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  1. "I'm not..." He stops his sentence and changes the topic. "Do you want food or not? You can't send the others out there or they will get lost. You can come along if you want if you don't trust me."
  2. He frowns. "What else would I be doing?" Though he does fidget a little, and refuses to meet your eyes directly.
  3. “I know where we are. I can get some food. That’a all, yeah? I’ll be back.” He does seem very eager to leave.
  4. He sighs. ”She uh noticed that I had taken a bit of blood... I told her it was to help you and all, and she didn’t like that. Not after what happened last time. But I said it’s not going to be like last time. And that is all we talked about.”
  5. He looks at you. ”But... We have no food.”
  6. Morty then notices you. ”Morning. I don’t know what your plans are but I’ll be gone for morning.”
  7. You find Morty searching through. He slams the fridge door shut after finding nothing. He then leans against a wall and clutches his head as if in a great deal of pain. He ignores you as if he doesn’t even realise you are there.
  8. You're so tired, you fall asleep pretty fast. Hours pass by and before you know it, it's morning again. You wake up to the sound of gentle rain. You can hear someone rummaging through the kitchen area.
  9. Lance nods. "Right." He closes his eyes. "Night, Cynthia." It doesn't take him long to fall asleep.
  10. Holy hell, that BASS voice! That's low. Damn. Wow. Points to the guy playing the harmonica without actually having one.
  11. Lance shrugs. "I don't know what else we can do. You'll just have to wait for her to talk about it."
  12. He frowns. ”Maybe she should go back home? Away from all of this?” He then sighs. ”She can’t stay mad and upset forever. Just give her space.”
  13. Lance opens an eye as Volkner and Flannery leave. ”They will get over it,” he says, stifling a yawn. “People argue all the time. In their case they argue because they care.”
  14. Volkner shrugs. "Just let them be. We don't have to make things worse by trying to make a conversation with either of them." "Right," Flannery says with a nod. "Just get some rest. I'm sure you'll hear about it later."
  15. Lance shakes his head. "Nah. I'm going to sleep." He lies down on the floor and closes his eyes. Flannery shrugs. "I barely know them."
  16. Lance nods. "Sleep sounds good." You can hear a bit of yelling outside and then silence.
  17. Lance sits down and leans against a wall. "Yeah, last night was tiring. I haven't slept since the morning of the full moon." Flannery looks at him. "How are you feeling?" "Sore in many places."
  18. Hello, hello! Welcome back! I'm so used to the username Loveon, it didn't register that you were Loveon under a new username. Oops. Brain malfunction. 

  19. [So, I'm currently on university placement and won't be officially free until 28th of May. So I probably won't do another update for role-play until then. But from there, I'll try and do weekly updates!] @onewiththewheels You cautiously open the door. The stench of decomposing flesh reaches your nostrils. Up ahead, you can see a bloody trail leading deeper into the greenhouse. It all looks pretty recent too. The greenhouse itself is filled with a large variety of plants mostly poisonous ones. There's some castor oil plants, deadly nightshade, water hemlock and mu
  20. Hello, hello! Welcome aboard, and thank you very much for joining I didn't recognize your name... then I checked DA. Welcome again, Loveon! Good to have you around again. If you have questions, feel free to ask. I hope you enjoy it here and stick around for years to come!
  21. This song was written with Ed Sheeran. Sadly, he doesn't sing in it but still a solid song
  22. King Arthur won a game at last woo

  23. You head back inside. Lance is holding a few empty beer bottles. "...There isn't much here." "Great. So what now?" Volkner says. "We have to get food," Lance says. "I'm starving." "We are in the middle of nowhere," Flannery adds looking around. "There aren't any shops around here for miles."
  24. You head on outside and find a small garden. The garden isn't all that impressive - just a couple of red roses, and some dandelions. There's also a small water fountain with a statue of a mermaid in the middle. Caitlin stands before the fountain, her back turned to you. If she hears you, she doesn't acknowledge it. "Caitlin?" Morty says. "You're alive." "Not that easy to kill," he says. He then looks at you. "Maybe you should go back inside."
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