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  1. "Then talk to her," Flannery says. "She won't talk to us." Lance heads over to the fridge and searches for something to eat. Morty heads back outside and goes around the back to the small garden.
  2. More conquest kills. This is my favourite kill cam video thus far. "Next Level" by Mountains vs Machines This one is for you @Stubborn Saber - I have CRIT HERC in this one haha.
  3. More conquest kills stuff. "Got An Evil Eye" by Extreme Music  
  4. Time for some Ullr highlights!
  5. More conquest kills! "Play With Fire" by War*Hall
  6. More conquest kills. Song "I Am The Enemy" by Extreme Music
  7. Back to Assassin's Creed Syndicate. Can I complete the more recent AC games until the next major DLC comes out for Valhalla late May? Nope. But I'm going to try and knock down Syndicate at least.
  8. I want to add rylek196 to the list. This guy goes around and spams mostly copy/paste reviews on other stories. He tells the authors that they're are shit and pathetic and if they want to read a good story, they should check his story out because it's so perfect (he says). He's also got a legion of readers who spam this shit on other stories too. This guy has had a few complaints in his reviews about his 'troll-y' reviews as well.
  9. So, I've gone back and revisted Harry Potter since we're studying that in class. I got myself the first two books in the Slytherin edition Gosh, I still love the Chamber of Secrets.
  10. "She is outaide in the small garden. Said she wanted to be alone." Flannery nods. "Right." "Where did Jasmine go?" Lance says. "No one knows."
  11. He leads you to a small hunting hut deeper in the forest. There isn't much to it - a few sleeping bags, some leftover edible food in the fridge, and some basic medical supplies. "Well, we're all here and alive," Lance remarks.
  12. Morty sighs. "Right. Let's just hope it all works out." You hear movement from the woods. Moments later, Lance emerges with a few sticks and leaves in his hair. "We found a place. Smells a bit, but it'll do."
  13. "That's going to take time. We still have to see the werewolves and who knows what they're going to be like." He frowns. "You also still have to die and visit that Garden."
  14. He paces back and forth as you wait for Lance to come and find you. "Ariana... She got out." He rubs his neck, avoiding your eyes.
  15. You escape the festival grounds. Morty rounds on you. "Where did the others go? And what happened? What aren't you telling me?"
  16. The ferris wheel ride collapses. "....What the heck?" A clear indication to get moving. You turn around and run back to the entrance.
  17. "You know. One of our people?" He looks at you with a frown. "Caitlin? Did you find her?"
  18. "All right then." He follows you out the building then stops, turning his head towards the building with the indoor maze. "...Someone died." He frowns, a bit confused. He heads towards the maze.
  19. He sighs. "Then you should go, Cynthia. Don't want to wait around, do you?"
  20. "Leave? I'm not going anywhere." He holds the bag before him. "...I spent years getting away from this... What did it get me? Nothing. The power... Now I can feel it again. But I need more. This just won't do."
  21. He nods and waves you goodbye. Going back is dangerous since Steven will be around. But you retrace your steps and return to the place you last found Morty. You enter the building and find Morty looking at an empty blood bag.
  22. Lance looks at Volkner. "You know where this place is. Can you take us there?" The blond nods. "Yes." "Then go. I'll find Cynthia myself. I can track her down later," Lance remarks. "Let's just get Caitlin to a bed." The others start moving. Lance looks at you. "Are you going to be okay?"
  23. You leave the showgrounds. "...We'll find a way to stop them," Jade says. "And how do we do that?" Flannery says. "What can we do? We're powerless." "And we're in the middle of nowhere," Lance remarks. "We caught the bus to get here." Volkner thinks hard. "Well, there might be a place we can camp for the night. There's an old abandoned hunters shed... Or so I heard the vampires talk about. It should fit us all. And there'll be old medical supplies and such." "Do we wait for Morty? He's not going to know where we are," Lance remarks. "I don't want him to be here,"
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