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  1. I forgot to post this like 3 months ago when I did a fic exchange for one of my fb groups. If you want some NSFW dwarf loving click here. Fandom: Dragon Age Pairing: Blackwall/F!Cadash
  2. Chapter 8 I have a small announcement. I will be going on hiatus for the month of December. I didn't want to do this since I didn't want y'all to think I was abandoning my fic. I know so many authors go on hiatus and never return. But there are a lot of things going on in my personal life that require my attention and I haven't been putting my best effort into this. I love Inha and still want to tell her story. But I want to tell it in the way she deserves. I struggled with this chapter and I feel like that is reflected in the quality. I want to give you guys a fic worth reading, not som
  3. Will this be like a fic exchange? Or would we just be writing whatever want that is Christmas/Winter Holiday themed? I don't quite understand what exactly you had in mind
  4. I started watching Reign and it's actually really good. Being sick has given me a good excuse to lay on the couch and binge watch stuff

  5. Chapter 7! I had a lot of fun writing this one
  6. I got strep... yay

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    2. smolwarden


      This will say a lot about me as a person but I'm more upset I had to miss work because I'm still contagious for another 24 hrs. But yeah strep is the worst. Thankfully I'm such a paranoid person I go to the dr as soon as I think anything is off so I've already got my antibiotics and steroids. Sucks you've had it twice. It really is like the worst illness to have 

    3. onewiththewheels


      One of the worst, but I think influenza tops everything... I've had that once, and I hope to God I never get it again... Baclofen withdrawals are pretty bad too, but at least that's easily treatable if you know what's happening...

      In my case, I had no idea what was happening when I got strep, or that I was even contagious. I'm prone to sinus infections, so both times I went to the doctor thinking that was what it was.... Needless to say it wasn't...

    4. smolwarden


      I have chronic asthma, chronic bronchitis, and am prone to respiratory infections. AND a lot of serious allergies.  All of which has made me acutely aware of my sinus/respiratory systems. I can tell when I'm getting sick and with what. Some people might consider it a useful skill but doctors don't wanna listen to a woman in pain so...

      The flu is the WORST. You can't do anything except cry lol

  7. @StormyAmethyst perhaps you and I have different tastes in 80's music but my song today has 80's vibes too. Kind of like The Cure and maybe a little Madonna
  8. Hell is Empty has almost 200 hits!

  9. It's so hard not to compare yourself to other writers. It's hard not to envy other writers for being better than you

    1. AquilaTempestas


      You just gotta think - there are other writers who could be just as good as you!

    2. Nirianne


      And you'll always be better than others. Your words are your strength and perhaps you can convey your ideas better. The comparing game is a waste of time and makes you sad. Do not let that anchor you down!

    3. smolwarden


      Thank you both. I was just having a rough day

  10. I need someone to stand over me and smack me every time I try to procrastinate my writing. I'm falling behind

    1. Hikari


      Honestly, same for me. I was gonna say we could do it to each other, but we are both procrastinators sooooo nothing would get done then either lmao

    2. smolwarden


      We would procrastinate on making the other one stop procrastinating lmaoooo 

  11. I don't know how to listen to music unless its literally the same song on repeat for 36 hours. So have this
  12. I just noticed I forgot to update this when chapter 5 went live! Chapter 6 just went up so here's a two-for-one post lol
  13. VR gives me the BIGGEST migraine ever. I can't stand anything 3D or VR. I'm also not a fan of strategy/defense games
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