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In 2021, we trialed implementing Six Sentence Saturdays and WIP Wednesdays to great success, so this year we want to expand the event further. 

As creators, the drafting and editing process can be extensive, and while reviews and comments are helpful, we don't usually post a piece / chapter / ones hot until its complete - but sometimes we might get stuck along the way - we're hoping by allowing each participating member their own thread we might also enable them to get some feedback on their works while they're in progress. 

General Rules: 

- One thread per member to be used for both WIP and 6 Sentences. 

- Feedback is encouraged between members but it is understood that not all members want/require feedback, if so, please just note this at the beginning of your thread so members know to just tell you how awesome your post is instead =) 

WIP: Work In Progress Wednesdays 

This is place for all of us to share a small segment or screenshot of whatever it is we are working on this week. We'd love to see your work here, and shared on the forum Tumblr!


- Written entries must be no more than 300 words

- Art entries must reference any source works 

Six Sentence Saturdays!

Here, we welcome you to post six sentences from something you're working on, or something you have shared previously. At least once a month we will endeavor to give a word or phrase prompt for you to write six sentences about, and again, this can tie into work you are already doing, and can be for fandom or original work. 


- Six sentences. No more. No Less. 


Any queries or thoughts - please direct them to the Feedback thread

Note: - People are more inclined to give you feedback if they receive it also. Those who post successively week to week requesting feedback but do not provide some in return may be removed from the club at the moderator/administrators discretion. Of course if you're just here to share - kudo's to you, we love your work =) 

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