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  1. Bruno gestures to the food table area. ”Standard buffet. Fruits and vegetables on one table and hot food on another. Desserts on the third. Go wild.” ”Just grab your plate and you will be good to go.”
  2. Wallace nods. ”I understand your caution.” Bruno clears his throat. “Well, hate to interrupt but we can choose our foods.”
  3. Wallace shrugs. "Fascinating that it was just lying around... Perhaps the owner had died and left the ring behind." Drake sighs. "Well, maybe it was meant to go to you."
  4. Wallace raises an eyebrow.. "I have never known one to not be involved in something shady. Blood magic is dark magic." He looks at the ring again. "This ring is powerful. You should keep it safe. You never know when you might need a second chance of life."
  5. Watching African animal documentaries on YouTube. There's something so addictive about them
  6. Oh, mine was Eyeliner and Mascara by BOE-E-ever. It was an Enrique/Oliver story and Robert/Johnny (ugh - were the villains) I thought it was pretty funny at the time, though I really dislike the Robert/Johnny shipping. That's one I'll never understand. But it was the story that got me into writing parody.
  7. Will delete this post after! Need a response from @TJMike
  8. Mr George R R Martin basically called it Dark Souls 4 haha. I've also heard rumours of a Dark Souls 2 remaster and Bloodborne remaster too (well not a remaster - more like 60 FPS instead of 30!) . Maybe to tide us over until Elden Ring release.
  9. All right. This is a big mid season patch that will change how Smite is played. My thoughts are summarized below. @Stubborn Saber @Sakura Alexia @VectorLogic 8.7 - MID SEASON BONUS BALACE - 29th of June https://www.smitegame.com/news/8-6-bonus-update-notes-live-june-29/ I really like that Rama skin Small Morgana nerf but to be expected. I imagine there will be more nerfs in the future when she's played in ranked at all levels of play Fuck Persephone Fuck King Arthur too, but he'll be back later in the year when HiRez decided to buff him by re
  10. Drake raises an eyebrow. "You know a necromancer?" Even Wallace looks a bit surprised. "I would watch your back. They can't be trusted. None of them. Blood magic, you see. A corrupted form of magic. Conjuration of spirits. Curse magic. Yes, this ring belongs to a necromancer."
  11. Wallace gives you back the ring. "Well, this is a rare ring. It would've been made by a specialist. A ring to cheat death. Sounds like something the necromancers would do," he says. Drake frowns. "The necromancers. Naoko. Can't be trusted. None of them."
  12. Wallace takes the ring. He winces, as the ring turns orange like the colour of fire. He then drops the ring on the table. "... Fascinating," he murmurs, staring down at it. "...It's certainly full of magic. A ring that can save you from death... Just once of course. Once used, it will break. Where did you find this?"
  13. Wallace frowns, and reaches out a hand. "I will examine the ring. If it is indeed magical, I will know." He waits for the ring.
  14. "What sort of information do you want?" Wallace says. Drake frowns. "I've always wondered.. Can you stop a werewolf from turning?" Wallace shakes his head. "No. It's part of your DNA now. Not even magic can undo that."
  15. Wallace gives you a quizzical look. "Well, that's something. But first - we do need to find these missing wolves on Iron Island." Bruno nods. "Right. That's our priority. Drake will get across the sea tomorrow."
  16. Wake sighs. ”There goes that idea then.” Wallace thinks hard. “Cyrus does hold open tours of their workplace from time to time. To make people understand what work they do. That could be a time to visit.”
  17. "Rich kids these days," Wallace mutters. Drake sighs. "A troublesome witch too. She can do what she wants because her parents simply don't care. They are too busy with other adventures." Bruno rolls his eyes. "So. How do we deal with them then? Talk to Dawn again?"
  18. "Sounds like Dawn," Drake muses. "I met her once. She was a month old." Bruno raises an eyebrow. "You were allowed inside?" "I had already left the wolves by that point. I was no threat."
  19. 25th of June, 2021 Well, I updated the story a few days ago after several weeks absence. I am now currently working on the next chapter, and I'm hoping to have anoher three chapters done by the time I go on placement again so at least I have something to update. Right now, I'm just taking the best parts from the original version and deciding what can still work and where those parts would go. So, I'm in a mini planning phase, but I think I've got the vast majority of this chapter and the next few sorted. Anyways. I'm trying to aim for a chapter each fortnight with a 500 wor
  20. Drake nods. "I agree. Cyrus doesn't support the city wolves really. He just uses them for protection. But he's never been a fan of the wolf lofe in general. Perhaps you can get through to him. You said you know Dawn?"
  21. Wallace nods. "That would be the plan but getting to their leaders is no easy task. We have Grimsley of the vampires. Cyrus of the city wolves. Giovanni of the humans. And Agatha of the witches." "They don't have to die... Well maybe. But maybe some can be reasoned with," Bruno says. "At the end of the day, it is Sabrina who controls them."
  22. Drake nods. "It is possible, but you are part angel. Such dark magic would not be available to you. But if you want to take Sabrina down, you must weaken her allies." Wallace looks thoughtful. "The vampire leaders. The city wolves. And the witch coven. Oh. And the human faction."
  23. Drake frowns. "It's dark magic I tell you. Requires a sacrifice. A parting of your soul. Like making a deal with the devil. Blood magic." Wallace rubs his chin. He heads over to a table in the far south eastern corner near a window. "Blood magic. I've heard of such magic."
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