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  1. Caitlin returns some moments later with food. She sets it out, giving mostly raw meat to the wolves. Morty makes a face and decides not to eat the meat, preferring to stick to the ham and Turkish bread. ”So, Naoko will be next.”
  2. Sorry. Lack of energy tonight. Feeling super drained and croaky voice ain't helping much. But GG! Got a lot done that session! 

    1. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      Ah don’t worry about it, it was still a fun session filled with learning, penis jokes and progress XD 

      Yeah get a 5 day break from me this week too, a good time to mentally recover hahaha.

  3. Heard about the Texas shooting. Absolutely terrible. Very sad How many more school shootings need to happen before something changes?
  4. Just saw the world number one hip hop dance group perform at school, Royal Family.
  5. "We all need to be in good shape," Morty says. He then frowns. "You are not locking me up in a room with Lance - he'll kill me." Lance rolls his eyes. "You're lucky I haven't." He sits down at the table.
  6. Heading to work and hoping voice holds out
  7. Morty nods. ”Right but no one is going to let me take energy from them. Not quite pleasant for the receiving end.” Lance sighs. “Maybe we should put you in a cage.” ”Put them in a room together,” Steven says.
  8. "I'm just saying, we gotta choose our foods first or there'll be nothing left over." He gives you a grin. "We need energy to you know."
  9. Please use for Beyblade fanfiction related talk - makes it easier to find specific Information then
  10. Lance nods. ”That I can do.” Morty sighs. “We eat first or there will be nothing.”
  11. They both look at you. "He needs a night of rest and energy," Brycen says. Morty sighs. "Sounds like excuses." "Ever tried to do anything on an empty stomach?"
  12. You head on downstairs. Lance is still there talking to Brycen. They stop talking when you approach.
  13. He sighs. ”All right, all right. I can be good.” He heads on downstairs.
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