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  1. Yeah what I think they should have done if they wanted Lucifer around again is have him back from Season 11, mention him fucking Jack's mum offscreen or something, then either kill him or chuck him back in the cage. Then his character would have left the show with some dignity. Or they could have used Jack to give him proper redemption, as I thought they were going to do when Baby Satan was introduced. I thought the whole thing with Jack would have been Lucifer going 'ha I can parent better than you' then genuinely caring for him and openly trying to do better. Anything to do with famil
  2. Will update as go along: Reviewed @AquilaTempestasNow and Forever @Wizarmonfancontamination
  3. I'm considering doing a character study, I did one for Gabriel as part of my Creative Writing coursework but I just rewatched Hammer Of the Gods and realised how that one episode is perhaps more representative of Lucifer than anything after Season 11. Lucifer just kinda turns into a caricature of his prime Season 5 self, as I'm sure @AquilaTempestasagrees. Lets see, in Hammer of the Gods... I remember reading a tweet that theorised that the reason for Lucifer's sudden character change in S11+ was because they based his portrayal of Hallucifer, Sam's exaggerated hallucinations of
  4. Writing, of course. Especially fluffy or dramatic romance. What is your favourite fantasy species? It can be in popular folklore or modern fiction, as long as it has a name we can actually google.
  5. Never heard of them, don't follow Roblox Has the next person gotten a lift to/from school from a teacher before? (I got one when I was younger after I almost fell on my ass from the street being a bloody ice rink)
  6. Not 'work' but I did used to volunteer at a charity shop where I'd mind the cash register and put stock out front. None of the customers were particularly annoying because they were mostly old people. Because seaside towns attract the elderly apparently. Have you ever got into a physical fight with someone? (I totally have not, I was totally not a short-tempered brat with anger issues in high school )
  7. Turning A New Leaf- I'm nominating my Pokemon fic again as I've just finished a new chapter and would always love feedback on how it's going, if you've already read a chapter then feedback on the next would be appreciated especially in regards to character interactions and pacing. Summary: After losing her partner Meganium four years ago, Amber gave up on being a Pokemon trainer. However when Professor Birch gets attacked and she unleashes his Treecko to save him, a bond starts to grow. On her journey, she crosses paths with many strange individuals. And maybe, one day she'll meet the ma
  8. Yeah I get worried about this! Mostly that the fanfic's plot will end up too convoluted for the reader to follow, or it'd drag and they'd just lose interest. I'm only on chapter 4 for my current Pokemon fic though and I plan to cut out half the actual travelling between places to hopefully make the plot move along quicker.
  9. Have reviewed @ZadienTales from the Dojo @Sakura Alexia Red Dreams White Light Non-member: A Mid-Sinnoh Night's Dream by mikaelbrigman
  10. I'm nominating the first chapter for two original fics, so I know what I'm doing with feedback lol (Also figured how to make the titles links to the actual stories now) Shattered Memories- This was my Project 2020 thing, and my main project. As I'm currently writing the epilogue, I'll be redrafting soon so want advice. This chapter has already been redrafted to fit my current writing ability. Summary (copied from Archive, not representative of the whole thing): Life is not easy when you have no idea who you are. It's even more difficult when you're sharing your body wit
  11. And today's comic is done! This one is a little sappy because the Incorrect Quote I used was sappy
  12. So I've tweaked the comic and started my new Twitter account, I'll be posting simultaneously between here and there but the content will basically be the same. The new Twitter will hopefully attract people to our site too New Twitter is here. https://twitter.com/arts_nocturnal Updated comic below
  13. I see I never answered this. Time to change that I'll go from favourite to least favourite though as it's easier for me. TL;DR- Platinum > Black/White 2 > Heart Gold/Soul SIlver = Black/White > Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire > Ultra Sun/Moon > Emerald = XY > Sword/Shield > Sun/Moon > FRLG > Yellow > Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee Platinum- Could possibly be nostalgia talking but I love this game. Sinnoh is where my top 5 Pokemon are all from and although Pearl was my first game, Platinum outclasses it in every way, from the upgraded Pokedex to the post
  14. So I didn't see one of these and thought we ought to have one. In the event that anyone wants to get a certain Pokemon traded, do Friend Safari stuff if Pokemon X's online is still working, etc... People can make requests here and arrange for any trades or battles or whatever. By default this thread refers to the 3DS/Switch games, HOWEVER it is possible to use a get around with DS games to access a special server that replaces the one that Nintendo shut down. If you're interested in being able to go online with DS and Wii games, this site will explain everything and sho
  15. So, I decided to start doing comics with some of my characters. These will end up on Twitter and stuff, this is just the rough version right now. It's not going to be drastically changed, just maybe hair colour tweaks and possibly changing the handwriting for comic sans or some shit. Depends on if my handwriting is readable. The concept of this one is from a 'incorrect quotes generator' but with a little tweak because my art is not the best and I like to make fun of that.
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