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  2. Cynthia frowns at him. "Who are you?" she asks instead.
  3. You head to the church. But she's not there. Instead, there's a blond guy there. He looks at you and smiles. "Hello, child of Arceus. What is on your mind?"
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  5. "Time to see what a fellow angel has to say" she says, heading towards the church.
  6. N nods. "Right. The church. I'll be off then." He heads towards the fashion hall.
  7. "Well I have to see Diantha, so the church is where I will be" she says. "Not that you can enter"
  8. N just shudders. "Humans will continue to confuse me." He pauses then, "I will go inside and avoid the rain. Where are you going to go?"
  9. Cynthia still laughs. "Its their way to communicate" she just says. "Trust me, I would know"
  10. N frowns. "In a graveyard though?" He looks confused. "...obvious? Weren't they bickering and arguing most of the last few weeks?"
  11. I play it every now and then! It's a very christmasy cozy game so I get that. I love the spring season and the summer season, the music is just absolutely fantastic. I'm about to play some more later tonight actually.
  12. "Don't tell me you didn't know they were going to spend time together, it was kind of obvious" she chuckles. "I just hope their son won't come too soon"
  13. You keep moving despite the conditions. After sometime you reach the city once more. "Well. I guess we will see you later," Morty says. "I'm going to check out the show'" Caitlin says yet she follows Morty towards the graveyard. N frowns. "Something tells me there a different sort of show...."
  14. Been a while here are some new manga recommendations Solo Leveling - god tier drawing with a great story might be my fav manga currently. One punch man - also god tier drawings, visuals carry the story telling if you look carefully at each panel. The second coming of gluttony - been reading novel the manga adaptation is pretty good. Highly recommend The Legendary moonlight sculptor - Currently on break til 2022 but still a good read, drawings improve with each season good read if you are looking for a gaming manga. Skeleton Soldier couldnt protect the dungeon - I am up
  15. Reading two novels. Second coming of Gluttony - Protagonist is scum but slowly being a better person and repenting. 8/10 ....... 300 chapters in so far Rankers return - gaming revenge story. Been enjoying this imensely but wish "Gang" the protagonist wasnt so brain dead when it somes to being hit on................................................................. but still very fun and decent translation of the korean novel i am up to date and reading every update which is frequent. 8.5/10 600+ chapters in. SSS class suicide Hunter - timetravel revenge story.................
  16. Been reading alot recently and found Ebooks very convenient plus adjusting size of font is good on the eyes, if net goes down its a nigtmare though........................
  17. ............ O.O

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  18. They are to scared to do full on open world, not sure why but if its a level thing that could be sorted by completing quests to have wild pokemon spawn and proper levels. Overall i like the concept but scared there wont be to much to it then just collecting pokemon,but this a new experiment so wait and see. I am happy to be surprised.
  19. Bias but a Australia/New Zealand combo makes sense to me, one big landmass and a couple of islands in New zealand as a possible post game adventure.
  20. Have not played this but tempted to try
  21. Got 4 badges rocking with Torterra Crobat Rampardos Jirachi Houndoom Altaria Dont know why not really feeling this run, tempted to soft reset but i do have pearl as well could start anew there and come back to diamond later.
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  23. "You're telling it to someone that grew up in the snow pretty much" she shrugs. "Bad weather was always a thing in Celestic"
  24. You leave the building. It looks like it's going to rain heavy. "Great. Perfect weather," Morty remarks, seemingly quite pleased. "Better than searing heat," N comments. You head onto Hearthrome. Not surprisingly, the city is still quite alive despite the festival now having to be held inside.
  25. "Not like I can help you without half my powers" she just says. "Let's see what Diantha has to say" she sighs.
  26. "I'll catch up with you lot later," Rowan says. He heads back upstairs. Steven sighs. "I guess I'll be here thinking about life." The rest of the group leave too.
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