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  1. "...Yeah, that's way weirder than mine. Last thing I remember was a lot of fire." He then sighs. "Well, at least you get to be something cool," Lance remarks.
  2. Morty frowns. "...And I thought my situation was strange. Well, at least you know what happened to your parents."
  3. Morty frowns. "Sounds like Naoko. Very selective. She just doesn't save everyone."
  4. Morty raises an eyebrow. “We always get associated with bad things but other witches can go all dark side too.” He takes a drink of water. “Well, best you get eating then so you can get a move on and find the missing.”
  5. He shrugs. ”Well, you know, we aren’t all that bad. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m the likeable one.” Flannery rolls her eyes. “Really?” she says dryly, her voice laced with thick sarcasm.
  6. Morty shrugs. ”I wouldn’t know . Never seen an angel before… until you came along.” He then grins at you but doesnt say anything anything further.
  7. Caitlin frowns. ”Work of a powerful witch. Probably a necromancer since it was a skeleton.” Morty sighs. “Maybe. Possibly. Regardless, they didn’t’ want something found so they must have something important worth hiding or protecting. Thing is, we don’t know how to stop one.” Lance raises an eyebrow. “Shouldn’t you be familiar with this stuff?” “Well, divine light would be the usual trick or you kill the spellcaster,” Morty explains.
  8. Lance waits for the others to grab their food before he helps himself to some. Morty sighs. "A break from adventuring. Guess I can learn more about that skeleton we found beneath the cabin." Lance raises an eyebrow. "A skeleton?"
  9. Lance frowns. "Hey. I can't help it. All I want to do is eat." "Just don't let anything bad happen to you lot," Jade points out,
  10. Morty sighs. "Well, I could do with a short break." He takes his time choosing food off the table. Lance looks at you. "I guess it's us... Flannery... and Volkner. We'll head back to the showgrounds."
  11. Morty shrugs though looks a bit confused. "If you wish. " Flannery puts her hand up. "I can fight. I want to give those people an ass kicking." Volkner nods. "I'm not letting her go alone."
  12. Lance nods. "Right. So, who do you want to go with you? I mean, we can't all go." (take three)
  13. "So, we lure him out wih blood. He won't be coming out during the daylight either so will try when the sun goes down," Morty remarks. "And what about N?" says Volkner. "We return to the showgrounds and look."
  14. Oh Dragony. They released an album a few months back. I could never get into them unfortunately
  15. Morty shrugs. "Yeah, I suppose." Lance sighs. "But how are we supposed to find them?"
  16. Morty looks at you. "So, we head back today... or do you want to find Steven and N first?"
  17. "So, I guess you will have to die soon," Morty remarks. Lance nods. "Seems that way. Are you worried?,
  18. Wondering why I even bother with anything anymore. Why even try?
  19. Lance looks thoughtful. "We can't just walk up to her. She is hiding in the city somewhere. Protected by many vampires." "Well, I suppose that is where the comes in," Morty says.
  20. Morty sighs. "Right, the whole I gotta die thing you so want to do.." "I guess that's the plan today then," Volkner points out.
  21. Lance frowns. "I should take offense to that." "So, we have to what? Bring a present to them? Make a deal?" Morty says.
  22. Flannery looks at Lance's hair. "Oh. Must be an alpha wolf thing. Heh. Cute." Lance frowns. "I'm not an alpha wolf." "Right. You're a lone wolf." She grins. "So... How was we supposed to even confront the wolves?"
  23. They all look at you. "Cyrus? Who is that?" Lance says.
  24. Lance frowns. ”Oh. Right. Uh, did they look friendly?” “Not particularly,” Morty points out. “Big guys. Like they were part of some bikie gang.”
  25. Lance raises an eyebrow. ”How do you know they were wolves? Not like you can tell just by looking at someone.”
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