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  1. Oh joy oh fucking joy, life sure sure love to bend me over and fuck me up the ass. No friend,s no close people I have in my life, I don't want to be alone, I want someone to share stuff with, but no, i'm always and will always b the third wheel. Oh joy. i gotta be on top of my energy every day and no one can be on their top for me? What is that? I give my all, and get little to nothing? Oh joy. Kill me, just kill me.
  2. Honestly feels damn good seeing you here. How have you been doing?

  3. Hell I'll be a happy man if KaiHil is canon, could use something good in my life but to each is their own
  4. Triggers. And no not those social jusrice warrior esque THIS IS MY TRIGGER HOW DARE YOU kind of trigger no, simple ideas that spark inspiration
  5. So I noticed you had Usher on your last.fm. You might wanna check out Burn, Red Light, U Got it Bad, and Caught Up

    1. MasKaiHilFantic


      I've checked out burn, gonna give the rest a shot as well. Have you listened fo Confessions?

    2. AquilaTempestas


      Yup. It was a popular song back in my school days

  6. Um let's see, RayMaerish comes to mind, MaxMariam as well.
  7. I forgot about this actually In no particular orde David Gilmour, Brent Smith, Sam Smith, Shania twain, Corey Taylor, Roger Waters, Paul Mccarthy, Dexter Holland, Tim McIlrath, Myles Kennedy, Adam Levine, Ozzy Osbourne, Katy perry, Craig David, Patrick Monahan, Chester Bennington, Charlie Puth,
  8. Title says it all, what are some of your opinions on music and/or musical artists that may have you surrounded by an angry mob or whatever I'll start out Queen is overrated, especially their song bohemian Rhapsody Pink floyd got better after Syd barrett left Modern rap is obnoxious Linkin park is sometimes held in too high esteem Country music isn't that bad as people make it to be Rappers like cardi b, swaette (or however her name is spelt) meghan thee stallion scare the living fuck out of me Lil nas x is overrated The offspring is leagues better
  9. I got the novelstar comment on ao3 as well
  10. Posting here twice, it's basically akin to posting here like I used to back in the day...
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