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  1. So nothing new at Bioware then? Same old same old by the sounds of it.
  2. Can't say I care one way or the other really. EAware have killed off Mas Effect and Dragon Age as far as I'm concerned. I leaned my lesson after Anthem. I'll never buy a EAware game again. Short of a total reboot of the Mass Effect franchise I can't see what they can do as they wrote themselves into a corner with the original trilogy ending and screwed the pouch even more with ME Andromeda.
  3. Evanescence have a new song - Yeah Right

  4. Hey! Haven't seen you in weeks. How are you? Doing okay? 

    1. OfficerDonNZ


      I'm good. I just keep forgetting to visit. :)  

  5. Frist of all I'm alive and I'm most definitely straight. I've always known this though it wasn't until my last year at High School (and that's more years ago than I want to admit too thank you very much) that it hit me over the head as I was very strongly attracted to a girl who was in some of my classes. Sadly nothing ever came of it despite the fact I asked her out several times. Even now I still think about her every so often especially with COVID about I can't help worrying about her. I'd swear that some months ago I saw her in the supermarket but I froze and I've kicked myself more than
  6. After reading that, no not something I'd want to play.
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