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Event Comments posted by AquilaTempestas

  1. 7 minutes ago, Stubborn Saber said:

    The timers confusing me here, the numbers just aren't adding up so the start is 7/3/2019 at 11am Brisbane time, yet the timer is telling me the event starts in 1 day and 9 hours. That doesn't make sense because it would be 1am in Britain, and even if I assume the 11am is UK time then it should be 24 hours (roughly) on the timer.

    So, what time is it starting on your end? Is it when the timer runs out?


    Should be fixed now. Didn't seem to like me adding my time zone into the equation. Weird.

    Basically it should be starting the same time as we did the other night (that would be 9PM Australian time in Brisbane). 

  2. 4 hours ago, onewiththewheels said:

    What is cards against humanity? I've no idea what that is, so could you give me an explanation? On another note, thanks to time zones, the event is six o'clock in the morning for me, so if I do decide to play, is there a way that event could be moved later in the day? My sister is coming up to visit on March 2, so I might not be able to play anyway.

    It's a crude humour game. There's the physical version and the online one.


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