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  2. "I already faced her in my world, and I can tell that she's terribly scary, other than your kind hating mine and viceversa" she says. "She'll probably never help me"
  3. “You would have to see her on your own,” Morty explains. “We don’t see eye to eye on many things.” Lance nods. “Right.” ”She wanted me to do a task and I didn’t.”
  4. Turning a New Leaf ch 1, 2, 3, 4, by @Nocturna TIme After Time by @Zadien - this was last months, but I missed it so =) In search of Love by @AquilaTempestas Tri: Intergity Lens chapters 1-6 by HiddenPath
  5. Cynthia sighs. "Fine... we then either find this witch or... we might have to ask Naoko about it..." she doesn't seem too happy about that.
  6. Morty nods. "Yeah, a pure witch. You don't count." He scratches the back of his neck. "I need the blood of a witch. Magical blood and all you know."
  7. Late to the party but I have... Reviewed NSNV by @darkened-storm - two chapters because I've been meaning to catch up on the story. Reviewed The Chick by Zulka.
  8. "Does it have to be witches specifically?" she asks. "Because if that's the case, I also am one, can't you take back your power from me? I'll have to die anyways"
  9. From Reign of Chaos The whole purpose of this scene is to convey a general sense of a shitty situation. Sebastian is obviously the person with the power over the captive, Jillian. The goal? Try to pain Sebby as a bit of a douche. - “I said that’s enough now!” Sebastian caught hold off the hero’s wrists to prevent her from lashing out. He knocked her weapon out of her hands, before drawing his captive close, arms wrapping around her in an embrace. It would’ve been comforting if not for the shackles around her arms. “There we go. Easy now. You’ve been hurt enough for one
  10. Morty shakes his head. "Caitlin knows the same people I know. No one said this was going to be easy..." N sighs. "Witches are pretty hard to find in this area. Most of them know about the vampires."
  11. The good thing about Beyblade is that there is the scope to write a lot of tropes - Hilary/Tyson - friends to lovers, Mariah/Ray as the childhood crush, Max/Mariam as enemies to lovers... so much potential. I love the idea of EnriquexJulia. I personally think it works well and its logistically workable, they're both based in Europe. I don't necessarily like TalaxJulia, I just don't think Tala would have time for her drama. What's interesting is the number of potential pairings - it's not a series that leads into any pairings and with such a diverse cast you can really make any sort
  12. "Maybe they will know someone" she says. "I'd rather not have to kill them or someone innocent"
  13. I've got a few days off so I'm getting a jump start on the reviews if that's okay but I'd like to nominate the following: No Sacrifice No Victory: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13653885/1/No-Sacrifice-No-Victory A high school beyblade fic, inspired by my love of the Mighty Ducks Straight Lines: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13647535/1/Straight-Lines This is a companion piece to NSNV and an experiment into scene building and relationship development with my OC.
  14. One more week of university then practical block for six weeks. Time flies by so fast.
  15. I always forget how versatile Brendon Urie's voice is. This song is catchy as hell.
  16. Morty shakes his head. "The only other witches I know are Caitlin and Phoebe... and the Oaks of course."
  17. Yesterday
  18. "We don't exactly know other witches though, well not in this world" she sighs. "Anyone that comes to mind? Preferably not an innocent person"
  19. He nods. "Sounds like Naoko all right." N sighs. "So. Kill other witches?" Morty nods. "Yeah." The only ones that come to mind are the three elemental brothers.
  20. "Naoko wouldn't do that for me, you necromancers hate angels, she gave us so much trouble in my world" she says. "Honestly she still terrifies me"
  21. “Naoko could do it easily. She had the power. I don’t,” Morty says. Lance frowns. “So how do you get it?” ”By murdering a bunch of people. Preferably other witches.”
  22. "I don't trust anyone else with my life, but I need to get in there" she points at the wall. "If you don't have the power I'll wait until you do, but I won't allow another necromancer to get their hands on me"
  23. He raises an eyebrow. ”You are asking me to revive you... Someone who hasn’t attempted this in a long time. I don’t have the power to do that.”
  24. "I know how its supposed to be done, the other you brought back my best friend for me" she sighs. "Well, I need you to do just that, for me, or rather, the person you'll have to revive will be me"
  25. He frowns. "A long time ago, yeah. The actual reviving part isn't hard. You need a lot of... Energy though and it does require taking the life of someone else. Everything comes at a cost."
  26. "Well you'll need to get practicing then, because I am really going to need you for this" she says. "Do you know at least how to revive people?"
  27. He frowns. "What did you agree to do? I assume I am involved?" Lance nods. "In a sense." "You know I haven't done much magic right? I have lived in that city for a long time."
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