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  1. "I do get to look inside your mind. Your memories and such. And even though you are dead, you may get a glimpse of mine unless I block you out... Which can be hard sometimes.  So you uh may see things..."

    He rubs his neck.

    "...This is going to sound weird, but you just have to walk into me."

  2. You fall into his arms and he gently lays you down on the ground as your energy saps away.

    There's a white light. And then your eyes close. When you awaken again, you find yourself looking down at your own body.

    The barrier has come down as Steven and N walk out.

  3. Without warning, he plunges the knife into your stomach.

    Searing pain grips you unlike anything you've felt before.

    Morty grips your hand firmly.

    He drops the knife on the floor and places a hand on your stomach where the wound is.

    You can feel some of the pain start to ease.

  4. Morty nods.

    "Right. Brace yourself. I'll try to take as much of that pain away, but I can't make any promises."

    He places a hand on one of your hands. His other hand reaches into a pocket and pulls out a small golden dagger.

    "Don't let go of me."


  5. Morty looks at you.

    "You'll become a spirit. You're a long way from the cave. You may have to live in me... As weird as that seems. But uh, I can take you there. Are you prepared?"

    Steven frowns. "And how we get out?"

    "I'm hoping Cynthia's death will trigger something. I mean, when an angel dies, it says God himself weeps right?"



  6. I really like the topic @MasKaiHilFantic

    I'm a metalhead, and I also really like Ed Sheeran much to the horror of the metal 'elitists'

    I also love the odd piano ballad 

    I can't stand J-Pop, K-Pop and the like

    I also really don't like rap music that dominates the modern pop music charts

    The metal community can be tight... but also extremely toxic - more so than other genres... Except indie and jazz fans. They're a different beast altogether

    Classical and opera are beautiful and calming to my ears





  7. I'm a little surprised this hasn't been brought up yet, but I know every one of us gets a little sad/upset from time to time.

    But what about the continuous feelings of self-hatred/self-doubt that eat away at your soul constantly?

    The thoughts that keep you awake at night that you can't let go of no matter how hard you try?

    The sort of thoughts that take you to a dark place that you don't want to be in, but you can't seem to find a way out of?

    The desire to want to be happy, but you can't find the joy? You're numb to the idea of what happiness is.

    How do you pick yourself up and prove to yourself that you are worth something to someone?

    That your life is something worth fighting for? That people would be upset if you did take your own life?

    What do you do?

  8. He sighs.

    "I was once a king of my people at one stage. Fought in many glorious battles... Until the betrayal of course and then I ended up asleep for a long time. But my mind was awake all those long years."

    Lance returns with Morty.

    "It was hard convincing him to come," Lance remarks.

    Morty snickers. "Well, you wanted me to stay back... And yet here I am."

  9. 'Is that even possible?" Volkner says.

    N looks thoughtful. "Potentially... Though I've never heard of it being done in my time. Though anything is possible - I never thought I'd see an angel."

    "Yet you're not strong enough to break through this barrier," Steven says. "Funny that."

  10. Steven shrugs.

    "I know what I am. I wouldn't change it for anything. But demons... are the very creatures of darkness. You could've been angels... But then you fell and were cast into the very pits of hell."

    He chuckles.

    "You understand demons are stronger than vampires," N says. "We've been around for much longer."

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