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11th of August, 2020 [work in progress]



Wow, what a year it has been thus far thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic making a mess of everything.

But I'm not gonna use this blog to talk about that since we're all very familiar with it

Rather, I'm gonna write down some small details about things I've learned in my highschool field placement experiences thus far!

School 1 - Public Co-Educational School

  • Very low socio-economic school
  • Large percentage of students are indigenous or Polynesian
  • School is overcrowded
  • Lack of funding
  • Low attendance rates and high rates of skipping classes
  • Kids really don't want to learn
  • On mobile phones during class 
  • Tiny classrooms, no air conditioning, very run down
  • All I got was a piece of paper with my name on it for my induction

School 2- Public Co-Educational School

  • Upper class. Very wealthy area. Hard school to get into
  • Big classrooms. Air-conditioned rooms. School even has elevators.
  • High percentage of non-white students (particularly Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indian)
  • Kids actually want to learn. They listen attentively and are respectful. Each class is super quiet and people wait their turns to speal
  • I got a laminated card for my induction
  • Very modern sleek classrooms
  • Guys less interested in learning than the girls (but all willing to work for the full 70 mins)
  • Students respect the rules (no mobile phones to be used etc)

School 2 - Private Catholic All-Boys School

  • Year 12 boys are scared of girls (to teacher - but Miss, it'll be awkward (in regards to sharing a table with me)
  • Year 9 boys are happy to sit near the girl (me)
  • Hard to keep teenage boys motivated for a full 70 minutes
  • Guys are really chatty. More chatty than girls (I went to an all girls)
  • Prayers at the end of each class day
  • I got a cool magnetic badge, a stationary kit, the school diary, the school calendar, and a bunch of booklets about health and safety, policies and procedures, induction notes, religious stuff etc
  • Students respect the rules (no mobile phones to be used etc)


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