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  1. Author Pen Name: BlackGeneralNocturna FFN Profile: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/2704373/BlackGeneralNocturna Archive Profile: ArchDemonLumiel | Archive of Our Own Tumblr Blog (original fiction): https://nocturnalmemories.tumblr.com/ (password: Toris, Ask function can be used to review without an account) Fandoms I write for: Pokemon, Supernatural, Original Fiction Fandoms I will read: Pokemon, Supernatural, Digimon (Season 1, Season 5 and generic stuff preferable), Bleach, Original Fiction, Slayers, Tokyo Mew Mew, Harvest Moon/Rune Factory, Harry Potter, Sword Art Onl
  2. Scene from the second arc of Shattered . Everything else will need redrafting but I don't think I'll even change this scene, I like it too much XD -------- “C-Can I hug you?” She stared at him flustered. “A-As friends, I mean.” She managed a smile. “It isn’t sappy if you say ‘no hetero’ first, right?” He tilted his head. “S-Sorry, bad joke.” Mikhail and Yuma passed by the open bedroom door as the two teens hugged. Mikhail did a double take and looked through, unnoticed, before taking a deep breath and mumbling. “Yuma, does Tsukiko still have his punching ba
  3. Finally done my drawing for this! Decided to settle on drawing a character dressed as a Pokemon, as I've been in a Poke-fanatic mood. So here's Rosa, the heroine of my main story Shattered, dressed as a Purrloin Did a little Halloweeny background too, even tho it's very simple.
  4. “Lose half our stuff?” “Oh come on, if you’re going around in an endless maze with a bag full of food and useful items, folk are gonna want it,” Vulpix snickered. “I get that but… Only half your stuff? The feral Pokemon must be nice to only take half of it,” Purrloin mumbled. Nickit stared at the feline, piping up, “Yeah, I never thought of that. My brother Dusk went exploring the other day and he got mugged, but they let him keep his apples.” ----- Restructured a tiny bit to try get six sentences, from a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fanfic. This is just poking fun of th
  5. PoGo has Halloween Piplups and Pikachu now - Adaline 

  6. Part of Shattered Memories, only scene written between these two so far (taking place chronically before Memories and being a kinda 'flashback') but looking forward to writing more as it's not a dynamic like any other characters --------- “Isn’t it blasphemy to speak of our prince like that?” she whispered, seeing his expression change in his reflection. Although the villagers called him a thug, she had forever seen differently. A thug would not look at her with that face, his brow furrowed and eyes soft. His voice was a murmur as he spoke, however she could hear that familiar
  7. I've used core, but referring to it as a flower makes me wanna cringe lol Never used penis and vagina but there's much less cringey words to use than flower.
  8. Although they had both known that truth, it still hit Athena and Zephyris like a bullet, their breath and words knocked away. Athena was the first to respond, with a tremor to her voice as her eyes flitted to Zephyris. She had never seen such a pained look on his face in a long time, and though he turned away so she couldn't notice, she still saw a mist to his cyan eyes. For the first time since their relationship had burned and crashed, she felt sorry for him. "Don't apologise, you've done nothing wrong," she whispered, however she felt like crying seeing that guilt on Jack's face. What
  9. I have very weird ideas that I don't 100% believe but have some form of interest in. I do believe there's a Heaven and a Hell as well as some kind of Satan figure, and whilst I feel like archangels might exist I prefer saying otherwise because of how I bastardised them and high ranking demons in my original fiction. What video game creature or character would you most want to befriend?
  10. I thought yesterday couldn't be any more stressful but then I ended up with crippling stomach pain then missed the toilet after 2 hours of ignoring it escalated into projectile sickness. I am currently sleep deprived and in need of food but the complete opposite of hungry.
  11. I do apologise for last night and Athena being a cranky bitch. She's dealt with. -Ashlynn 

  12. Chicken Burger. Very tasty Is the next person my friend?
  13. Slayers is an old anime but my favourite, with a really hotheaded female protagonist and it's like D&D and anime combined. I'd describe it as a d&d campaign gone horribly wrong xD The main characters are powerful but despite still struggle, and really have to fight to save the day in each season. The second season Slayers NEXT is generally agreed to be the best and though I watched it all before I finished the first season, I still followed along easily so just picking an episode from there would be more representative of the series as a whole than starting with season 1. Production va
  14. Yeah I love the DS and 3DS library, so good~ Regarding favourite place, I've not been out of the country much so this ain't going to be anywhere flashy XD But when me and my family used to go on holiday to Scotland and Wales and Lake District and all that, we would always stay in a Haven caravan park. For a few years they had Dinosaur King machines (game where you got a dinosaur card with each £1 that you could use in all subsequent plays) in the arcades and I was obsessed with them. So I'd say my favourite place I've been to is Haven holiday arcades when they were at their f
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