tell' and told him away... I'm usually too chicken-shit to admit my interest. Have you ever abandoned something (anything?) for over 3 years and picked it back up (or restarted it) again?
  6. I shall quick answer the previous question then ask a new one XD Answer- Tired but mostly chill, today is shooting by. New question! What is the first video game you remember playing? For myself, I believe it was a Sonic game. Either Sonic Mega Collection Plus or Sonic Heroes.
  7. I started publishing on Fanfiction.net in 2011, most my early stuff has gone poof by now tho Like, no trace of it left lol FFN taking stuff down without warning was BS lmao
  8. I'll make a second daily question, if 24 hours passes from the previous question you are free to create a new conversation ^^ What is a book, TV show or movie that you believe everyone should read or watch?
  9. To answer it myself, I got introduced to this community on a previous forum by a former member in 2014. Shit happens in life but I never regretted joining
  10. I shall kick off with the first question! "How did you find this community?" This mostly refers to this iteration of the forum, but for people who migrated from the older versions, this will still apply How did you end up in the previous board, etc.
  11. Aight, new event time! This will be a more frequent one but anyone can start it off for the day, it's all for generating chat and letting people get involved in the community! It's a simple premise- We try each day to start a new conversation. It can be about writing, art, or any general subject you think will make a great discussion topic. Just make sure it's appropriate, and refrain from picking fights if someone's view conflicts with yours. 'I like pineapple on pizza' ain't going to hurt anyone. If a day passes and you haven't contributed, there's no limit to answering as long as you do it before the next question starts Again, anyone can submit the next question as long as it's friendly and appropriate.
  12. I had time so I did an Easter drawing XD Hiro is called 'Bunny' enough in my Shattered story so I decided to take it up another level and use him for an Easter doodle. There's two variations, bunny-headband and bunny-ears.
  13. Thanks for the review, I'm so glad you liked it
  14. http://www.tazlandarchives.com/viewstory.php?sid=25 Done just in time for Easter XD
  15. Sooo is there a word limit for this? In case the thing I'm working on ends up too long and I need to write something different.
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