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Blind Guardian - Review



Having listening to Blind Guardian for like a week, I have come to a decision... Why hadn't I listened any of their work before?! Gotta admit, I kinda got lost in the story they tell in Beyond The Red Mirror (the album I picked as sample).

Plot. I know the basics. There are several worlds in this setting and there used to be several doors connecting them. There was a conflict among the gods and all doors were destroyed, except for the Red Mirror. I'd have to give it more thought while listening a fourth/fifth time, but the whole album is the story of several factions/characters trying to control the Red Mirror. An interesting concept for sure.

Vocals. The first time I heard Hansi's voice was on The Day That The World Breaks Down by Ayreon. Gotta agree with Arjen, his vocals have that epic tone (appropriate when singing about gods and whatnot). His clean voice also helped in understanding the lyrics lol. Only thing that threw me off for a second was the song structure itself. See I'm used to verse - chorus - verse - chorus - solo - chorus, thanks to Sabaton, Ayreon, and a bunch of other bands. Not the case with several songs of Blind Guardian (maybe it was just this album?)

Music. The heavy rifts in several of the songs (most notable Twilight of the Gods) were quite enjoyable! I'd say this album feels a bit heavier than the average metal song, but less so than, say, Ex Deo or Symphony X to me.


Next up on the list (because I do have a list lol) will be The Deep and The Dark by Visions of Atlantis. Only thing I know about them is that is a female-lead, symphonic metal band, and that their songs are inspired in the myth of Atlantis. Sounds interesting enough, and it's been a while since I listened female-lead bands since Epica and Nightwish.

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