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  1. He holds a hand out. "Siebold from the Divine Order in Kalos. You've never heard of us before? I suppose Diantha did not tell you anything." He frowns. "We are from the same place. The same church."
  2. I remember playing Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 back I the day and thinking, would I actually go on these rides? I admit. I'm a bit of a chicken when it comes to rides. I really don't enjoy upside down rides or rides that make you drop from a tower. Im now terrified of water rides after what happened here at DreamWorld a few years back. Rollercoaster are hit and miss. What about you?
  3. You head to the church. But she's not there. Instead, there's a blond guy there. He looks at you and smiles. "Hello, child of Arceus. What is on your mind?"
  4. N nods. "Right. The church. I'll be off then." He heads towards the fashion hall.
  5. N just shudders. "Humans will continue to confuse me." He pauses then, "I will go inside and avoid the rain. Where are you going to go?"
  6. N frowns. "In a graveyard though?" He looks confused. "...obvious? Weren't they bickering and arguing most of the last few weeks?"
  7. You keep moving despite the conditions. After sometime you reach the city once more. "Well. I guess we will see you later," Morty says. "I'm going to check out the show'" Caitlin says yet she follows Morty towards the graveyard. N frowns. "Something tells me there a different sort of show...."
  8. You leave the building. It looks like it's going to rain heavy. "Great. Perfect weather," Morty remarks, seemingly quite pleased. "Better than searing heat," N comments. You head onto Hearthrome. Not surprisingly, the city is still quite alive despite the festival now having to be held inside.
  9. "I'll catch up with you lot later," Rowan says. He heads back upstairs. Steven sighs. "I guess I'll be here thinking about life." The rest of the group leave too.
  10. Rowan nods. "I'll come to the city as well. Someone needs to check in on Cyrus, and I can do some Christmas shopping." "Well, I guess we'll be off to have a good day before the chaos begins tomorrow," N says.
  11. He nods. "Right, of course. Well. I'm off to the graveyard," Morty says. "Why the graveyard?" N says. He shrugs. "It's quiet. Peaceful. Relaxing." "...Necromancers..." N murmurs.
  12. Morty shrugs. "Well, I suppose you could always ask her." Steven frowns. "Seems way too easy. If there's anything I've learned, it's nothing is that simple."
  13. This one is more for @Shizophrenia since she hasn't played in such a long time! Hopefully this will help you for some conquest SUPPORT > Benevolence - upgrade to Compassion Gauntlet of Thebes Sovereignty Pridwen Void Stone > whatever you want - usually a counter item like anti heal, anti attack speed, anti crit) MID > this will work for most mages Sands of Time - sell late game for Rod of Tahuti Chronos Pendant Spear of Desolation Charon's Coin Soul Gem Soul Reaver ADC > for Neiths
  14. I'll send you some standard builds for conquest if you want! It'll make your life much easier lol

    1. Shizophrenia


      I appreciate it a lot ^_^ 


  15. "I doubt it's that easy," Morty says. Steven nods. "I'm going to have to agree with Morty on that one."
  16. Steven grumbles. "There has to be another angel about we can ask." "I do not want to go anywhere near Diantha," Morty says.
  17. "Just making conversation. That's all." He leans back in his chair. "I want to check out the graveyard. The Lost Tower." Steven sighs. "I'd come if I could. How is that sunlight ring coming along?"
  18. Caitlin looks at you. "I swear, he never used to be this... bad. I think all that magic and blood consumption made him worse." Morty grimaces. "I can't really help it you know." He pauses then, "So what's the plan? Chill here in this town all day long or check out the fun in Hearthome?"
  19. He just shrugs and looks at Caitlin. "Well, you didn't have a problem with it before." "I never said I had a problem with that part of you, but I really don't think we need to be thinking along those lines now." She shakes her head. "He's one of a kind, N."
  20. He grins. "Well..." "Don't even finish that thought." He sighs. "Why do you lot always assume I'm some horn dog?" Caitlin gives gim a grilling look. "Because you are?"
  21. He frowns. "What do you think I'm going to say? I'm just saying.... it's not like im going to visit a brothel or anything. Well. Maybe if I get desperate." N raises an eyebrow. "You are the strangest necromancer I have ever met."
  22. He raises his hands defensively. "Nothing bad honestly. They say Hearthome is the city of love and romance right..."
  23. He shrugs. "Up to you of course. You could just spend the day here lazing around, and just enjoying the peace." Steven grimaces. "That would be me." "I could totally think of a few things I could be doing...."
  24. Steven sighs. "What a disappointment." Morty looks at you. "So, I guess we take it easy today. There's a few things going on in Hearthome. Another fashion festival thing and I think there's some stuff going on in Amity Square."
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