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  1. I dont suppose you are free this weekend?

    1. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      Nay sadly, working tonight til Tuesday morning. I will be free your next Saturday though.

    2. AquilaTempestas


      Ah cool that works. Next Saturday it is!

  2. Hello, hello! Welcome back! I'm so used to the username Loveon, it didn't register that you were Loveon under a new username. Oops. Brain malfunction. 

  3. King Arthur won a game at last woo

  4. A little late on RPs but I'll get to it this weekend. I promise.

  5. How have you been? You have been really quiet!

    1. Shizophrenia



      Everything's fine, I guess, just not really productive)

      Studying and working takes a lot of my time, eh, so all the time I'm not working I'm stuck in videogames, haha


    2. AquilaTempestas


      Oh what sort of work are you doing?

    3. Shizophrenia


      I'm working as educational support staff at my university while studying, just sorting out papers and stuff

  6. Hello and thanks for joining!  If you have issues let me know

    1. AquilaTempestas


      I know it has been awhile since you were last here! Hope all is well

  7. I can play Remnant(or Smite depending) on my Sunday/Monday - if you are free

    1. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      I can be online my Sunday (your Monday), if that works. Just got employed and put on night shifts, this week I’ll be working through your weekend.

  8. Rp posts coming over the weekend

  9. Resident Evil 8: The Village hype!

  10. Hello! Thanks for joining! If you need anything, let me know.

  11. Happy birthday Lord of Chaos!

    1. TJMike


      Why thank you, Queen of Darkness! :D

      Glad to be here on TAZ yet another awesome year 

  12. A practical block is real life workplace practice. So if you are doing nursing at uni you go and work at a hospital for a few weeks doing what nurses do unpaid.

    for education it is work at a school with a supervisor teacher for a few weeks. It is usually a final year thing

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    2. onewiththewheels


      Oh, you’re talking about student teaching! In the United States, practicals in teaching are called the field work or Field study, with the last being student teaching. How many of those do you get? In the United States it’s usually three.

    3. AquilaTempestas


      Depends on the university really. For my degree (secondary education/arts):

      2nd year - indigenous poor schools placement for 10 days

      3rd year - 5 day placement of observation at a school

      3rd year - 5 day placement of observation and classroom assistance at a different school 

      3rd year - 3 weeks of observation, teaching mini lessons, and doing a full lesson if possible. Also includes marking assignments etc

      4th year - two six week blocks of placement. first one is observation (first week) then moving to full/half lessons whilst the second six week block is mostly full lessons.


    4. onewiththewheels


      OK, for the United States licensure depends on the state, and all states most of the same aside from a few minor requirements. For me it was:

      observation and some participation once a week for eight weeks in a bilingual elementary classroom.

      more involved teaching in another classroom for half of the week.

      student teaching for 16 weeks (The length of a regular class)

      The first one is done about midway through a student’s major, and The second two are done during the last two semesters. Unfortunately, there are a lot of problems with The system because a lot of people, including me realize they don’t like how the classrooms are run or that they don’t like teaching at all, but since it’s the last year it’s too late to do anything. Since it’s done by the state, the universities have little to no say in what happens.

      do you have to do something extra during your field work unrelated to it? I remember in my fieldwork, I was also responsible for submitting assignments back to the University as well as teaching. It’s one of the things I didn’t like very much because it wasn’t a good indicator of your progress and students usually only devoted time to one of the other for a good reason. There’s been a lot of controversy over it on a national level as well. So do those things occur in your programs?

  13. I have done it! I have made it to under 1000 MMR yay.

    @Stubborn Saber @Sakura Alexia

    1. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      Ouch, you’ve been having a rough time this season. Try not to beat yourself up too much. If you’re not enjoying Ranked don’t force yourself to keep going.

    2. AquilaTempestas


      It's certainly been rough, and I've had a whole bunch of people shit talking me. I had a Masters player go 'we master players are good at every role and we trash low kids because we're smart and you're just trash - there's on such thing as bad teammates or bad luck - you are the problem'.

      Anyways. I started maining jungle in ranked and I'm almost at 1200 MMR now after hitting 1000. What a ride it has been.

  14. Well, less than 1300 MMR now yay.

    Holy fuck the toxicity.

  15. Yay. Almost back to Silver rank woo hoo! Just had some truly horrible games with the most idiotic teammates I've had the misfortune of being with.

    Welcome to MMR below 1300 :D 

  16. I found my genre! GRIMDARK FANTASY

    Grimdark fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy that revolves around stories that are thematically both grim (in terms of setting and worldbuilding) and dark (in terms of style and characterisation). There tends to be an emphasis on realism in the grimdark genre; even when set in a fantastical world. Life in these narratives is often cruel and unforgiving, the world is harsh and unfair, and plots rarely unfold without tragedy, bloodshed or disaster.

  17. Thank you letsliketurtles for drawing some amazing fanart for my story. I'm very honored!

  18. So I did more research on Remnant. There's supposed to be some way to the final area in that area we were last in. I guess we might've missed something?

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    2. AquilaTempestas


      So I'm on holidays from this Thursday to the 8th of April. Do you wanna try and finish off Remnant at some point?

    3. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      Aye, let’s go for it. How many more sessions do ya think it’ll take?

    4. AquilaTempestas


      Not too sure. I think there's only one more area to explore with a few bosses. It's just finding that area that's the hard part!

  19. How are you holding up?

    1. MasKaiHilFantic


      Fine I guess, not too good that's for certain. Missing that closeness factor and don't seem to feel it from anybody, when I do it's more o less temporary

  20. Are you feeling better?

  21. happy birthday!

    1. Wizarmonfan


      Thank you, Aquila. I've had a great day so far. :D

  22. RIP my baby bird :(

    1. Hikari


      Noooo Rest In Peace :(

    2. TJMike


      Wait really? So sorry to hear that :(

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