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Blind Guardian and the journey so far



I think I've mentioned before, but The Source has been my starting point to get to know several bands. So far, since that conversation with Aqui at the beginning of the year, I have listened to the following bands (and in most cases I've added them to my playlist):

  • Beast in Black
  • Ex Deo
  • Avantasia
  • Ayreon
  • Powerwolf
  • Gloryhammer
  • Alestorm
  • Sabaton
  • Kamelot
  • Rhapsody of Fire
  • ... I probably missed some here

So, I'm still enjoying Powerwolf and Gloryhammer (adding both bands to my playlist btw :)). The next item on the list is a band called Blind Guardian. Now, the only thing I know about this guys is that Hansi Kursh is the main singer and that he appeared in The Source album by Ayreon. Oh, and that he has an epic voice!

I'll be checking out... Beyond The Red Mirror by Blind Guardian. Like the name already. I'll be checking this album and I'll be back with my thoughts next time.


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