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How do you listen to music?


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What is your primary music player? (youtube, spotify, ipod, phone etc)

How do you feel about selecting music? Do you listen to the album in full then delete stuff you don't like? Or do you keep every track anyway just incase?

What quality do you use? (FLAC, WAV, WMA, MP3, AAC)


When I was younger, I would always listen to the full album several times. Then I'd just take all the songs I did like and stick them on a playlist. Nowadays I listen to the album once then I delete everything I didn't like because I know I'm never gonna go back. If I do have the urge to listen to it again, I'll just youtube it. I don't even listen to full albums anymore unless it's from a band I really like.

I use an Ipod Touch for my music portable storage. 

As for quality, generally I use MP3s but I do have some AAC files. Ipods can't play FLAC unfortunately. Quality wise I'm okay with 192 but I'm thinking of upgrading to 320 once I've purged my library.

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When I got my hands on my Sony CD Walkman, it was the bomb. One of my first CDs was Eminem, hahaha. I'd listen to it at school and the other kids would flock to me to listen to Lose Yourself. It was epic. Years later when I got the iPod Touch, I'd put all my songs on it. I don't delete songs at all as I like to keep everything in order. Nowadays, I listen to stuff on YouTube, purchase songs on iTunes, and more recently, subscribing to Spotify. It's cheap here. I'm rediscovering artists I had forgotten about. 

Also, I tend to listen to music with my noise cancelling headphones.

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On 2/13/2019 at 11:56 PM, onewiththewheels said:

Back when I was younger, before online sources existed, I still like videogame music. So I would get to the part of the game with the music I liked, and just leave the music playing... I still do that sometimes, but it's pretty rare nowadays, mainly because said online sources if I just want to listen to music (mainly thinking of YouTube).

I did the same, too! 

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And coming back to this.

I listen to music through iTunes when I am at home, and I now listen to full albums (since I'm at home). 

When I'm outside the house, I have my playlists on my iTouch. When I'm trying to get to sleep, I also have iTouch set to shuffle or I play a specific playlist.

My music is mostly in MP3 320 quality, but I'll always opt for 256 AAC file whenever possible.


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