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Cards Against Humanity - More Hilarity Ensues Round 3


Event details

This event began 03/16/2019 and repeats every week on Sunday and Saturday forever

Once again CAH weekend is happening at 8:30 PM Brisbane time. I'm aiming for just two games of 10 points because people have to sleep (like the Australians) or they have things to do.

I'm thinking of making this a permanent weekly thing so be sure to find some time in your day for some CAH time.

@Ace of Spies @Stubborn Saber @Nirianne @Sakura Alexia @Magnus Bane @Shizophrenia @Lil' Solar-Bunny @VectorLogic @Lightningblade49 @Kage @Laggy @707 @tgonthefiery @TJMike @MasKaiHilFantic @Exelior 


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