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  2. So this randomly popped up on YouTube... And I love it. It is so catchy.
  3. You head over to the buffet tables. It is a standard buffet with the usual foods provided. Fruit. Vegetables. Lasagne. Bread. And heaps more. Choose whatever you want then sit back down.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Dylan grinned. "See? I knew you were a smart man since the beginning. Indeed, we would need some sort of intel on the island and whatnot before actually blasting our way out of here." While he assessed the other man's reactions, Dylan continued. "And in this hypothetical prison break scenario, we could use another set of eyes, wouldn't you say so? See I was thinking we could let Catherine onto this little plan of ours actually." The con man fixed his sight on Florence's eyes, as if trying to discern what the other man was thinking. "You've seen her in action, right? Would you say she
  6. "I'll go see what the house has to offer then" she takes her plate and leaves.
  7. Bruno gestures to the food table area. ”Standard buffet. Fruits and vegetables on one table and hot food on another. Desserts on the third. Go wild.” ”Just grab your plate and you will be good to go.”
  8. "People like them played me one time too many" she says. "Well, surprise me, you know the place better than me anyways"
  9. Wallace nods. ”I understand your caution.” Bruno clears his throat. “Well, hate to interrupt but we can choose our foods.”
  10. "I'll keep it, but it doesn't mean I fully trust whoever made it, or who gave it to me" she says. "I had experiences with people that looked too innocent and ignorant, and then ended up being complete psychopaths"
  11. Wallace shrugs. "Fascinating that it was just lying around... Perhaps the owner had died and left the ring behind." Drake sighs. "Well, maybe it was meant to go to you."
  12. "Or a third one" she smirks. "I didn't trust this to not be something made up specifically to keep me under control, I had it before"
  13. Wallace raises an eyebrow.. "I have never known one to not be involved in something shady. Blood magic is dark magic." He looks at the ring again. "This ring is powerful. You should keep it safe. You never know when you might need a second chance of life."
  14. Watching African animal documentaries on YouTube. There's something so addictive about them
  15. Oh, mine was Eyeliner and Mascara by BOE-E-ever. It was an Enrique/Oliver story and Robert/Johnny (ugh - were the villains) I thought it was pretty funny at the time, though I really dislike the Robert/Johnny shipping. That's one I'll never understand. But it was the story that got me into writing parody.
  16. Will delete this post after! Need a response from @TJMike
  17. Mr George R R Martin basically called it Dark Souls 4 haha. I've also heard rumours of a Dark Souls 2 remaster and Bloodborne remaster too (well not a remaster - more like 60 FPS instead of 30!) . Maybe to tide us over until Elden Ring release.
  18. All right. This is a big mid season patch that will change how Smite is played. My thoughts are summarized below. @Stubborn Saber @Sakura Alexia @VectorLogic 8.7 - MID SEASON BONUS BALACE - 29th of June https://www.smitegame.com/news/8-6-bonus-update-notes-live-june-29/ I really like that Rama skin Small Morgana nerf but to be expected. I imagine there will be more nerfs in the future when she's played in ranked at all levels of play Fuck Persephone Fuck King Arthur too, but he'll be back later in the year when HiRez decided to buff him by re
  19. Last week
  20. But it didn't stop me from noticing something as she left. Often times, Pokémon Center staff Pokémon were trained to understand human speech, but that didn't mean people understood them. I expected psychic power to order around the Blissey so that the words could be translated, or perhaps there could be some sort of equivalent. But there wasn't any sort of translation, psychic power or otherwise. The nurses probably knew who they were dealing with, even though no one had said who I was. After all, my ability to understand Pokémon spee
  21. I got back from North Carolina late Sunday night and my first full day was Monday. I was able to do some writing for fun, although I also had to look out for some lesson planning. On Tuesday, I did some professional writing talking about a lesson I gave the day. I also found out that all lesson planning will be on hold until August due to my student being out of town. It’s also worth noting that I am in the period between classes and will be for about two weeks starting this past Monday. During this time, almost all professional writing will be put on hold (aside from career coaching classes a
  22. "I'll be fine, he's different from the others, he's special, Naoko wants him but he doesn't wish to go back, she'd torture him, and I have to make sure she won't" she says. "He's a good person, maybe annoying but he's helped me out so far, I'd worry more about other necromancers, those are the bigger issue, and I do not trust the woman that gave me the ring to not be involved with Sabrina or someone else"
  23. Drake raises an eyebrow. "You know a necromancer?" Even Wallace looks a bit surprised. "I would watch your back. They can't be trusted. None of them. Blood magic, you see. A corrupted form of magic. Conjuration of spirits. Curse magic. Yes, this ring belongs to a necromancer."
  24. "I have a necromancer friend, but I doubt its his doing, since he can bring me back anyways, and has already done it too" she says, taking the ring. "What if it was Agatha or Sabrina and this was a trap?"
  25. Wallace gives you back the ring. "Well, this is a rare ring. It would've been made by a specialist. A ring to cheat death. Sounds like something the necromancers would do," he says. Drake frowns. "The necromancers. Naoko. Can't be trusted. None of them."
  26. "The woman that found it says it was buried in the dirt, she was planting something and she found it, but I wonder if it was placed there on purpose or not" she says. "I don't trust this particular person, something about looking too innocent doesn't sit right with me"
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