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  1. So this goes with what I discussed with yall a bit ago , how would you feel if you were at least given a explanation and run down of the story you had to abandon to the readers at least. 

  2. Same I feel too many may feel a bit cluttered , but done the right way won’t be too bad.
  3. thanks for the recs !@AquilaTempestas
  4. I been on a norse , Viking sorta kick any shows, movies or etc you can recommend? of course, I know about Viking but looking to see if any more cool one's like it out there y'all like.
  5. @Lightningblade49 I love lions and like the power of fire so I put it all together so boom the lioness of the fire
  6. Give me your all lol what ya like to know.
  7. Got myself a 2 month limit to finish each of my fanfics  challenge on ! 

  8. Been ups and downs lately ugh but am recovering , why is adulting so hard lawl

  9. Ugh my math class has the worst professor ,such a slow replies like your a professor to a an online class 

  10. Ugh my math class starts Monday and I have to open Monday morning at 5 ughhhh

  11. I answered this before but I did start off a Ty/Hil fan but gosh I don’t know I read a Kai and Hilary and was hooked still to this day a huge fan and of course write about them . Say what ?! Lol yeah but I guess they had to make something out of nonthing before the real bad guys show up. i have to agree that if they remade it tons more crazy explosions and heck who know maybe violence snice we have anime like Attack on Titan
  12. Omg so remember that lol Gosh I feel like a old lady ,one was probably either a Naruto or beyblade lol I remember once I was reading one and my mom came it and was like what are you doing and read what I was reading which was Naruto as a fox cussing lol and told me to get off . Still read them though lol not like she took the computer away
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