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Pokemon Art Challenge~


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So. It's March now. So new challenge!

As celebration for the new Pokemon game and Pokemon Day, draw a Pokemon!

Actually, scratch that, draw TWO Pokemon in a scene. There doesn't have to be a background or anything like that, but the Pokemon do have to interact with each other in the drawing in some way. Whether it's playing with each other, fighting, or, heck, even looking at each other, it's all good as they are somehow acknowledging the other.

And... yep. That's it. The due date could probably the end of the month, at the end of March 31st.

If you're late, that'd be ok, as I 'd probably be late anyways, haha

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6 hours ago, Sakura Alexia said:

Late but not too late, I decided to actually redraw an older picture I had done a while ago of two Ralts, the one in the front is protecting the shiny one. I did not draw it too well lol.

Alexis' Ralts by SakuraAlexia

Aww, I think it’s cute though, Sakura. Awesome job on this! ^_^ 


I started mine yesterday but I’m still working on it haha. 

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