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  1. After a pause N says, ”Lance. Does he know about the new wolves? I suspect he would be pleased to hear of some new friendly wolves.”
  2. N raises an eyebrow. "Another wolf? Fascinating. A lone one too. Even more strange." "We do need all the help we can get... And those vampires aren't going to try and flee with a werewolf standing guard," Caitlin explains.
  3. You carry on towards your destination. Eventually, you reach the city border. The lighthouse looms in the distance. "Who is watching over the vampires?"
  4. "Let's hope they understand that warning then," Caitlin points out. N nods. "Right. So. I guess we carry on, shall we?" He gestures to the path ahead.
  5. Caitlin nods. "And hopefully those vampires remain on our side." "And if they don't?" N remarks. "Then we'll have to put them down as with any other vampire."
  6. Ha ha yeah all trial and error. I was doing an experimental Loki build. But I think I've settled on: Transcendence Serrated Blade Hydra's Lament Crusher Jotunns Heartseeker
  7. He nods. "Like I said, I've done little since we last met. I will come with you." Caitlin nods. "We're off to free some vampires."
  8. N nods. ”I suppose you won’t see them again either until you return to the city. Where are you going now? Where are you staying?” “We are on our way to Sunyshore.”
  9. He nods. “So. What about the Oaks?” Caitlin shrugs. “”Haven’t been in contact.”
  10. N nods. "Sounds like you have a free spot. Who else are you going to bring belong? Besides. I've spent all this time doing little. I would like to be of some use."
  11. Caitlin nods. "Well, it's a full moon that night so the wolves can't come." "Right. And it's a vampire ball so I suspect Steven will want to come along and get close.... And a masquerade means he can keep his identity a secret," N muses.
  12. N frowns. "A ball. Hmm, that does sound like a lot of fun. A good time to learn about what we are dealing with." Caitlin nods. "You want to go?" "If I can."
  13. until

    Playing Cards Against Humanity over on the Discord server which means lots of sexual inneudos and heaps more. Between 6-7 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time. When? 25th of July, 2021. Be there. @Discord Moderator @Board Moderator @Gold Member @Silver Member @Bronze Member @Platinum Member
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