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  1. One more week of university then practical block for six weeks. Time flies by so fast.
  2. I always forget how versatile Brendon Urie's voice is. This song is catchy as hell.
  3. Morty shakes his head. "The only other witches I know are Caitlin and Phoebe... and the Oaks of course."
  4. He nods. "Sounds like Naoko all right." N sighs. "So. Kill other witches?" Morty nods. "Yeah." The only ones that come to mind are the three elemental brothers.
  5. “Naoko could do it easily. She had the power. I don’t,” Morty says. Lance frowns. “So how do you get it?” ”By murdering a bunch of people. Preferably other witches.”
  6. He raises an eyebrow. ”You are asking me to revive you... Someone who hasn’t attempted this in a long time. I don’t have the power to do that.”
  7. He frowns. "A long time ago, yeah. The actual reviving part isn't hard. You need a lot of... Energy though and it does require taking the life of someone else. Everything comes at a cost."
  8. He frowns. "What did you agree to do? I assume I am involved?" Lance nods. "In a sense." "You know I haven't done much magic right? I have lived in that city for a long time."
  9. He nods. "Very well then." His eyes revert to normal colour. He looks around, a bit dazed and confused. "...Now that was weird. I did not need to see that."
  10. Morty looks at you. "You really want to do this? You should talk to him first," the spirit says.
  11. Lance nods. "Right. But you need to talk to him about it." N sighs. "This is a bad idea..."
  12. N frowns. "I don't know if he's capable, Cynthia. Maybe we'd be better off finding someone else. Isn't Phoebe one too?" "I think it's too soon to be trying to do this. We're nowhere near ready to fight this witch, even with this special leaf thing," Lance points out.
  13. Yeah, season 5 Lucifer in that episode in particular, showed there could be some path of redemption for Lucifer. Personally, I think they just went with Hallucifer because they knew some people thought Mark P was great being a comic character and it was funny. It was fine the first few times, but then they totally ruined his character for no reason. Mark P plays a great villain. Lucifer didn't need to be reduced to some parody. The other theory was that the writers just can't do shit and don't know how to make deep meaningful character development arcs hence why Crowley's actor wante
  14. N frowns. "Are you this Morty can though? It's not like he's had much chance to practice magic." Lance nods. "It's too risky. We need to make sure he can actually do it before we even try this. What if he can't bring you back because he doesn't have the power? Then you die and it's all over."
  15. Well, MMR has dropped to below 1300 now yay. Was over 1600 at one point : ( Literally in the pits of hell with so many fucking shitty horrible people. @Stubborn Saber @Sakura Alexia Getting into games with the most toxic fucking pieces of shit and I begin to wonder why the fuck I play this ranked game. - Bastet support does nothing all game then bitches about our solo laner not having damage - Cu solo who bitches about me (Ao) being shit and trash all game when he is starting fights with no back up. Meanwhile, our Sol does jackshit all game but split pushes and dies e
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