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  1. 2022 is fast approaching, and that means new forum update (and this is going to be a big one) and plenty of changes. This year was kinda a slow one for the board (another covid year, uni/college exams for a lot of members, work and all), but I intend to make 2022 much improved. I myself will be working full time, but I still have heaps of time to dedicate to this place to make it enjoyable. A lot of thought and discussion has gone into making 2022 a much stronger year for the forum, and since I'll have cash to burn, I can really work hard on making bigger changes. But I need your hel
  2. Hello American friends! I've been hearing that the USPS will not send nor receive stuff from Australia/New Zealand unless it's priority (like over 50 dollars stuff). Can anyone fill me in on the details? I'm assuming it's COVID-related.
  3. Siebold looks thuoughtful. "They didn't give me their names. As soon as they saw me, they walked away or ran. One of them was an elderly woman though." "Agatha," Morty remarks, sitting upright. "She works for Sabrina." "There was another one. A woman with purple hair. Likes to wear fancy dresses and she has a foreign accent." "...Fantina."
  4. He vomits up a bit more blood then wipes his mouth. "Seriously? Are you trying to kill me?"
  5. "God, it burns," he complains. Caitlin frowns. "Is this really necessary?" Siebold watches on. "...I've met three necromancers in my lifetime."
  6. Please PM me one song you really like before Dec 23rd for a server end of year playlist! Some of you have already done this - but for those who haven't... please do! The more the better! It can be any one song! This is just to appreciate the musical diversity of member tastes, and you never know, you may discover something new : D This playlist will be done on Spotify and compiled by @SilveryMoonShadow since I never use Spotify anyway, and really dont want to install it on my PC again for various reasons. @Board Moderator @Discord Moderator @Community Leader @Silver Memb
  7. Please PM me one song you really like before Dec 23rd for a server end of year playlist!

  8. He sighs, and seems very hesitant to drink from the fountain. "Well, here it goes." He makes a cup with his hands and scoops up some water then drinks it. At first, nothing happens. But then he drops to his knees and grabs his stomach, vomitting blood on the floor. "...It's holy water," Wikstrom says. "It will not change what you are, but I hope you think twice before comitting such an indecent act."
  9. Morty frowns. "Maybe she has more of a wild side than you thought. Look. No harm was done. No one was there. It's not like we were actually doing that anyway." Wikstrom points at the fountain. "Your turn." Morty looks at the water. "Is it safe?" "I'm fine," Caitlin points out. "I'm not you."
  10. Morty looks at you. "....Jeez, I thought we lived in a free country..." Wikstrom shakes his head. "We do, but such gestures and activities are frowned upon, especially in the public eye. In a graveyard of all places." He points to the fountain. "Now drink and be absolved of your sins." Caitlin sighs. "All right." She takes a drink from the fountain and drinks the water. Nothing happens. "Is something supposed to happen? I do feel quite at peace though."
  11. Wikstrom brings Caitlin and Morty inside. "Follow me." You all follow Wikstrom into the back room where there is a huge statue of Arceus looming over. There is an altar and a fountain. There are also some golden chalices to drink from. "...Seriously?" Morty murmurs. "There was no one else there..."
  12. Wikstrom nods. "Yes, that is accurate." Siebold smirks. "Friends of yours I presume?" Wikstrom frowns. "I will bring them inside to face judgement."
  13. Siebold nods. "Yes, that would be him." Wikstrom looks over. "Siebold. And?" "This is Cynthia. She's one of us. Partially. How was your mission?" Wikstrom frowns. "I found two people engaging in inappropriate public activity. They are now outside."
  14. Siebold nods. "Yes, that is unfortunate and that is why your angel powers were taken. They knew they were a threat too " He looks towards the door as a large guy wearing armour walks in. "Ah Wikstrom."
  15. He raises his hands. "It is out of my control. Your friends will be fine. Embarrassed perhaps, but they won't be hurt." He sighs. "Yet the angel part of you is stronger."
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