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  1. Morty follows her outside. He stops short of the door then looks at you. "We're gonna have to find N too."
  2. Morty frowns. ”That’s rough,” he remarks. She stares at the table and doesn’t say anything else. ”Come outside. Get some fresh air. Food won’t be ready for awhile anyway.”
  3. Lance remains quiet then stands up. ”Uh, maybe I will go into the kitchen too and lend a hand or something.” He hurries away. “It’s not the end of the world. Not like we can’t try again at some point.” She sniffs. “I never should have allowed this to happen. Maybe it is a sign.”
  4. The cabin shakes a bit. ”Caitlin,” Morty starts, a bit concerned. “Team Rocket will pay for what they did.”
  5. She frowns. ”I didn’t want too. He looked to be in a good mood.” Morty doesn’t say anything, deep in thought.
  6. He looks at her intently. "I know someone... or something died in that room with you. You can't hide that from me," Morty says. Her eyes fill with tears. "You'll hate me forever." She wipes her eyes and looks down. "...I failed. That's what happened. I failed," she repeats.
  7. Caitlin looks at you. "I really don't feel like talking about what happened, and I don't have too either." Morty returns her look with a frown. "You know you can tell me anything, right?" She narrows her eyes. "Oh. Like you were planning on telling me you were drinking blood again? Do I have to remind you what happened last time? You were on edge. All the time. Hallucinating. Having withdrawals. The lying. The secrets. Random power leakages." He sighs. "I know. It was a rotten time and I'm not proud of it, but you helped me through it and I'm not going to go back. But whate
  8. "Because she won't talk to me? I don't know. I'll wait when she wants too. No point in pushing, you know?" He looks over at her. She refuses to meet his eyes. "See what I mean? Well, whatever. It's not going to be like last time."
  9. He gives you a confused look. "Tell me what exactly?" Lance looks at you.
  10. He frowns at you. "What? You should've seen how mad she was last time... Heh. I kinda owe her a lot, really. For uh, getting me out of it." Jasmine also goes to the kitchen to lend a hand. Lance sits down at the table. Morty sits down across from him. "So. What's it like being a wolf?" Lance shrugs. "I don't remember much of it." "Must've been sore." "Yeah. You can feel every part of you break." Lance shudders. "Not fun."
  11. Volkner helps Flannery prepare the food as they take it into the kitchen. Lance frowns, folding his arms. "...I don't eat that much." Caitlin enters the building. Morty gives you a sheepish look. "...She thinks I'll fall back into bad habits... Certainly wasn't happy."
  12. "Someone should talk to Caitlin," Morty remarks. "She won't talk to me." Volker lays the food down on the table and Flannery comes to help him. She grabs the meat and prepares it. Lance watches the food. "You get to eat after everyone else," Morty points out. "There won't be anything for the rest of us otherwise."
  13. They remind me a lot of Halestorm, but nowhere near as popular
  14. He rolls his eyes. "Yeah, but I am the important one. I'm the one that matters." He gives you a lopsided grin. "So, what now?" Volkner says. "After eating that is."
  15. I dont suppose you are free this weekend?

    1. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      Nay sadly, working tonight til Tuesday morning. I will be free your next Saturday though.

    2. AquilaTempestas


      Ah cool that works. Next Saturday it is!

  16. He rolls his eyes. "Well, just saying. We aren't all like that." "So, we need to find N, I guess," Lance says.
  17. Morty frowns. "I'm not involved in anything shady." Lance and Flannery also come outside. "Has anyone seen N?"
  18. Jasmine nods. "A bob cut." Morty frowns. "Shauntal. Why would she be working with them..."
  19. Lance nods. "Yeah, I'm glad she's fine. A little shaken, but fine." "I saw someone with them," Jasmine says. "This guy with aqua hair. Talking to a woman with purple hair."
  20. You head back to the hunting cabin in the woods. Jasmine is with them now. She waves out at you. "Hey, you made it," Volkner says She nods. "I went to the shops, remember? When the blast happened?"
  21. Morty raises an eyebrow. "That bad, huh? I mean, she's always been a big fan of playing her little games." You walk across the road again and start to make your way back towards the cabin.
  22. Morty frowns. "I guess she was no friend of yours back in your world... What did she do?" "And those wolves were jacked," Volkner points out.
  23. Morty frowns. "Well, she's never done anything to me. She's just difficult, that's all." Volkner hurries after you. "That place gives me the creeps. A bar for werewolves? Necromancers?" "It's just like any other one."
  24. "It would help to know where he is. I am certain his descendants will be back." "Let's juat leave," Morty remarks, waiting at the door. Shauntal doesn't seem bothered. "I'm sure we will meet again..." She winks at Morty.
  25. Morty frowns then looks at Shauntal. ”I’m not the answer.” ”You used to be a psychic. You said it yourself. Remember, I was there. And not only that, but you were a Seer. Do you know how rare that is? You can find him.” He shakes his head. “I lost that when I became what I am.” ”Yet you can see the thoughts of the spirits in a way no one else can,” she says. Morty rolls his eyes. “Now why would I want to do that? Goodbye, Shauntal.” He heads to the door as Shauntal shakes her head.
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